Shad Khan tells MJD it’s time to get on the train


The Jaguars haven’t budged from their negotiating stance of not negotiating with holdout running back Maurice Jones-Drew and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be budging at any point in the future.

At a press conference announcing the Jaguars’ plans to play four games in London, owner Shad Khan, who previously said that Jones-Drew’s absence wasn’t a great concern, was asked about where things stand with Jones-Drew. There’s no reading between the lines needed to get his point.

“Train is leaving the station. Run, get on it,” Khan said, via Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union.

Gloomy predictions about the Jaguars offense have not found much supporting evidence in the team’s first two preseason games. Blaine Gabbert’s looked better than he did as a rookie, Justin Blackmon hit the ground running in his debut and, most significantly for Jones-Drew, Rashad Jennings is averaging more than five yards a carry. All caveats about preseason appearances being deceiving apply, but Jones-Drew’s case hasn’t gotten any stronger since his holdout began.

Perhaps that’s why Pete Prisco of is reporting that “the feeling inside the Jaguars locker room” is that Jones-Drew will report soon.

41 responses to “Shad Khan tells MJD it’s time to get on the train

  1. just send him the 5 day letter and force the issue. he either shows up within 5 days or he doesn’t play/get paid at all this year

  2. Sorry MJD but you just got a new contract awhile ago. Your acting like that idiot cornerback Darryl Revis who wants a new contract everytime another conerback gets more money then him.

    Plus, your position has been devalued now.

  3. There should be a law that if you sign a contract for ex. For 3 years then a player should play it out then negotiate a new one in off season!

    If you are under contract & if you don’t honor it then that player should be kicked out of the NFL forever!

    These players make millions playing a kids game & here I save lives for a living & if I held out for more money I would be kicked to the street!

  4. All of us Jag fans love Mojo and we would be better with him, but it’s like he would make us a Super Bowl contender. Our run game is fine and just take a look at Gabbert at any point last year in the pocket vs this year, his footwork and pocket presence is so much better. Sorry Mojo, it’s a quarterback driven league.

  5. MJD is correct. Why destroy your body for what he feels is not enough money. We know what will happen. The team will keep running him at a record pace like last year. in the next two years he probably will be used up. And if he truly is special (which he might be) then the third year they will Franchise him for low money. The only chance he has is to hold out until after week 10 this year and next year. He will get less money, but more importantly, less wear and tear.
    Vincent Jackson held out until after week 10 from San Diego and they had to deal differently the next year. He was Franchised for 11 million. MJD still has 2 years to go, but it is doubtful they will put up with that two years in a row. If you don’t want to pay him what he deserves, trade him or let him go.

  6. MJD has already sealed his fate with Khan.
    Mr. khan doesn’t strike me as someone who bluffs, he means what he says.
    Bud Adams could learn a lesson from Khan, and then maybe he will never let someone like CJ rip him off ever again.

    MJD tried a power play is is getting roasted, watch other owners follow this lead from now on(which they should have already been doing)

  7. Five letter is relevant only if guy shows up then leaves. Guy who never shows up has until the Tuesday after Week 10.

  8. Just like alot of Jaguar fans said for months, the team holds all the cards and that is even more true after two good preseason showings my Gabbert, Jennings, Blackmon and company.

    Jones-Drew has zero leverage.

  9. MJD is not a restricted free agent like Vincent Jackson was. MJD can and should be fined everyday he misses. You have a new coaching staff he should be there. Teams are going to be more willing to talk new contracts with players that show up

  10. In all honesty, if I was the Jags, I would seriously consider trading him to a team that is willing to pay. RBs do not have the same value they once did. I know MJD is one of the best today, but maybe the Jags should consider it. Get a decent draft pick (or picks) and move on. I’m guessing MJD’s wheels will start falling off within 2-3 years (same years the Jags are rebuilding). Why not get a good draft pick that can help you in the future? I’m sure plenty of contenders would consider a draft pick for the guy. (No Packer fans, Ted wouldn’t trade anything for him, its not the way he does things)

  11. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn……

    You genetically engineered superhuman.

    You don’t need MJD. Stand your ground!

  12. RB’s that holdout usually are not in shape wheen they come back and blow out something. Not trying to jinx him, just sayin.

  13. Guy is under contract for two years. Let him sit.
    Just once I’d like to see a story about how someone actually honors his signed contract.
    I know most guys in the NFL do. But there is always that 5% that honor doesn’t mean nothing.
    Let him sit.

  14. Pay the man. He’s outplayed his contract. How can people justify that MJD got paid 3 seasons ago, when he’s already outplayed his contract of $6M per and you pay Marcedes Lewis $7M per and MJD has the same amount of receptions as he did last year, on top of the 1,600 rushing yards. Pay the man, or trade him to a team that will appreciate him, and gamble with Jennings, hoping he will be the new horse in the stable. It’s kinda sad how you don’t want to take care of the ONLY offense on your team.

  15. RBs need to take lessons from Shady McCoy. Play your heart out every day, show up to practice, show up to meetings. Don’t piss and moan about your contract. Look how handsomely shady was rewarded for being a true team player.

    MJD is on the down and out anyway, I understand his position, as I am sure he realizes his career is on the down slide, but I would not do business with an employee who doesn’t come to work.

  16. Shere Khan the tiger is right. I know RBs especially want to get their $ before they get burned up and tossed aside, but MJD shouldn’t have signed that deal. 2 years left and it’s not like it’s a rookie deal he got stuck with. Come back today and dominate, Pocket Herc. If not, that’s why I drafted Jennings as your handcuff so eff it.

  17. Thank god someone like Khan has the guts to say no to a player who is still under contract.Just remember when the titans caved to C Johnson and gave him a big contract. Johnson has not lived up to what he was given.So i say to Mr KHAN please do not give in to this big headed player who is under contract now.Make him live up to his contract.The NFL owners are all watching plus fans who are feedup with these so called greedie SO & SO’s .Thank you again MR KHAN.

  18. 2 things may happen, #1 If Jennings gets hurt (Real possibility) then Khan reconsiders.

    #2 When the real games start and Gabbert looks just like he did last year and or Jennings is ineffective in games which count.

    Gabbert looks good now, but we can all agree this is just preseason in which teams are very vanilla wih game plans.

  19. The Jag ripped up MJD’s rookie deal & made him one of the top 3 paid RB’s in the league BEFORE he was the starter, BEFORE he made the Pro Bowl…MJD has made over $20 million over the past 3 years. Has he outplayed his deal? Yep. But when he signed that contract, he thanked the Jags for showing such faith in him & he couldn’t wait to take that guaranteed money. Every year, teams sign players to deals & then get burned…this time the team signed a player to a contract that is working out for the team (AND the player). I don’t blame Shad Khan at all. If MJD had come in & learned the new system instead of staying away, he probably would have gotten the new deal next year. Now MJD knows he’s not getting a new deal & has cost himself over $800k in fines…the man needs a new agent.

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