Dolphins rookie WR Chris Hogan enjoying the 7-11 attention


Chris Hogan has become the mascot of this year’s Hard Knocks, the charming underdog story that casual fans can latch onto.

The amazing part, however, might be how close the Dolphins rookie wide receiver came to not playing football at all.

According to Hal Habib of the Palm Beach Post, Hogan tossed and turned about his sport of choice coming out of high school, ultimately choosing to play lacrosse at Penn State. He only played one year of football at Monmouth, making him the longest of long shots in camp.

“I’m not going to sit and wonder and think about what-if,” Hogan said. “Obviously, me being in the position I’m in right now, I’d probably say I might go back and play football out of high school.

“But again, you can’t do anything over. . . . It would have been interesting to see where I’d be, too, if I played four years of college football.

“But I got one.”

Now, he’s known as 7-11, the tag the Dolphins hung on him because he’s always open in practice.

That nickname, given to him by Reggie Bush, has gained traction among teammates and opponents alike, as he said Panthers players were taunting him about it last weekend.

But Monday, he said it was still “pretty cool,” to be surrounded by microphones and cameras, enjoying his moment in the spotlight.

“It’s been a ton of fun,” Hogan said. “I’m playing in the NFL and getting to compete with these guys every single day, getting to play in the pre-season games.

“That’s a dream come true right there.”

But for all the attention he’s gotten lately, he’s still not certain to hang around when they start picking the team, which could make his next turn in the HBO spotlight a painful one.

19 responses to “Dolphins rookie WR Chris Hogan enjoying the 7-11 attention

  1. He will make the team. Why? Because he is a WR and is always OPEN..Duh. I think its time for one of the WRs to start worrying about their spot and I think it;s Hartline. You can’t compete and show your new Boss what you can do if you are on the sidelines and can’t compete and show your new Boss what you can do.

  2. The Dolphins can’t cut this guy.

    It’s not that he’ll be that good for us. It’s that if they do cut him, you know he’ll be GREAT for New England.

  3. I hope the guy sticks. I think if he gets cut he’ll end up on someone’s roster or practice squad.

    It was a good sign that he was a gunner on punts last week. However, Hard Knocks shows one of the coaches after he breaks a tackle and the coach says something like “great now he’ll be a cult hero” sarcastically.

    You gotta think this is a perfect example of getting screwed by Hard Knocks. If they hid him in the preseason they could have moved him to the practice squad and developed him slowly.

    Instead, their hands are forced. Do they like him enough to keep him on 53? If not, he’s gone. Someone will like him enough to give him a shot.

  4. If not the Dolphins he should catch on somewhere. The Dolphins are in a weird position of having no #1 or #2 WRs a fantastic slot receiver in Davone Bess and then a ton of high potential 4-6 receivers. As weak as the Phins WR core is I think a lot of the guys who don’t make the team will be picked off to fill the back end of other rosters.

  5. Could be be the next great undrafted WR out of Jerzy? Started with Wayne Chrebet to Miles Austin to Victor Cruz. Fins will cut him and he’ll be a star.

  6. Interestingly, Hartline has not been on the show as far as I can tell…and Bess was for a few seconds here and there.

    I guess there is no story there. They’d much rather harp on “ankle weights” and “7-11”.

    I hope 7-11 makes the team. I’d like to see the extent of his “always open” when he faces some of the tougher DB’s in the league.

  7. He should make the team. There have been longer shots that have made the NFL and been successful. If he doesn’t, Dallas could use him.

  8. hartline shouldn’t get cut. his skills set is tailor made for this type of offense. i’d keep bess, hartline, fuller, Cunningham, nanee and whoever helps spec teams the most

  9. The Dolphins secondary is atrocious. Wait until the regular season and they play 6 games against the rest of the AFC east.

    Hogan will go from “7-11” to “chick-fil-a” because he’ll never be open on Sundays.

  10. insanelomein2 says:
    Aug 22, 2012 12:42 PM
    Hogan will go from “7-11″ to “chick-fil-a” because he’ll never be open on Sundays.
    That was a nice joke but Hogan is looking good so far and has potential.

  11. As I recall, Chad Johnson (pre-ochocinco) dubbed himself “7-11” in Cincy because he claimed he was “always open”. Not a clever or original nickname given by Reggie Bush.

  12. Hogan was probably the best receiver in NJ his senior year of HS (incl Kenny Britt) but was under-recruited in football and decided to take the LAX scholarship offer from Penn State because he didn’t want to go 1-AA (plenty of 1-A’s wanted hin to walk-on). Consistantly runs a legit 4.5 at 220 and close to 6-2. He’s a better physical specimen than he is being portrayed as on the show.

    He’ll make the Dolphs final 53 btw.

  13. Just being on an NFL team right now shows how much of a boss athlete he is, first time playing football since high school and all. Not to mention he was a team captain at Penn State for lacrosse. 7-11 is, and will always be open!

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