Dennis Allen: We won’t baby Darren McFadden


Earlier this month, Raiders running back Darren McFadden argued that his injury history was a matter of bad luck and not some personal failing that causes him to miss a chunk of every season.

It would seem that the Raiders agree. There are no plans in place to hold McFadden back this season in hopes of protecting him from injuries and the team isn’t going to do it in the preseason either. Coach Dennis Allen explained the team’s feelings during an appearance on the NFL Network, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.

“He’s 100 percent,” Allen said. “He’s been extremely explosive throughout camp and in the preseason. He’s very vital to our offense, giving our offense a chance to be explosive and keep the defenses honest. We’re going to have to be able to keep him healthy and use him throughout the year. The thing that you look at as a running back, it’s a tough position and they take some shots. That’s part of football and we can’t baby him, we can’t protect him. We have to go out there and play football and give him an opportunity to carry the ball, and we hope that he’s able to stay healthy.”

Whether you believe McFadden is uncommonly injury prone or not, there’s not much argument with Allen’s approach to handling him once it comes to the regular season. There isn’t a great difference between McFadden not being available because of injury or because his playing time is being limited by the coaching staff when the end result is McFadden not being on the field for the Raiders.

As for the preseason, the Raiders have seen plenty to assure them that McFadden is ready to go after last year’s foot injury. The remaining preseason action might be the time to focus on setting the rest of the running back depth chart.

20 responses to “Dennis Allen: We won’t baby Darren McFadden

  1. Yeah I wouldn’t baby him either. You need him to take the ball out of Palmer’s hands as many times as possible. It’s the only way to prevent Pick Sixes.

  2. I agree with the regular season approach. As far as the preseason, a couple series against Detroit is all he really needs. We know what this guy can do. I wouldn’t even play him in the last preseason game.

    If DMAC stays healthy for the majority of the season, we’ll be tough to beat.

  3. Those long legs of his just don’t seem to hold up over the course of the year. He really is quite tall for a running back. I don’t know how Eric Dickerson held up as well as he did……

  4. #1 fantasy pick this year? Can’t be any worse than picking Jamaal Charles #1 overall last year.

  5. Does it matter? The Raiders will be out of playoff contention by week 12 anyways.

  6. “We won’t baby Darren McFadden”

    You better or he will be out even sooner.

    2012 Raiders 8-8 with DMC healthy all year. Closer to 5-11 without him.

  7. Hes a top 2 or 3 back IF he could just stay healthy. Some might say he could be the top back.

    Thats a big IF, but if that turns out to be the case the Raiders will be a decent team.

  8. He’s not just close to the top back in the game, he IS the top back in the game.

    He does it all and he does it all better than anybody else.

  9. We have hope for McFadden, but it pays to hedge your bets. Goodson is on the cut list after the AZ game. Taiwan Jones is on the injured list more than McFadden. I hope that Lonyae Miller sticks around as he is the only big back (6′ 230 lbs) on the roster besides the fullbacks.

  10. Since he was leading the league in carries and the Raiders hung their entire offense on his play before getting hurt last year, I doubt anybody’s been “babying” him up to this point.

    The more this guy opens his mouth, the more apparent it becomes that he’s going to be a Marty Mornhinweg type train wreck for the Raiders.

  11. joetoronto says:Aug 22, 2012 5:52 PM

    He’s not just close to the top back in the game, he IS the top back in the game.

    He does it all and he does it all better than anybody else.
    Joe for once we agree on something. But you forgot to preface your statement with “When he is healthy…”
    Because when he is not on the field it doesn’t matter how good he is.

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