Peterson on track to play in Week One


In news that hardly will be regarded as earth-shattering, jaw-dropping, and/or ACL-tearing, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is expected to suit up and play when they host the Jaguars for Week One of the regular season, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

Peterson suffered a torn ACL and MCL in Week 16, during a Christmas Eve game against the Redskins.  The Vikings activated him from the Physically Unable to Perform list nine days ago, and he has returned to practice with coach Leslie Frazier providing a Francis Sawyer-style admonition to the defensive players.

He won’t play in the preseason.

Whether Peterson plays in the regular-season opener isn’t the real question.  The real question is whether he’ll be the bell cow — or the side car to bulked-up Toby Gerhart, who suddenly looks the part of a chain-moving tailback.

It could make sense to use both guys in moderate doses this season, giving Peterson a full year to recover.

Good luck explaining that one to Peterson.

21 responses to “Peterson on track to play in Week One

  1. Good decision why play him for preseason give him a pitch count in week one vs the jaguars gerhart can spell peterson for a couple of weeks

  2. Of course he’s going to play! I say he gets anywhere from 5-10 carries. Toby will hold it down until around weeks 5-7 then AP will be back in full strength. If AP is the bell cow, I’ll be surprised, but he will play and play well. He got 18 carries in yesterday’s practice, so that’s telling me they want to see just “how much” he can handle at this point. I think the vikings will actually do the right thing with him!!!

  3. Peterson is gonna be like Tom Brady is/was….. wanting to prove EVERYONE wrong! This physical specimen/freak is gonna be a BEAST with that type of motivation!! All Hail the Purple Jesus!! Best of luck A.D.!!

  4. If they let him play week one Frazier could be known as the guy who ended Petersons carrer. I think they are just petting AP’s ego by saying he’ll be ready W1.

  5. It’s a great idea to limit him I think. If you look at the Vikings schedule, the “easier” part of the schedule is the first 8 games. Gerhart can hold it down, while Peterson can contribute on a set amount of carries per week, so that when the second half rolls around, and they have 2 games a piece against the bears and packers, he is fresh and ready to roll. Good luck Vikes!

  6. I was gonna say that the front office should think about the long term in regards to his health…but if their long term answer at qb is Ponder, then rushing Peterson back fits the mold quite well.

  7. Ease him into a scaled back workload, and let one of the best RB tandems in the NFL be healthy/productive in 2012.

  8. etmesometissue says:Aug 21, 2012 6:10 PM

    This is just stupid. There is no reason to rush him back from this injury.


    Not really. By the time the Vikings are contenders again, he’ll be past his prime anyway. Let the guy play if he wants.

    Besides, you don’t win playoff games or Super Bowls these days with a run first offense.

  9. How do we know the vikings are rushing him back? Do you think the team trainers and doctors know a little bit more about his injury then us? If they say he’s ready to go week 1 I guess you gotta let him loose.

  10. I love Adrian Peterson.
    He got paid with a huge deal, and he could have eased up on his rehab, taking more time to come back.
    However, he worked like a demon to be medically cleared to play in time for the regular season. That’s dedication right there.

    I think the smart play is 5-15 carries per game, since Toby is a more than adequate backup, then later in the year, get him up to his full workload, so that way in 2013 he feels confident hitting the ground running (literally).

  11. Once again, AP was in the NFC Championship in his absolute prime. He got over 100 yds and 3 TD’s. He also fumbled 3 times. But his talent was not & has not been wasted playing for the Vikings. People who mention that come across as misinformed and ignorant. Also hold him back for what? The doctors say he is 100% healthy. You can’t get more healthy than that. If he is ready to play now then he plays. Finally, the Saints twice went from 3 wins to 10 wins in the last 6 years. Every year the is a team with less than 6 wins the prior season that goes to the playoffs. The Rams went from 4-12 to Superbowl champs. And as seen with the Bears when Cutler got hurt if the Lions loose Stafford and the Packers loose Rodgers they are done. So anything can happen any year in the NFL. The Vikings can easily win 9 with their schedule maybe 10 or more and get into the playoffs and get hot. They have just as much chance to go to the SB as any team so Peterson is not wasting his prime with the Vikings.

  12. When the Steelers won in ’05 they had 170 more runs than passes and when the Giants won in ’07 they had a pretty balanced offense with 544 passes and 469 runs. I believe they were a run first team despite the 75 more passes as those were largely dictated by game situations like the Vikings last season with 62 more passes than runs. The games normally being decided by the quarterbacks means the teams that throw more, because they have superior QBs, should be expected to have more success but not that a team can’t win with a very strong running game.

  13. Can you people just relax? They’re going to be smart with this. The key is to limit his carries and see how his knee reacts to cutting and being hit. The trainers can see if he’s favoring his other knee, if his running style is different, and how fatigue affects him. As he shows he can handle it, they’ll gradually increase his number of carries. If everyone agrees that he’s 100%, getting five carries in Week 1 is no different than getting five carries in Week 7.

  14. I’m rooting for AP, but history isn’t on his side.

    Show me a back that had knee surgery and came back to play at the same level they played at before the injury.

  15. Riiiiight, just take it slow… Just wait until AP runs through and/or around a couple guys and pops a long TD run and Gerhart and the “take it slow” approach will be an afterthought for fans and coaches alike.

  16. If a torn ligament is healed it is healed. A “setback” would mean a retear. They just don’t want to look stupid if he gets reinjured in a meaningless preseason game. I wouldn’t mind seeing him out there before week one but understand them being cautious. So happy to see him back! That looked really bad when it happened.

  17. All you dreamers out there are in for a very rude awakening. AP will be average at best this year, and he’ll never be what he once was. The Vikes could have traded him for a couple of first round picks, but they decided to pay big money to a RB….on a team with absolutely no talent. They will continue to pay for that decision for years. They may be the most inept organization in the NFL. TT NEVER would have paid AP…..out the door he would have been.

    Book it.

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