Cowboys’ Harris accuses Chargers’ Jammer of cheap shot


Things got tense as the Cowboys and Chargers concluded their joint practices on Tuesday.

Cowboys receiver Dwayne Harris says Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer took a cheap shot at him after he caught a pass over the middle during the two teams’ final practice together.

“He caught me right on the chin,” Harris said, via the Dallas Morning News. “My face still hurts a little bit. I’ll get a little ice on it, and I’ll be OK. . . . I definitely think it was a cheap shot. I wasn’t looking and took a helmet to the chin.”

A fight also broke out in the joint practice when Cowboys tight end Andrew Szczerba ripped off Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram’s helmet and swung it at Ingram. That led to a bunch of pushing and shoving before order was restored.

The Cowboys and Chargers won’t see each other in the regular season. That’s probably a good thing.

12 responses to “Cowboys’ Harris accuses Chargers’ Jammer of cheap shot

  1. Jammer’s cheap shot, was a response to the UDFA ripping off Ingram’s helmet and swinging at his face. The entire Defense were very angry about that.

  2. They should release the schedule after training camp. Put these 2 on a regular season with some shabby officials things could
    Get intetesting

  3. Hey this is good for BOTH teams. Shows your teammates you have each others backs. Helps them pull together when you all have a common enemy.

    A little aggression is only going help these teams grow together and that was Norvs point in pushing to get these scrimmages AFTER the preseason game… Let the grudges develop in the live game and let grown men work their issues out with a cheap shot here and there in practice afterward.

    Well played Norv, let these guys “grow a pair” and develop some swagger. Nice mind trick there.

  4. It’s not the first time this offseason Jammer has taken a shot a someone. He tried to take out Aaron Rodgers legs during a interception in the first preseason game. I thought BJ Raji was going to tear his head off, he was so pissed off. Jammer is an overrated punk.

  5. @dukemarc “Jammer is an overrated punk”

    Overrated by who? Jammer is a solid dude, far from a punk. BJ, now there is overrated.

  6. @dukemarc “Jammer is an overrated punk”

    You sir should never post again because you CLEARLY have no clue what you’re talking about.

    Jammer is an absolute class act and has been his whole career. He’s a solid CB and most have never heard of him because he lays so low.

    I DARE you to produce 1 other article that speaks badly of Jammer. Don’t be bitter because your QB got held to a 0.0 QB rating against us.

  7. These controlled scrimmages with other teams do not work. Especially when you just played them in a preseason game.

    They are instructed to not hit or tackle but someone usually goes too far then tempers flare and someone gets hurt.

    The Chargers lost a WR in the preseason game and may have wanted Dallas to lose one too.

    Time to end these scrimmages.

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