“Multiple indications” Russell Wilson to start next game


After yet another strong showing in the preseason, the Seahawks might be ready to give Russell Wilson a bump in competition.

According to Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times, there were “multiple indications” that Wilson was going to start the third exhibition game.

Coach Pete Carroll hasn’t made any announcement, and giving Wilson the start over Matt Flynn might just be a matter of giving him equal time, after Matt Flynn has played the first halves of the first two games. That’s more than a starter usually gets, and evening up the time to give Wilson a look at the ones could just be to evaluate them on a more even basis.

It’s clear that Carroll and the Seahawks staff are enamored with the rookie quarterback, and they’ve gone out of their way to say Matt Flynn’s not going to get the job based on contract alone.

But if he starts Wilson in the game most coaches consider their dress rehearsal, who’s to say Carroll won’t go ahead and play him in the regular season?

9 responses to ““Multiple indications” Russell Wilson to start next game

  1. To really get a fair look at Russell Wilson he needs to play with the starters. This kid is going to be something special!

  2. I’d love it if Wilson starts the next preseason game. It would begin to answer questions. He has looked good the last 2 games, but is it only because he has been performing against the second and third stringers? Can he be consistently good (because 2 good games only whets our appetite)? How will the first teamers respond to his leadership? Leaders make those around them better–can Wilson make people who have been in the League a long time better players? Can he lead Owens to catch a ball?

  3. “Conventional” wisdom is that the third game is the dress rehearsal, but then, so far this preseason, Carroll has had the #1 QB on the roster play two full first halfs, including series behind the second-string offensive line. The team already flies in the face of convention in many ways.

    This may go all the way down until the Monday before the season starts. All I know is this: Going from Tavaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst to Matt Flynn/Russell Wilson is a major upgrade in the QB department.

  4. thehighhat says:

    Looks like another Slippery Pete “successful” 7-9 season on the way again!

    I absolutely agree with you. Another 7-9 season and I think the Pete Carroll experiment will be over.

    He’s proven twice before he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  5. Looks like another Slippery Pete “successful” 7-9 season on the way again!

    I totally AGREE he is just killing me with all these roster moves he is a cult leader and gets inside the heads of these players and manipulates everything that team is and does Pete Carroll thinks of in game coaching last. his best game coached was win the Seahawks beat the rams to go to the playoffs with a 7-9 record. and yet are overall record that year was still 8-9. what ever coach does I will stand by the Team and go for MY TEAM but not at all route for Pete Carroll he has lost me.

  6. Im riding with the playmaker over the game manager. Somebody tell these analyst to make that “5” rookie starting qbs my man Russ will stand tall… Figuratively speakin lol!!!

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