Report: Mike Wallace to report, sign this weekend


It seems as if Mike Wallace has been reporting to Steelers camp soon for a few weeks.

All those expecting him are about to be right, as Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the Steelers expect Wallace will arrive back in Pittsburgh this weekend and sign his one-year, $2.742 million contract after they return from Buffalo Saturday night.

Wallace could ostensibly play in the preseason finale on Aug. 30, but why he would is beyond me.

More importantly, arriving this weekend gives him two weeks to get ready for the regular season opener, and to make amends with the front office in hopes of a long-term deal.

Having already given Antonio Brown the $42.5 million spite contract while Wallace was away, it’ll be interesting to see if the Steelers try to do a deal for Wallace.

The Steelers have taken a hard line on negotiations, saying they wouldn’t talk about a long-term deal while he was away. But they also don’t do deals during seasons, meaning the clock would be ticking on that as well.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the spotlight while it lasted, Mike. Enjoy playing second fiddle to Antonio Brown this year! You’ll be lucky to see $1 million per year after this season, so invest wisely.

  2. I have never seen a team have a great season when their start receiver is unhappy. Fact! Go back and check…. T.O., Chad Johnson (Bengals), Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson ect….

    This guy has Vicent (holdout) Jackson money (5 year 55 mil 25 guaranteed) on the line if he gets hurt. I hope he has insurance.

  3. Being a Browns fan lets hope he injures himself on the first play of the season and then signs a FA deal in the NFC.. I don’t ever want to play against this guy again.

  4. As long as he’s a good teammate, ready to play and learn, I don’t care. For all those “steelers are basement dwellers” idiots. Be careful what you wish for. Steelers are the AFCN’s best and most talented team. Ratbirds are toast.

  5. Fail!

    Now watch as he encounters multiple injuries due to being out of football shape and condition!

    Therefore jeopardizing his future value!

  6. That picture of Wallace yawning tells you everything you need to know of what he thinks of bucolic Latrobe, PA and training camp in general.

    If Wallace signs late this week he will have balanced well his committment to his teammates (most of whom will not earn $2.7M as he will) and to protecting and think about himself.

    Brown’s deal with the Steelers is cap friendly and does not preclude them from also signing Wallace although as people have said here, there is a long line of receivers (Thigpen, Plaxico, Nate Washington, Randle El and Santonio) who they let walk.

    I think they sign him before Denver, though. They’s be set for a long time there. Did anyone else see the alligator arms of Emmanuel Sanders in the Indy preseason game.? I be the coaches did.

  7. He’s been living in Ike Taylor’s house in Orlando working out with Tim Shaw the entire summer. So conditioning-wise Wallace will be fine.

    Contact, timing, and familiarity with the playbook might be a whole different issue. A short term issue that is.

    Either way, predicting a ‘bust’ season for Wallace is absurd.

  8. He’s risking his financial future for 2.7m. That’s pennies compared to what’s in store for him should he make it out of the season healthy. Foolish move by him.

  9. @cup1981
    You might be 32 but you’ve obviously been watching football for a short period of time. Idk where your logic is behind wallace playing second fiddle to brown and him only getting a mil a year. Obviously you’re incorrect.

    To the rest of you, well… It’s to easy.. Please post somewhere else with your inferior mike wallace opinions.

  10. Thank Goodness! Without signing Wallace how could elite Pro Bowl qb Roethlisberger reach his lofty 21st in scoring offense ranking?

    You have to extend A LOT of plays to make it to that rarefied, super-elite, cream of the crop, best of the best, top 67%.

  11. This was to be completely expected.

    He didn’t want to risk injury during the pre-season and if he reported before Week 10, chances are he wouldn’t be able to produce in 6 weeks – what he would need to, in order to get a big payday.

    Once he’s in and working hard, I’m sure Colbert and the bosses will quietly sit down with him and work something out.

    They made their point and now that he’s blinked, everyone can go about their business.

    We now return to regularly scheduled programming.

  12. Does not matter, Wallace can blow top of defense with 4.2 speed. Brown and Sanders hit crossing routes and Rainey follows underneath. Heath Miller and Wes Saunders (after suspension) complete that attack.

    James Harrison will be back and he and Woodley are going to be go wild this year.

    Look out.

  13. Does it even matter? This team is going to be looking up at even the Browns when Ben goes down, and he will go down. That makeshift quilt blanket of an Oline will never hold up, sucks.

  14. With Tom Shaw as his trainer he is sure to be in good enough shape to run the top of the route tree. Between him, Rainey and Brown the Steelers should spend a lot of time running those downfield. Hopefully Ben stays upright long enough to get the ball there.

  15. taylorgang24: I have to agree. Should there ever be a fourth trip to the Super Bowl, Roethlisberger will no doubt stink. He’s pretty much stunk in the previous three he’s played.
    Let’s hope the Steelers’ defense doesn’t slip below No. 1 in 2012. That would be troublesome. The Steelers’ QB and offense just aren’t equipped to carry the team.

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