Dwayne Bowe will play on Friday


Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe is ready for his first game action in new coordinator Brian Daboll’s offense.

Kansas City head coach Romeo Crennel confirmed today that Bowe will be on the field on Friday night when the Chiefs play the Seahawks, just a week after signing his franchise tender.

I will play him some, just give him a couple of plays here and there, but I don’t think he’s ready to play a whole game or anything like that,’’ Crennel said.

Even if he’s not ready for much playing time, it makes sense for Bowe to get some playing time this week, as the third preseason game is his best opportunity to experience live game action with quarterback Matt Cassel and the rest of the starters. The Chiefs need Bowe to learn as much of the playbook as he can in the next two weeks, and on Friday night he’ll learn by playing.

8 responses to “Dwayne Bowe will play on Friday

  1. “Everybody thinks kc is an sb contender.”

    By “everyone” do you mean chiefs fans? Cause no real logical person could think that.

  2. I’ve always wondered why these guys never have a playbook given to them until camp time??

    Do you need to be signed property to the team (free agent’s and rookies?

    With the lockout last year and they had 24-48 hours of it lifted before being locked out again – why wouldn’t coaches take that opportunity to get their playbooks to the team… the new coaches or coordinators. Give it to the captain’s and let them distribute it.

    I think there was something about play book’s being given to Luck and RGIII before they had actually been drafted.

    Alex Smith was a free-agent and Captain Comeback was giving him the goods.

    Anyways, maybe we now know why so many rookies had so much success last season in comparison to most others – especially with the lock-out and shortened pre-season

  3. @joetoronto

    Yeah, Matt Cassel. You know, the quarterback who threw 15 touchdowns to Dwayne Bowe in 2010.

  4. @ chess lungo

    Everybody thinks kc is an sb contender.

    Really?? Who?? I haven’t heard anyone say that except you. I think they can win their division. They might even be able to win a playoff game but unless they can get an ’85 Bears or ’00 Ravens play out of their defense they have no chance for a Superbowl with Cassel.

  5. LETS GO D-BO! Glad to see you back. Chiefs have big hopes this year. Vegas has them as favorites to win the Division. Time to remind everyone who’s the 1 WR! BALL-OUT like you did in 2010 and you will get that contract you deserve.. You should have been paid this offseason if Haley didn’t sink the ship with palko.

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