Kenny Britt not worried about discipline from Goodell


There’s a chance that, at some point before the start of the season, NFL observers simultaneously will exclaim, “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!”

Titans receiver Kenny Britt met with Commissioner Roger Goodell after Britt’s eighth run-in with authorities since joining the NFL in 2009.  And if Britt will be suspended, he’s not bothered by the possibility.

“That’s just another bump in the road, another pothole in the road that we’ve got to go over and smoothing that out,” Britt said Tuesday, via the Associated Press.  “That’s something I’m not putting in my head right now, just hoping to recover from these knee injuries.”

It may not be in his head, but it soon could be in his face, via a letter from Goodell.  Though Britt would have the ability to appeal, a decision from Goodell could come at any time.

The real question is whether Goodell would have grounds to suspend Britt for a first-offense DUI, which was the reason for Britt’s most recent arrest.  Under the substance-abuse policy, a player’s initial DUI ordinarily triggers a two-game fine.

“They said they’d get back to me when he can,” Britt said.  “I’m not waiting for it.  That’s not where my mind is right now. My mind is just get back on the field.”

If he’s going to be suspended, it would be better for the Titans if it happens at a time when he’s not ready to play, due to lingering problems with a knee in which the ACL tore last September without contact.

And that’s the bigger issue for the Titans.  Britt remains unable to perform, nearly a year after tearing the ligament.

15 responses to “Kenny Britt not worried about discipline from Goodell

  1. Must be great to be Britt, no worries at all. Have a few drinks- no worries. Tweet stuff about a fine – no worries. What a joke.

  2. The reason he’s not on the field by now is because of the minor “clean-up” procedure on his left knee reported last month; he injured his right knee last year.

    Not that his string of injuries (hamstrings and knees) over his young career makes it less concerning, really. But it hasn’t sounded like it’s last year’s knee injury that’s the issue anymore.

    Still…a suspension must be coming given the warning he got last year. But kinda feels like it will be the 1-2 game variety (1 game missed + an extra game check fine or 2 games missed).

  3. Headline should probably read “Kenny Britt not about discipline”…You would think this guy would get it after the first seven times he was arrested

  4. If he isn’t worried about being suspended and hurting his team, and losing millions then that should be enough for ownership to open their blind eyes and get rid of him.

    His attitude is selfish, immature and shows he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
    Why do you want someone like that on your team???

    BTW: 8th run in with the law and still no punishment from Goodell, but Saints players are suspended for playing hard and no trouble with the law?

  5. The NFL’s DUI policy is a complete joke, Santonio rolls a few joints and gets hit with 4 games, these millionaires are driving around town loaded out of their minds, with the capability to kill innocent people and its just a fine, where’s the consistency?

  6. It’s not a bump on the road. It was stupid decision after stupid decision. You don’t seem to understand that when you’ve already had a bunch of second chances. I am a Titans fan and I think the team should just release you now. Players like you never seem to get it until you are truly punished.

  7. Goodell needs to make his decision, he’s had more than enough time to decide. The Titans need to be able to plan to be with or without Kenny. It’s not fair to the organization to make them wait.

    Kenny can be a beast. He just can’t stay healthy. This might sound crazy, but I truly believe he can put up Andre Johnson type numbers if he plays an entire season. He was the leading WR the first 3 weeks last year until he got hurt.

  8. this guy needs to be humbled during the suspension he receives, probably helping take care of drug addicts or victims of drunk driving. he is so clueless.

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