Warren Sapp’s book tour isn’t going well


While he has yet to spit water onto Regis and/or Kathie Lee, Warren Sapp’s book tour has hit a few road bumps.

His one-hour, no-break visit with Howard Stern created plenty of intriguing (and profane) moments.  And one clear inconsistency.

Sapp bemoaned early in the process that a reporter hid behind an unnamed source on the eve of 1995 draft, with news of multiple failed marijuana tests (and one failed cocaine test, which Sapp strongly denies) that caused Sapp to slide to No. 12.  But in the same interview (and during Monday’s spot with Mike Francesa), Sapp continued to assert that he stands by, you guessed it, an unnamed source regarding the notion that Shockey gave information to the NFL about the Saints’ bounty system.

On Tuesday, he had a much shorter — and far more contentious — interview with Nick Wright and John Lopez of SportsRadio 610 in Houston.  The problem is that Sapp, when irritated, tends to split hairs on irrelevant details, allowing him to simultaneously be defensive and go on the attack.

For example, Sapp insists he didn’t sell his collection of Air Jordans as part of his bankruptcy case.  He takes that position because, technically, assets are sold by the bankruptcy court.  Either way, the assets are sold.  (Sapp omitted that footnote from his comments about selling his shoes during Howard Stern’s show, creating the impression for anyone who heard it that the report of a massive size 15 shoe sale were flat wrong.)

Sapp’s habit of mincing words ultimately got under the skin of Nick Wright.  “Tell your publicity people to send out better press releases,” Wright eventually said.  “Because I’m reading this.  It’s a no-holds barred memoir.   So I’m trying to ask you questions about it.  But I heard you on Howard Stern, I heard you on Mike Francesa.  You did the same thing.  You’re doing a press tour and then you get pissed when people ask about the questions of the day.  That’s fine, and I understand it.  You’re one of my all-time favorite players.  I don’t know if this is the best approach.  But I appreciate you joining us.  Good luck with the book.”

Sapp then tried to salvage the situation, again by splitting hairs.  “I’m trying to figure out what your question was,” Sapp said.  “Then you tell me we’re having a general discussion, so a question ain’t a general discussion.”

By that point, the questions and the discussion were done.

Sapp can be very funny and engaging.  I’ve had good exchanges with him, and I’ve had bad exchanges with him.  He needs to get the bad exchanges under control before the first Saturday in February, because even though he should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, if enough of the voters who have had bad exchanges with him over the past two decades can’t set that aside when separating the very good from the immortal, Sapp will be waiting a year to get in.  At least.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m. ET:  Sapp had another contentious interview on Tuesday, with Scott Sloan of WLW.  It started fine but went off the rails when the two were discussing one of the factors for Sapp’s decision not to sign with the Bengals in 2004.

UPDATE 9:42 a.m. ET August 22:  Sapp had yet another contentious interview on Tuesday, with The Drew & Mike Show on 101 WRIF in Detroit.  This one also was going well until Sapp was asked about his financial issues.  And it became bogged down over the question of whether Sapp at one point was paying $75,000 per month in child support.  (We suppose there’s a chance he aggressively disputed that fact because the actual number was something like $74,995.14 or $75,102.21.)

69 responses to “Warren Sapp’s book tour isn’t going well

  1. Who wants to read a book about a fat, ugly blowhard that is on his way down fast? What an idiot, I guess it’s really true, you reap what you sow!

  2. Sapp deserves to be in the Hall, and this is coming from one certifiable butthead from Steeler Nation.

    A fiery attitude should not keep a deserving man out of the Hall. He brought edge in his play and his talk; he made sure to bring a little hot sauce to the party.

    In short, Sapp’s game is what counts – and he balled.

    That’s it. If they haven’t projectile-vomited O.J. out of there – Sapp should have no problems ….. unless it comes down to politics.

    Politics and merit awards don’t mesh well. Are we trying to objectively assess a career -or- are we engaged in a spite-fueled tit-for-tat game?

    Be straight — deserving ballers should not be clowned with. Let’s get Warren where he belongs — IN the Hall.

  3. Sapp hung up on 700 wlw in Cincinnati this morning in the middle of the interview. The host asked him why he chose the raiders over Cincinnati and he said because cops were shooting black men in the city that summer. When the host (Scott sloan) corrected him and tried to educate him on the topic things got awkward. At one moment you can hear sapps publicist or whoever say, “ok lets switch to Tampa.” A second later Sapp dropped the show. What a J.O.

  4. As always, Nick Wright did a great interview. We miss him in Kansas City. But like everything else, since its a small market he went to a larger market for more exposure mainly. Kansas City will always continue to lose out on players and coaches and anything else cuz all the sports teams need and deserve the same exposure in the national media as any other team. But no they dont get it. Nick Wright rock on

  5. Who the heck is he? Oh yeah, some guy who played in the 90’s. Meh, he is relavent to the nfl as I am……(i.e.-neither of us will be in the h.o.f.)

  6. Just the fact that Warren Sapp is having a book tour is nauseating to me. Anyone who would buy a book from this loudmouthed, arrogant bozo needs some serious help with their mental health. Sapp is the very definition of “ass clown.”

  7. Who let this guy write a book? He’s one of those guys who thinks he’s funnier and more charming than he really is. (Like Dwight Howard)

  8. Sapp is a borderline HOFer, definitely not close to first ballot status.
    If Charles Haley, Jerome Bettis, Chris Carter and Tim Brown don’t deserve to be in the Hall, there is no way on Earth that Sapp does. The guy’s a joke and was a product of Monte Kiffin’s system. You notice he lost most of his effectiveness when he went to Oakland.
    Can the same be said of Seymour? No.
    Now, Richard Seymour should be a first ballot HOFer, and this is coming from a guy who can’t stand him.

  9. The book tour would be going better if he brought along his “large nude women ” painting.

  10. Could you maybe give a transcript to the interview in Cincinnati for those whom are at work and cannot listen to the audio link you provided?

  11. If any situation where Sapp is opening his mouth in public WAS going well, that would really be big news.
    As it is, I’m not shocked…

  12. Maybe the ghost writer should be doing the book tour…because you’ll never convince me that Warren Sapp wrote a single word of “his” book.

  13. There is not one thing first ballot about this blowhards career stats. 440 tackles in 13 years? Sure he had 96 sacks. Demarcus Ware has 99 in 7 years.

    GTF outta here.

  14. There should be a law that before being allowed to write a book, you have to have actually read a book.

  15. Anyone who thinks Warren Sapp isn’t a first ballot HOF’er didn’t watch him dominate the DT for a decade. A “system” DT??? Really?? Running the Tampa 2 which can’t really be run anymore based on the fact that no one has the personnel to do it?? He wasn’t that great in Oakland because he was f-ing OLD.

  16. Is Sapp still six figures in the rear on his child support? Did the Super Bowl ring he lost the day before filing bankruptcy ever surface?

    So much talent, but such a piece of trash. However, I love that he’s always pimping for “Da U”. They deserve that kind of publicity! Just disappointed that the NFL Network decided to keep him employed. He offers absolutely nothing to the broadcast, other than hijacking time for him and Irvin (also from Da U) to clown.

    *Catholics vs Convicts from Soldier Field Oct. 6th
    Go Irish!!!

  17. Warren’s book is doing well in Chicago cause I went to two book stores looking for it an they are sold out. .. What ever cheese eating packers fan is out there thinking SAPP aint a first ballot hall of famer is still mad because Sapp CUT Chad Cliffton in half in Green bay an was ready to do the same thing to Sherman

  18. Sapp is a HOF’er because he was one of the best EVER at his position.

    Cris Carter, Tim Brown, Charles Haley, ect, ect were not one of the best at their positions. Sapp was.

    If you hate him for his personality, his mouth, his intellect, ect, ect, than hate him for that. His game was HOF worthy. He WAS a game changer.

    Ask Brett Favre.

  19. I admit Sapp is not one of my favorite TV analyst, personal financial managers or people for that matter. But I’m adult enough to realize that I don’t Really know Warren Sapp. Unfortunately most media people and fans don’t realize the second part of that process. I do know by any measure Warren Sapp was one of the most dominant players at his position in the history of the NFL. I don’t have to like or even respect someone to see the genius and brilliance of their skill set. Anyone…ANYONE who can’t make this leap puts themselves at risk of looking unprofessional, jealous and vindictive.


  20. Say what you will about Sapp’s abrasive personality (I never liked him myself), he redefined the position of defensive tackle with his agressive style of play. The Bucs are still looking for the “next” Warren Sapp to anchor their defense every year! As far as his interviews go it seems like they are like his play on the field as he could “simultaneously be defensive and go on the attack”. In a fair world he should be a first ballot HOF pick. Don’t judge his BS . Judge his contribution the game.

  21. You should’ve heard him on Drew & Mike in Detroit Tuesday… sad but so hilarious at the same time. Makes you forget the sad pretty quick because what he’s done with himself is a joke.

  22. I would pay money to never hear Sapp and Michael Irvin spouting off their dumb opinions on TV ever again.

  23. Why don’t you get on that tour and set Sapp up for PFT Live. I’d watch if you ask the hard questions, for it sounds like he’s put him out there for the tough questioning.

  24. He’s just a big ole country boy who happened to be a great defensive tackle. Hall of famer No. Not first ballet anyway. We expect to much of athletes

  25. Listen to this ://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=8285622
    Sapp did his moms taxes growing up?
    !Sapp says at his combine bill had a boner ?that Cleveland
    to draft him so bad??
    Steelers old last year? 12-4?
    He needs to be unemployed..

  26. As an analyst it would be nice if something he said proved to be correct once in a while.

    Remember he called the Steelers defense “old and slow, it’s over” after week one last year? Then they promptly finished as the #1 defensive unit. You lose all credibility when you played in the league and you’re that far off.

  27. I have ALWAYS said this guy is a buffoon and a dufus. His entire career he’s proved that. My only question is-who in the hell at the NFL Network is responsible for extending his contract? I watch the NFL Network religiously but every time Warren Sapp comes on I have to time it so I don’t have to listen to his idiocy and buffoonery comments-what an assclown!

  28. The best part of Sapp’s book, is that you can use it to stand on so you can reach a better book.

  29. PS-Grudenthediva, Warren Sapp and Demarcus Ware do not play the same position and never have. Please learn the difference between 3-4 and 4-3. Thanks, your friend, Glazerh8ter.

  30. Sapp is notorious for treating “little people” like garbage. If you aren’t a celebrity or former player, he treats you like S**T. The man is a turd!

  31. PPS- Grudenthediva, please excuse my inability to read sarcasm. We are on the same page.

  32. These interviewers are going about it all wrong. To get a good interview with a guy like Warren Sapp you need to gush, tell him how great he is and then tell people to buy his book. Sapp wrote a book for the money, and because he loves attention. Don’t point out inconsistencies or contradictions, just tell him how great it is to be in the presence of greatness. And it doesn’t hurt to throw in a “Go Caines” every now and then.

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