Nearly 1,200 players will lose their jobs soon

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The Turk needs a raise.

With the NFL expanding offseason and training-camp rosters to 90 for the first time in league history, there will be even more fat to trim when the time comes to turn in playbooks.

Within the next nine days, teams will move to 75 and then to 53 players.  The first deadline comes Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET.  By Friday, August 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET, all teams must be at 53 players.

This means that 1,184 players who currently are practicing and playing will soon be not practicing or playing.

Well, not all of them.  As an unprecedented throng floods the market, other teams will do the trash-treasure thing, looking for players who can help them out.  The Cowboys will look for wideouts, the Packers will look for quarterbacks, the Raiders will look for running backs, the Giants will look for defensive tackles, the Bears will look for offensive linemen, and the Colts will look for defensive backs.

And that will trigger a second wave of roster cuts, with new arrivals bouncing players who thought they had made it onto the 53-man roster.

The sheer number of players who will be ready to play underscores the need for a real NFL minor league, which would be wholly owned and operated by the league — and which would give players a framework to stay in shape and get live reps via games played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in cities that don’t have an NFL franchise.

That makes way too much sense to ever get any traction.

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  1. Most of those 1200 have a pretty good idea they wont be working….. just saying

  2. The NFL has a minor leagues, it’s called the NCAA.

    You don’t have a ton of quality years after college to find your game. Development in the NFL is more lip service then a reality.

  3. Some of the current cities that have NFL teams can’t get enough ppl to go to the games. There would be too much now especially with the Thursday night games, some Saturday games, Sunday Night and Monday Night. The average fan would not pay attention to this at all and unfortunately there are a lot more average fans than fanatics. The league would not work.

  4. Im shocked. Florio that is a brilliant idea. It works for MLB. Only problem I see is how do you implement it. A lot of miner league baseball teams are owned or at least affiliated to certain mlb teams. I cant see all 32 teams shelling out the dough for farm teams. Besides thats kinda what the chargers are now. They just build talent for other teams. It baffles me why they dont ever sign their top guys

  5. Players get cut, its the nature of the game. Just because they would be playing in the minors doesn’t mean that the will eventually make their way to an NFL roster spot. Every year, there will be more and more fresh players from the NCAA ranks.

  6. Basic math. Not everyone makes the team… learn that in school…..It’s ok, another 20% of that 1200 have a chance of being employed as practice squad players. And there are a number of practice squad players having legit careers in the nfl.

  7. That NFL minor league idea will never get any traction, because they are too busy wasting time trying to put a team in London, and get football in the Olympics.

  8. NFL Europe used to be basically the NFL’s developmental league – the idea was to develop guys while also (in theory) expanding the NFL’s global audience – but that folded.

    A lot of these guys will have to go for leagues like the Arena Football League to keep playing football professionally, and hope for a Kurt Warner-like transition to the NFL someday.

  9. What happened to the NFL buying the UFL?
    Oh…. Nothing there to buy except a bunch of debt and some used helmets and pads.

  10. Pay ’em between $40 and $60k a year, give them a 401k with 3% matching, and toss in some health insurance, and you could probably make a go of it while still doing right by the players.

  11. @santolonius having played against your semi pro team…i’m guessing they weren’t or are not affiliated with the NFL right now. The NFL is going to pick and choose who they want. and if a Kurt Warner shows up every once in awhile…wonderful if not, we draft every year.

  12. Not a new idea. Discussed twenty years ago. All that’s needed are 8 or 10 potential owners with the interest and enough money to make it happen.

  13. yeah it is a old idea but still a good one. you would need a age limit around 20 or 2 years played at college level to avoid some potential issues.

  14. The problem is that the NFL can’t handle what it’s got. Major League Baseball can have minor leagues. They don’t have thousands of former players already suing them. The NFL needs to clean up what it’s got now before it expands.

  15. Well stated! Love the idea. Maybe half the size of the League (16 teams or even 8) with each team owned by two NFL clubs. This way each team puts up 25-30 players. Paired regionally instead of by division: Dallas with Houston instead of the Eagles, Skins, or Giants. You send down your own players and bring them back up when you think they’re ready. This could work…

  16. First off, all 32 teams would have to have a “minor league” team. The whole point would be to have a team’s players learning their system so when they’re called upon, they’re ready to play.

    However, it doesn’t make any sense financially to build an entire league and the infrastructure that’s required to run it so that a handful of players may make it to the NFL.

    If a team cuts 12 or even 20 guys they can’t live without, are they really going to want to build an entire league so those guys can play and maybe make the big time some day?

    Makes no sense.

    Just expand the Practice Squad.

  17. That would just be more players that will one day sue the NFL for concussions and more refs who will want to be paid like refs in other sports for working part time and way less games.

  18. A developmental league is not needed…just expand the practice squad and allow player with a little more playing time to be placed on it.


    Expand the team rosters, but allow teams to designate the added spots as inactive for games. That way the same number of players are active for games, and teams can develop more players under the same coaches. THAT is probably the best way to go.

  19. this should happen. the minor league teams dont need to play in the huge stadiums with tons of overhead. some of best value and most enjoyable sporting events here in cleveland are at the lake county captains baseball stadium. cheap seats. cheap food. easy parking. good overall value for the fans.

  20. Look for teams to target several free agents on the 9ERS!! I know that everyone is going to look with a eye of I am playing favorites on (understandable) this post but, the 9ERS are going to cut several players that are going to stick with a team & be contributors to your teams for several seasons!!

  21. We already have that going on in the bay area, with the arena football sabrecats and minor league football and college teams like Stanford, Cal and the Raiders.

  22. Nearly 1,200 players will lose their jobs soon

    Posted by Mike Florio on August 22, 2012, 8:09 PM EDT

    Getty Images
    The Turk needs a raise.
    I totally agree!! I could never face another man & tell him that he is dun-dadda & I am going to take food off his families table !! Say what you want but, I know I can rest my head WELL knowing I didn’t have to do that!!

    But, someone’s gotta do it (NO DISRESPECT) & I just feel good knowing it’s not me

  23. skoobyfl says:
    Aug 22, 2012 8:24 PM
    NFLM – potential Team names:

    Omaha NB – Cornhustlers

    NB…. lol… It is really more of an indictment of the American educational system than anything

  24. The biggest question is this: When the next government “unemployment rate” (ha ha ) comes out, will these people be counted in the unemployed %, or will they to be hidden in the “no longer seeking work” category and thus, they would be deemed to be something than “unemployed”. Shudder.

  25. US track and field needs to scout some of these unemployed athletes, give them a salary and train them for Rio 2016, we are way behind in some of the events we use to dominate, its not because of lack of talent, its because of wasted talent…… like this

  26. 1,184 players @ 53/roster = 20 squads

    Call it sixteen teams for some playoff scheme.

    Sixteen cities without an NFL team. Seed each team from one AFC and one NFC team.

    Syracuse? NE & NYG castoffs?

    Toronto? Bills and Lions?

    San Antonio? Texans and Cowgirls?

    LA? 49ers and Raiders? (!)

    Key West? Bucs and Phins?

    Harrisburg? Steelers & Iggles?

    … i could go on…..

  27. If only the teams would open same state farm style leagues with lower prices, salaries and in the smaller, yet viably populated teams…world league was too detached and no TV market…cfl was too weird in America, we in Shreveport had the Shreveport Pirates…the rules, scoring system, and layouts were too weird, their expectations were waaaay too high, and after a few seasons of watching “rouges” being explained….meh…but if the Saints had their Practice squad with rosters up what, 35, 40 players playing from just after the Super Bowl in 12 week seasons to keep the players developing and competing and the fans watching the future of their franchises all polishing their skills in the hopes of stepping up and in when needed, I feel it could work. And it could keep television revenues going year round, people working year round…And keep Vince MacMahon as far from the league as geographically possible.

  28. The number 1184 is the maximum number of players that could currently be released/waived.

    This number does not take into account teams like the Patriots who do not currently have 90 players on their roster.

  29. Columbus Ohio could use a team…Louisville ky since ky has zero nfl teams but tons of fans lol would be fun, but you could only have like triple a and then pros instead of single double and triple..I like the idea…but I can’t see it ever happening.

  30. goldrush36 says:
    Aug 22, 2012 8:28 PM
    ……I cant see all 32 teams shelling out the dough for farm teams. Besides thats kinda what the chargers are now.
    Oh man, this was a good one, but it’s true:
    D Brees
    D Sproles
    M Tolbert
    Vincent Jackson
    Michael Turner
    among others

  31. So would NFL teams own a minor league franchise like goes on now in the MLB? Or would it be a separate league?

    The seemingly coolest option is having minor league teams operated by professional teams – basically large practice squads – that could build brand loyalty in non-NFL cities and even promote the NFL in Europe by sending those teams there for multiple games a year/ have some based abroad. By having Pro Teams’ future and money invested in developing their minor league team, you’ll guarantee a good product on the field. Plus, can you imagine the drama/storylines around call-ups during the season when starters get hurt?

    “Chad Johnson’s Called Up From Pats’ Minor-League Team ‘The Moscow Commies’ In One Word: ‘Redemption'”

    “From Cowboy King to Samurai Second-Stringer: Tony Romo’s Demotion From Dallas to Tokyo”

  32. And Republicans will undoubtedly claim that these men losing their jobs is a direct result of Obama’s economic policy. LOL.

  33. Hockey does it; Baseball does it. Not just for borderline players either. If that star player is injured, and they want to ease him back, they send him down. It could work!!

  34. NCAA football is too popular all across this country for a minor league system to work..honestly who watches college baseball…thats why minor leagues work for baseball

  35. The NFL has had, what can be considered, minor leagues. Remember NFL Europe? It went down because it couldn’t sustain itself financially.

    It’s a good idea that simply is not feasible. It’s been tried, multiple times. Players don’t have the longevity to make it work.

    If the NFL wanted to TRULY have that, then they’d have to get the players out of high school instead of out of college. The NCAA would probably have something to say about that….

  36. Then Arizona could pay a minor league QB 65 million, after watching him play a few games of course.

  37. It would cost the owners money. That is the one and only reason why it will never happen.

  38. The UFL is back this year with a four team league and a 10 game schedule. They will pick from the scraps after the NFL teams form their practice squads. The games will be on WED and FRI and the quality of players will be pretty good. The players will have to commit to the entire 10 game schedule (and a championship game and a bye), so they will be off-limits to NFL teams for an 11 or 12 week span starting just after the the NFL season begins. That allows them develop their skills, put together a resume, make some cash, and be available to catch on with an NFL team that has a need as the playoffs are nearing. The UFL fans will get to root for their teams and star players, without having to loose the best players halfway through the season. Oh yeah, and the USFL is coming back in spring of 2013. I can’t seem to get too much football, and I know that each of these leagues will be very interesting in terms of player development, and just entertaining football. If you love the NFL, give it a try!!!

  39. The UFL looked good on paper but the league implemented a strange rule requiring NFL teams to pay them thousands of dollars when they signed any of the players. The UFL was also beset by financial difficulties, resulting in players and staff not being paid on time.

    The NFL could easily buy the UFL, and expand the number of teams somewhat, and tweak the transfer rules to be favorable to the NFL. I would look to have the UFL as a ‘spring/summer’ league, allowing lower-tier prospects a chance to get ‘real game’ experience and be ‘called up’ by NFL clubs during mini-camps and training camps. I don’t think you would need a minor-league club for each NFL team. A waiver-order system could be set up to allocate prospects when they are called up (e.g., the worst teams would have first choice if more than one team attempts to call up a player). The NFL can also make sure that the minor-league follows NFL rules and teaches pro-style systems. The teams would be in medium sized cities that do not have an NFL team.

    The NFL can easily set up TV and media contracts, as well as sponsorships, to help the new minor-league to be financially self-sufficient in a short period of time. This also ensures that the salary levels at the minor league are high enough to attract the best players not on NFL rosters. European countries have several levels of pro soccer, and it is time for the USA to have a legit 2nd tier of outdoor pro football.

  40. 16 teams. Standard 53-man roster. That would give about 70% of those cut to land on a “supplemental” league roster. 8-10 game schedule. Any NFL player can be sent to a “supplemental” team for only x-number of weeks, and any number of players can be called up, once a week, like a waiver process. Just make a mirror league with half the teams, and reserve players. Assign two NFL teams per each supplemental team.

  41. It couldn’t work like baseball. The sport is way too violent and injury would have to be included in the equation. It’s a good idea if you don’t think about the injury factor. There is only so much contact a man can endure before his body gives out. The NCAA is the real farm team organization.

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