Andy Reid confirms Nick Foles will start Friday


There wasn’t much reason to believe that the Eagles would be playing Michael Vick again in the preseason after he escaped a serious injury to his ribs against the Patriots, but now we know for sure that Vick won’t be seen again until the season opener.

Coach Andy Reid confirmed Wednesday that Nick Foles will be Philly’s starting quarterback on Friday night against the Browns. Reuben Frank of also passes along word that Foles is expected to play about a half while the rest of the Eagles starters play a quarter. Many teams push their starters a bit further in their third preseason game, but the Eagles played them on Monday night and obviously aren’t keen on risking any other key injuries.

Foles played well against the Patriots and Steelers in the first two preseason games, but this week will be his first action against a starting defense since entering the NFL. If he’s able to have the same kind of performance in that scenario, it shouldn’t be too long before he is officially named the team’s backup quarterback.

And should Vick, who Reid said will be ready to go for the opener, struggle at all, it also won’t be long before we hear rumblings that Foles should be bumped even further up the depth chart.

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  1. Seen it all before. Next year some fool team will trade for this guy. Looking at you Arizona . . .

  2. Pretty sure Foles played at least one series against the Patriots’ first team D on Monday. Don’t forget, he came in much earlier than expected due to Vick’s injury.

    As a former Eagles supporter (fan is too strong a word) I hope this is the beginning of the end of the Mike Vick era.

  3. The Eagles play the Browns in the regular season, which is another reason to rest their starters in this practice game.

  4. He’ll be starting soon enough in the regular season. Vick can’t stay healthy. This kid looked really good on Monday. Granted, it is pretty sad that it wasn’t against the majority of the starters, but what is the excuse for Vick. He faced the same people.

    First time ever throwing to the starters. Looked better than Vick looked. At least he has some pocket presence.

  5. This is probably Vick’s last season in Philly. Better get the young guy as many snaps as possible. If Vick does get released who would want him as their quarter back? Probably the most overrated player to ever play football. Highlight reel runs don’t win you superbowls. They allow you to play one full season in a 10 year career.

  6. Wishful thinking voice. Never going to happen. They are good enough never to be the bottom but not good enough to win it. Always somewhere in middle of both extremes.

  7. Sorry -missed the cut. I’ll try again

    Josh says

    . . . but now we know for sure that Vick won’t be seen again until the season opener.


    How do you know this? if Eagles fans are lucky, Vick will never be seen again! Go STEELERS !

  8. Foles did come on early, but Patriots rested Mayo, Wilfork and McCourty, among others, so that was something less than a first team D on the other side of the field.

  9. might as well, he’s going to have to start at least 4 or five games this year when Vick gets hurt.

  10. Pretty sure Pats didn’t have their first team D at all on Monday as they have 3 games in 10 days scheduled. they also didn’t have much of their starters on Offense on the field either.

    Either way Foles looked better than Vick against the Pats.

  11. Sean (Shawn, Shaun, whatever) O’Hara said something interesting on NFL Total Access last night. He said that for all the perception that Vick is more of a pocket passer now, the fact is that his avg runs/game in ATL are the exact same as in Phi: 7 per game.

  12. Seeing a big tall QB back there, obviously with full vision of the field at any time he chooses, is a major plus. He looks like he could become good… flacco-like isn’t an unreasonable goal, for now.

  13. Foles can’t help who he plays against. all he can do is keep trying to go 24-38 300+ 4/1, which I’ll go on record as saying I am fine with.

  14. I like how everyone gives up on Vick. Funny how no one looks at Evan mathis , Jason kelce and the rest of that line for looking terrible . Both times they were the causes for the hits . Andy Reid snaps they play better. People are missing the issues . The issues is Evan, jason and Danny the middle of that line being abused so far this preseason. Now for all the trade him to Arizona. Foles is this teams next franchise Qb period. Vick got this year to go far in the playoffs or Foles will take over, but a trade chip he is not.

  15. As a Eagles fan I think Vick is done.He had a great season the year before he got his huge contract , but I think it is time for the Eagles organization to move on from him after this season.When Vick gets injured in a regular season I cant wait to see what Foles can do.

  16. As an Eagles fan I’ve been impressed with the way
    Foles has come along and if had it not been for the terrible offensive line and the turmoil that Foles had to endure at Arizona last year he may have gone earlier in the draft.

  17. Said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Foles went to the same high school as Brees and broke all of Brees’ high school records by far.

    Foles 6’6 — Vick 5’11

    Brady was an unknown as well until Bledsoe got hurt, think about what would have been if Bledsoe would have finished that season.

  18. fuglyflorio says: Aug 22, 2012 11:51 AM

    Seen it all before. Next year some fool team will trade for this guy. Looking at you Arizona . . .


    The idea that Foles is Kolb II, and that the Eagles are grooming him as trade bait, is lazy thinking. Foles may have a long way to go, but right now, he is the Eagles’ future in the pocket. That future may come faster than Mike Vick (or Andy Reid) wants it to.

    The Eagles should try to get something for Kafka, and keep Foles and Edwards.

  19. Cut the wise cracks. This kid is as good a propect at QB as the Eagles have had for some time. How about him coming in when least expected and his cool demeanor.? Honestly speaking, I think he is a very pleasant surprise. I wish him the best. unfortunately, I can’t see Vic playing half the season without injuries. I might be wishful thinking but, as I watched some of the sideline stuff, it appears he has developed a lot of respect amongst his team mates. I don”t think anyone can say he isn’t a excellent prospect.

  20. Vick will play as many games as he is able then the switch to Foles will happen, not because Vick cant play it will be because the Eagles will never honor that contract. The fact that Foles can play will only expedite the move. also laugh or make fun if you will but Kafka will bring at least a 3rd round pick, and the 3rd string Q.B. is not on the team yet.

  21. As for Foles,the kid has played well and has been a pleasant surprise for us this pre season ….he looks like he has some talent and will be the future for us …its just a matter of when that is sooner or later

  22. Don’t worry about the Eagles fleecing anyone for Foles – he’s not gonna be going anywhere except to the top of the depth chart when Vick moves on.

  23. This is the Cleveland, so their first team is like Pittsburgh’s third team. I don’t imagine it’ll be that big of a test for Foles.

  24. As an Arizona alum, I’m psyched to see Foles getting a real shot in the NFL. He was a fantastic college QB despite an o-line that resembled swiss cheese, and I think with a little more experience he could be great at this level.

    He’ll definitely be more durable. At 6’6″ 245 he’s even bigger than “Big Ben”

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