Bills have nearly 6,000 more season-ticket holders

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Bills fans are expressing their optimism about the team with their wallets.

According to Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, the Bills have realized an increase in season-ticket holders of 5,912.  That’s a 15.8-percent increase over 2011.

The Bills now have 43,267 full-season customers.

Per Gaughan, the upcoming preseason game against the Steelers will be televised locally, and three regular-season home games also have been sold out — September 16 against the Chiefs, September 30 against the Patriots, and October 21 against the Titans.  The preseason home opener against the Redskins was blacked out locally.

The remaining home games played in Buffalo will feature the Dolphins (November 15), the Jaguars (December 2), the Rams (December 9), and the Jets (December 30).  If the Bills get off to a hot start, those games undoubtedly will be sold out, too.

20 responses to “Bills have nearly 6,000 more season-ticket holders

  1. mr wilson is finally spending money on this team so this city will start giving him even more money than we already have.

    crazy concept spend money to make money..

  2. The absolute worst slate of home games one can possibly imagine. After reading the optimistic headline, I thought the Bills were hosting all of the flagships. Kudos Bills’ fans for stepping up to see those dregs.

  3. I dont want to rain on the parade, but I would have expected a lot more than 6k with that Mario signing. Didnt they sell the most seasons ever after signing TO? It was like 53,000 or something like that. This seems like a letdown.

    I mean they had to have lost a lot of ticket holders after a 4-12 season and the lockout. I would think only getting 6,000 new after such a huge splash is kind of a let down.

    September and October games always sell out because of the ticket brokers, so thats nothing special. I am just a little worried about my team if its another year with December games not sold.

    Seriously? How was Miami not the first game sold out? Our first night game in years? Really Buffalo?

  4. jaguars7833 says: Aug 22, 2012 4:42 PM

    The Jacksonville have 10,000 more season ticket holders then the bills, yet we keep getting brought up for relocation

    Dude – EverBank Field has tarps over the whole upper deck corner sections so that the Jags can call the games “sell outs.” You have no merit to chime in on this comment thread. Also, have you ever been to a game in 0 degree, 30 mph winds? Didn’t think so.

  5. Good for the Bills — they’ve got great, loyal fans. However, after attending their preseason game against my mediocre Vikings team last Friday (in which even the second string dominated), I’m not sure what the excitement is about.

  6. @purpleguy

    Lol really using preseason game as part of your argument? Preseason means NOTHING.

    The only game you can put any stock in is the 3rd game because there is some game planning.

    The rest are glorified practices.

  7. @ purpleguy
    It’s the preseason….it means nothing. Remember the 0-16 Detroit Lions? They won all 4 of their preseason games that year. So your mediocre Vikings will likely return to mediocrity when it counts.

    Bills fans have plenty to be optimistic about. I personally havn’t counted my chickens before they’ve hatched….but anyone who says the Bills “can’t make the playoffs” is wrong.

  8. I can’t wait till week 1… The Bills get to go to GIANTS stadium and play the Yets…. I have a feeling well see a lot more articles about Tebow and how terrible Mark Sanchez is after the Bills smash the Jets!! So we can watch the NY circus continue

  9. @jaguars7833

    Only 2000(maybe) of 10000 season ticket holders show for games. Sponsors and politicians are buying up those tix. Still and always will be 32nd in team support!

  10. theralph2012
    Aug 22, 2012, 5:21 PM CDT

    Big talk, even if it was in broken English. Wait until your 103 year old owner kicks it. We’ll see how you handle the Toronto Bills talk. Or LA Bills. Stay warm.

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