Ryan Clark toning down his comments toward the league

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Steelers safety Ryan Clark was a frequent and outspoken critic of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the league’s emphasis on player safety in 2011.

It started when Clark, Pittsburgh’s NFLPA rep, was involved in the team’s decision to vote against the new CBA because it handed Goodell the power to play judge, jury and executioner when it came to player discipline and continued through Clark’s suggestion that he “might as well” go after other players’ knees if the league is going to levy fines for hits Clark feels are clean. According to Clark, we aren’t going to hear anything like that this season.

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Clark is going to tone down his rhetoric in this area during the 2012 season. Clark feels that his comments brought negative attention to the Steelers and that the perception of the team “was starting to be tainted.”

“Some of the attention that you draw when the statements you make are against the people who make the rules, I think it makes it harder on your team,” Clark said. “When it starts to affect the way your team is viewed, when it starts affecting the perception of your organization, you have to look at it and understand the greater good.”

General Manager Kevin Colbert said that the team had nothing to do with Clark’s decision to take a more measured approach to these matters this season, but they probably didn’t have much argument with it either. There was a steady stream of invective coming out of Pittsburgh last season that made it hard to separate legitimate gripes from garden variety complaining from players who seemed to want to do whatever they wanted on the field.

7 responses to “Ryan Clark toning down his comments toward the league

  1. I guess it’s been lost on the Clark camp that Goodell wouldn’t need to be ” judge, jury and executioner if the players just wouldn’t act like rabid animals.

  2. Good to see him apologize for the shot to the knee comments but being “involved in the team’s decision to vote against the new CBA because it handed Goodell the power to play judge, jury and executioner when it came to player discipline” is exactly what every player has since realized was the correct decision. No need to apologize for having the foresight to see that the fine/appeal process was a nightmare.

  3. How much fun will it be to watch the Steelers demolish the Ravens this year? You can tell that a few people (at least one!) are really really deathly afraid of the Steelers this year, they can’t seem to stop running their mouth to say anything, no matter how worthless. It is very funny to watch how some try to get rid of nervous energy! Let’s see what they say when the season starts. Good luck.

  4. Stay classy ravenator! A man almost dies from a complication of sickle cell in Denver’s thin air and you make some crude, classless comment. It really shows your level of intelect and maturity. Football rivalries are one thing, life and death is something quite different. The only thing worse is that the moderators of these comment boards continue to allow you to spew your hate and ignorance!!! You contribute absolutely NOTHING of significance whatsoever! What a waste of space you are!

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