Vick feels fine, cartilage being checked today

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After taking a hit to the midsection from Kyle Love that Philly fans surely hated (see what I did there?), Eagles quarterback Mike Vick is, surprisingly, feeling fine.  (And, yes, it was Jermaine Cunningham who hit Vick.  But since there’s no easy word play based on Cunningham’s name, I’ll leave the mistake in there.)

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Vick has no concerns about his ability to suit up and play on Week One against the Browns.  He most likely won’t be playing again in the preseason.

X-rays were negative, as the team announced last night.  On Tuesday, separate tests will be conducted to check the rib cartilage.

Vick is no stranger to the two injuries he has suffered in a pair of 2012 preseason games.  He banged his hand on a helmet last season, and he has had multiple rib injuries.

While some would say it’s a byproduct of the way Vick plays the position, his most recent two scares more fairly fall at the feet of the offensive line.  Against the Steelers, center Jason Kelce was pushed back too far, putting his helmet in the path of Vick’s follow-through.  Against the Patriots, all hell broke loose, giving Vick no chance.

That said, there’s still a way for Vick to protect himself in that situation:  Hit the deck.

Though Jim Everett was ridiculed for taking dives, Peyton Manning is celebrated for having the presence of mind to know when to go down.  No one will question Vick’s toughness if he starts bailing out.

The broader question is whether he’s wired to even think that way.  By all appearances, he isn’t.

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  1. Eagle fans may take comfort in the fact that Nick Foles looks really good. No I’m not drinking the “Eagles backup QB Kool-Aid.” Been listening to NFL channel on Sirius this morning and he’s getting raves from several commentators.

  2. Vick is definitely NOT wired to think ‘hit the deck’ when pressure mounts. He is always looking to make or extend the play which leads to injuries more often than not. I love his fight and willingness to take a shot on the chin here and there but he has to learn when to bail. On a side note, Nick Foles is looking pretty solid!

  3. Vick should just retire already and that’s the bottomline.

    PS – Guaranteed he will sue the NFL/Eagles in 10 years time.

  4. It was Jermaine Cunningham that laid Vick out…. he was running FROM Kyle Love when he got rocked.

    Man, it was so pretty.

  5. Well, I hope she is not too discouraged, there is always next week. It seems this is more about the frustration that Vicktoria has over not being able to stand back there untouched with wide open throwing lanes than it is about her brittle body. I recall several times last year her saying things about needing to be protected better, etc.

  6. It is unbelievably ridiculous that any NFL team would have him as their starting QB. He is injury-prone and and he is, bottom-line, a terrible QB. The Eagles will not win anything until they get rid of him.

  7. What is left to say that hasnt been said? The dude shouldve used the preaseason to practice throwing the ball away, throwing it to the easy option, or sliding (feet first). He did none of those so why would it change in the regular season? I am rooting for him but he will be injured again this season, no doubt.

  8. @mrheavychevy:
    it seems they are letting him do that–indirectly blaming others for his own issues, not taking responsibility, babbling in incoherent and incomplete platitudes. Same as he ever was.

  9. Those footsteps Vick hears are not opposing defenders, they are Nick Foles’, coming for the starters job! I HOPE.. :mrgreen:

  10. I hate the Eagles, period. But, I will say that I was extremely impressed with Foles, seriously. He stood in there, and fired some amazing passes in traffic that were right on the money, and looked calm doing it. I aint saying he should start, just saying he looked very, very good overall, and I would like to see him play more, which I anticipate we will.

  11. Though Jim Everett was ridiculed for taking dives, Peyton Manning is celebrated for having the presence of mind to know when to go down. No one will question Vick’s toughness if he starts bailing out.


    Vick is a below average QB in normal circumstances. If he can’t run around and use his legs he is done. If he does run around he get’s hurt and is still done, the difference is he’ll get paid for being on IR.

    You are correct in that he is not “wired” to go down. He has been praised endlessly for “not going down”. He get’s on ESPN by “not going down”. He got his mega-contract by “not going down”.

    Vick changing the way he plays is about as likely as Tebow changing his throwing motion.

  12. Vick is a tough hombre, a true grit fighter. Give him a better OL and Game Plan and he is an electrifying player.

  13. First of all, there is no way in hades that he feels fine today, unless he is doubling up on the Vicodin.
    He doesn’t wear rib pads, and there is no way he didn’t suffer at least severe bruising from that hit.

    Secondly, it is looking more and more like he is not the best QB on this roster. You could dismiss what Foles did last week if you want because he played with and against backups, but last night he played at least part of the time against starters. He already appears to have a better pocket presence than Vick and a stronger, more accurate arm.

    Based on Vick’s so-so stats last year and whats go on so far this year, can you really make the argument that the Eagles would be THAT much worse with a Foles/Edwards QB combo?

    Sure would save a lot of money and allow the few Eagles fans who are still uncomfortable with having someone like Vick as the face of their franchise breath a little easier.

  14. Nick Foles is not leading the Eagles to anything that matters in the NFC east. Not with Eli Manning in the division. Eagles fans better hope Vick can stay healthy or else they have no chance in what will be the toughest division in the league this year.

  15. Vick needs to live to fight another day sometimes.

    It’s just the preseason. If this was the regular season i’d understand but Vick needs to either get down or throw the ball away while backpedaling instead of going for it all.

    The offensive line blew multiple protections that is true but Vick needs to recognize that and get rid of the ball the Eagles need him to be successful.

    And i’m not buying Foles…… yet. I need to see him against first stringers before I’m ready to have high hopes in him. There’s been many quarterbacks who look like legends in the preseason but are absolute garbage when the real games start.

    However with Vick’s frailty and reckless playing style he’s more than likely going to have a few games to prove something against the best of the best.

  16. The fact is, his brain doesn’t move fast enough to decipher what his eyes are seeing. He ends up hanging on to the ball and running around. That’s the option he can figure out in the short amount of time given to NFL quarterbacks.
    It’s not a style of play, as much as it is inability to play the position.
    I look for him to be holding a clipboard by week 5.

  17. Watching Vick take that shot to ribs warmed my heart. It just could not happen to a better guy. I will never forget what a sick SOB Micheal Vick is and I will never tire from watch him get punished. I only wish he could receive that shot to the ribs on a perpetual basis each and every day for the rest of his life.

  18. It wasn’t Kyle Love that hit Vick, it was Jermaine Cunningham. See what I just did there? Correct the “expert”.

  19. Trade him to Arizona. This Eagles team is a lot better without Vick.

    I’d rather spend a few years on a promising QB like Foles with Edwards as the backup, than continue wasting time on embedded” superstars” who cant control a tempo or make adjustments at the line. Mike Vick has to be one of the slowest learners this game has ever seen.

  20. As amazing as it sounds, it’s entirely possible that he feels fine today. I received a rib cartilage injury in March in a taekwondo tournament that my doc said would take months to heal. I’m tough on pain…it takes a lot to bring me down…and I trained all summer despite the injury. About a month ago, I took another hard shot to the ribs and the pain dropped me. I couldn’t move all day and in a lot of ways the pain was worse than the initial injury. Surprisingly, I was completely fine the next day, no pain, no bruising, no issues. He’s an idiot for not wearing rib padding or a flak jacket considering he has a history of this, but yeah, totally plausible that he feels fine today. But, tells me he’s not healed completely (and may never) and any little hit to that area will continue to put him on the turf. Good thing Nick Foles looks so good!

  21. No one talks about the terrible play-calling and game-planning. That was a 7 step drop that Vick took the hit on. Andy is the only west coast offense that calls for so many 7 step drops and slow developing plays. They’re constantly setting up players like Vick to take those hits, which makes the post game press conferences so much fun because Andy preaches “putting players in position to succeed”. The media doesn’t criticize Andy though for putting Vick in that position, instead it’s about Vick’s decision making.

  22. No matter if you’re an Eagles fan or not; either a Vick hater or you love the guy – he does play the game hard.

    Reminds me of the way Allen Iverson would play, going into the paint and getting killed.

    Problem is, this isn’t the NBA. Those guys will kill you.

    He’s got to learn to go down, slide, throw it away otherwise he’s going to be constantly beaten up.

    Tough way for the Eagles to maintain consistency if your #1 guy is hurt all the time.

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