The genius of Harbaugh’s comments about the officials


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh recently tiptoed through the minefield of the lockout of officials by not directly calling out the replacements but making it clear he had enough concerns to have a headache after the team’s most recent preseason game.

Now that Harbaugh has backed off, some league insiders believe that Harbaugh knew exactly what he was doing.

And what they think he was doing was sucking up to the locked-out officials, who eventually will return.

I explained it all in this miniature slice of PFT Live.  And while other teams might not like it, the better approach than complaining about it is to do the same damn thing.

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15 responses to “The genius of Harbaugh’s comments about the officials

  1. Always seems to know what he’s doing/saying. This Harbaugh is a very smart man. And his brother…2 very good coaches.

  2. Maybe he had this sudden agenda…

    But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar — the replacement refs REALLY sucked.

    A few examples – missed PI call, end of half after D penalty, phantom holding call, etc…

  3. Genius? Come on.

    The guy just made some comments about the replacement refs, let’s not act like he came up with a cure for cancer.

    He is hedging his bets that the locked out refs return, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. You people are giving far to much credit to Harbaugh. He has been making a living on Willis and the 49er defense. Last year was a fluke.

  5. The words, ” Harbaugh” and “genius” should never be used in a sentence.

    He and his brother are decent coaches who know how to make team’s win most games but they are not BIG GAME winners. Never have been, never will. People give them too much credit. The Harbaugh boys are nothing but the Chuck Knox of the modern era of football. Period.

  6. I love the Harbaugh hate. Always coming from fans of teams who, deep down, wish he was their coach.

  7. “You people are giving far to much credit to Harbaugh. He has been making a living on Willis and the 49er defense. Last year was a fluke.”

    Yea that explains why Singletary did so good as the coach. I seem to remember this blog/website ripping the 49ers last year when FA started for their lack of movement in the 1st week. (Letting AF, NC and a few others go.)

    You can’t say JH only looks good bc the defense (how is it a fluke anyway if you’re saying the defense really IS very good?) or else Singletary would have looked a LOT better then horrible when he was the coach.

  8. I believe that the field is slanted for some teams in the nfl. I hope the originals never come back

  9. The team looked very, very similar when Mike Singletary coached to what it looks like now. Somehow, Jim has changed something drastically with basically the same pieces and parts that now functions as a team and wins games.

  10. I am not a 49ers fan. Neither like nor dislike them. But I can tell you one thing, I would love to have Jim Harbaugh coach any team I liked. His players respond to him. They believe in him and they play as a team, not as individuals which is part of the reason for their transformation to success. A reason why I believe teams like the Cowboys and Eagles have so much trouble despite their talent level. Haters will always hate. If a team is bad they make fun of them, if a team is good they hate them for their success and look for an excuse for that success. Kudos to the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh.

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