Pagano says Colts will err on side of caution with Collie


Thanks to a pair of blows to the head (neither of which were penalized) while he was in a defenseless posture on Sunday against the Steelers, Colts receiver Austin Collie has another concussion.

And while coach Chuck Pagano told reporters on Monday that Collie is “day-to-day,” Pagano’s stated attitude toward player safety suggests that Collie won’t be back any day soon.

“Again, player safety is first and foremost,” Pagano said, via comments transcribed and distributed by the team.  “We are always going to err on the side of caution as we talked about before.  I’m more interested in the health of these guys than just throwing them back out there.  Obviously, he came in and felt really good today, which was positive for us.  We’ll just take it day-to-day with him but we’ll be smart.”

As to whether the smart move will be to fine Larry Foote for the forearm blast he applied to Collie’s helmet, Pagano defers to 345 Park Avenue.

“That will be up to the league to decide when they review the tape,” Pagano said.  “Those things happen so fast.  They’re bang-bang plays a lot of them, as you guys know.  That’s totally up to the league to decide.”

Pagano wasn’t asked about whether cornerback Ike Taylor should be fined.  He also went high on Collie’s head from behind just before Foote hit Collie from the front.

Regardless of whether the concussion happened from one or more illegal hits, Collie is back in the gears of the league’s concussion protocol.  And with each additional concussion he suffers, it’s hard not to wonder when doctors will decide to prevent him from ever risking another one.

7 responses to “Pagano says Colts will err on side of caution with Collie

  1. Didn’t really see anything illegal about the hits on that play. Looked like he was falling awkwardly as he was getting hit by two people. They couldn’t control how he fell. More terrible luck for a good young player though.

  2. If Foote is fined I am done with this pansy sport. Tired of rediculous fines on players that somehow.need to stop mid air and change directions. Someone needs to give Goodell and Florio a lesson in physics.

  3. That was a blatant forearm to the helmet by Foote who has a history of being a dirty player.

  4. Wouldn’t be a Stillers game without someone getting hit in the skull. That’s their version of form tackling. That, and leading with the helmet. Just ask James Harrison.

  5. I’ve grown to loathe Pittsburgh in the last 4 years, but I saw NOTHING illegal there.

    The most-pathetic thing here is if Indy were cautious, they would have cut Collie 2 years ago. Dude was OBVIOUSLY damaged goods a LONG time ago.

  6. If that’s an illegal hit, then they should just outlaw tackling altogether.

    That was a formed tackle by Ike and Foote barely brushed his helmet with his forearm.

    I feel really bad for Collie, but the guy probably gets concussions from sneezing.

    If that was any other player, he would have been fine. There’s only a question about the hit because Collie sustained another concussion.

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