Carson Palmer says Raiders don’t need Chad Johnson

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When quarterback Carson Palmer joined the Raiders last year, he endorsed receiver and former teammate Terrell Owens.  Palmer added that the Raiders don’t need him.

Palmer could have simply hit “rewind” and “play” when talking more recently about receiver and former teammate Chad Johnson.

I had a great time playing with Chad,” Palmer said, via Paul Gutierrez of  “I had no issues with him at all.  He’d be a great add for any team but we’ve got young guys that are just coming along.  I mean Denarius [Moore] will be back any day.  Jacoby [Ford’s] deal is not that bad.  So we’re not going to give up on any of those guys.”

Palmer, whom some believe wanted out of Cincinnati due in part to the organization’s inability to control the antics of Chad Johnson-Ochocinco-Johnson, says he and Chad were fine.

“We got along great, we got along great,” Palmer said.  “Yeah, Chad and I had a ton of success together.  When we were together and he was younger, he led the AFC, he led the league in a lot of categories.  He was awesome.”


“[H]e got a little bit off track over the years,” Palmer said. “But he’ll be back.  He’ll bounce back.”

Maybe he will.  Just like T.O., however, it won’t happen with the Raiders.

28 responses to “Carson Palmer says Raiders don’t need Chad Johnson

  1. The Raiders don’t need Chad Johnson, they need Brad Johnson. He’d be an upgrade over Palmer at this point in his career.

  2. YEAAAAAA someone finally came out and said the truth. Move on whatever your name is this week.

  3. Once Chad is convicted he then will be in line to sign a big contract with the Raiders. That’s how things work there.

  4. Anyone who does not see that, right behind the DL, the WR corps of the Raiders is their second best unit, is not paying attention.

    Yeah they are young, but talent and upside are huge for the WR’s.

  5. Most people bashing carson are probably bengals fans… I personally would take palmer over andy dalton anyday

  6. Carson would be a good backup QB..I mean they have guys Terrell Pryor and Leinart coming up..Why give up those young QBs for a 33yr old Qb who’s going downhill? Just a thought

  7. Palmer only likes to throw to guys on the other team so signing Johnson would make no sense anyway

  8. @nlfhof raiders don’t even lead their division for arrests over the past 10 years much less the league. and maybe you have been under a rock for awhile but al davis has passed away and there was a complete turnover from top to bottom. some still taking place

  9. We don’t need Chad Johnson but it’d be nice to have a veteran WR, I think the Raiders have the youngest WR core in the league (Heyward-Bey is the vet in that group)

  10. kuta82 says:Aug 22, 2012 3:21 PM

    Carson would be a good backup QB..I mean they have guys Terrell Pryor and Leinart coming up..Why give up those young QBs for a 33yr old Qb who’s going downhill? Just a thought


    Because Lienart is 29 and sucks and Pryor is 23 and really really sucks

  11. ““[H]e got a little bit off track over the years,” Palmer said. “=

    That’s a polite way of saying that Chad Johnson is crazy.

  12. I honestly feel that Chad would be a great addition to Oakland…Ya, think we Bengal fans can get another 1st or 2nd Round pick just for the heck of this move? I’ve got no hate for Da Raiders… They’ve been very generous to THE Bengals! Much Love.

  13. Why does Palmer’s opinion matter????

    He’s a broken down, turnover prone player who can’t win!!!

    If media members analyzed him objectively without the T.O./Ocho/No Offseason excuses they would see a declining QB that has no chance at winning Super Bowls!!!

    The Raiders will only win 4 games for a reason!!!

  14. So Palmer has never said why he wanted out of Cincy. It wasn’t TO, it wasn’t CHad. When they fired OC Bratkowski he came out of public hiding long enough to say it wasn’t because of me. He even said he repected Mike Brown. The only clue I can find is the day Marvin Lewis was singed for the 2011 & 2012 seasons, the press asked Palmer for a comment, and he said, “no comment” The half of the roster that did comment, all acted like they had just been saved from a sinking ship. One wondering if he could even play for another coach. And look at what Lewis has done once TO, Johnson, Brat & Carson are gone. It’s his team now, and they are having success because of it. It’s hard to call Carson a diva, because he’s so quite and disciplined in what he says. But looking between the lines it seems he may be a diva. IDK I’m still a Carson fan. And rest assured Raiders fans, even though he struggled last year. He still had ranked 7th in deep route efficiency last year according to Pro Football Focus. And that’s always been his game. I think that CIncy went through some bad times from 2008-2010 and it took a mental toll on him. But I do believe he will come along this season. But he has to get back to the Carson of 04-07. At that point he was considered elite or at least borderline elite. Can’t wait to see him come back to play at PBS this season. I know a lot of Bengals fans hate him. A lot are like me and still are fans, but wished he would’ve had enough respect for his fans to eventually let us know what exactly caused his trade me or else tirade last year. My best guess is just before he demanded the trade, the decision was made to switch to the west coast offense. They were either going to keep Brat calling the plays and bring in CHilly (just fired from Minny) to design the offense, or fire Brat and bring in a new OC. It was about a week or so, after CHilly meet with Lewis and Brown, that Palmer made his trade demand. Part of my belief is based off the fact that at USC Carson struggled badly in the west coast offense under Paul Hackett (ironically he was Raiders QB coach 2009-2010) for 3 years. Then won the Heisman in Norm Chows offense his last year. THen he really flourished in the vertical (opposite of west coast) offense of Bratkowski. Now ironically enough he ends up with an west coast OC this season. I haven’t seen the Raiders yet, so I’m assuming that Knapp is installing the west coast offense. That is a bad match with Palmer. Uness Knapp kind find a way to tweak it to Palmer’s stregths. Jay Gruden claimed that he could develop a west coast system that Palmer could thrive in, if he just came to camp. But instead he got to draft Dalton who fit his existing west coast scheme perfectly. So hopefully Knapp can do the same for Palmer in Oakland that Gruden said could be done in Cincy. I still believe Carson can be a top QB, but he’s going to need the right situation.

  15. Is there alot of unemployed welfare cases in Cincinnati? The Bangs are going to be the 4th best in their division right behind Cleveland hahahaa Ohio football at its best…..GOOO Palmer

  16. Palmer has exactly the same number of career playoff wins as Jamarcus Russell. What talent he had vanished years ago.

  17. Hey nick! Did’nt middle school start were you live? So you know nothing about football and your skipping school.

  18. The Raiders receivers can’t stay healthy and they are young. I would of liked to see them to hold onto Louis Murphy…..they need to sign Plaxico.

  19. For the guy who said he would take Palmer over Dalton any day.. Your clearly a moron.. Palmer has zero playoff victories in his career (Neither does Dalton but its only 2nd year). Palmer has a bad knee and shoulder. He has 0 leadership ability, and is just plain bad.. Thank you for Dre Kirkpatrick, and this years 2nd rd pick. For a guy who was never coming back.. We all know who won that trade..

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