Taking a look at Jags’ first possible London opponent

Getty Images

When the Jaguars (actually, when playing in England we’ll be calling them the “Shaguars”) host the first of four games at Wembley Stadium in 2013, they’ll obviously be playing a team other than, you know, the London Sillynannies.

So who will it be?

According to the 2012 Official NFL Record & Fact Book, the Jaguars will be hosting (in addition to the usual trifecta of Titans-Texans-Colts) the Chiefs, 49ers, Cardinals, and the team that finishes in the same spot as the Jaguars in the AFC East.

Though the Patriots are always willing to export a road game to a foreign land, the chances of the Pats and the Jags finishing in the same position in their respective divisions is, to put it mildly, unlikely.

Still, since the NFL has yet to send a division game to London, it’ll likely be the Chiefs or the AFC East team, given that the other three possibilities — 49ers, Chargers, Cardinals — would have an extra-long travel obligation.