Peppers makes big donation to North Carolina


Julius Peppers has forgiven and forgotten, quickly.

Only days after Bears defensive end Julius Peppers issued a statement expressing disappointment that the University of North Carolina posted an online link to his transcript, which caused him to face accusations of academic fraud, Peppers made a $250,000 donation to the school.

Per the Associated Press, the money will go to a fun that provides scholarships for African-American students.

“This week has been an upsetting and challenging week for me, as one of my most private academic documents appeared on the university’s website for public examination,” Peppers had said.  “I’m terribly disappointed in the fact that my privacy has been violated, as well as frustrated with whoever negligently and carelessly committed such a flagrant error.”

Peppers insists there was no fraud and that he never received “unapproved assistance or preferential treatment.”  Peppers played football and basketball at UNC.

Peppers made a $100,000 donation to the same fund in 2009.  And while Peppers easily can afford to make donations of that magnitude, it can’t be easy to write that huge check, no matter how many more zeroes a guy has in his bank account.

10 responses to “Peppers makes big donation to North Carolina

  1. “Per the Associated Press, the money will go to a fun that provides scholarships for African-American students.”

    Per reality, the money will go towards making sure his transcripts get taken down and don’t get put back up again.

  2. So if a white athlete made a donation to his alma mater for scholarships for only white kids, that would be racist, right?

  3. You can bet that if Cutler or Rogers made a huge donation to their schools for “white students only” to use the press would be up in arms over the racism the players are showing. And rightfully so, but because he is black he can be a racist.

  4. Wow, the ignorance on some of these comments are appalling! It is well documented (as in this is FACT) that African American students graduate high school and attend college at a FAR FEWER rate than other races in this country, especially white students. The reasons range from emphasis on education (or lack thereof) from within the AA community to lack of financial resources to attend. A lot of kids coming up would be the first generation in their family to even attend college. So basically, the African American community could use some help when it comes to encouraging and assisting its children to get a higher education.

    Looking at this situation, UNC probably has an African American makeup of about 10%, if that. And they’re probably mostly on athletic scholarships already. What’s wrong with Ju Pepp trying to increase the number of African American students that are afforded the good education that UNC offers who otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity?

    Whatever the reason, kudos to Julius for trying to make a difference.

  5. The rock thinks a lot of you don’t know what your talking about. Every major Division 1 school has a number of minority scholarships that are funded by the united states government and distributed amongst the deserving or qualified student. He didn’t create the fund he just donated to it. Do we scoff at a man donating money to aids research because he’s leaving cancer patients in the cold ?
    This money won’t affect his bank account not because he’s rich losers but because a donation to a charity especially one as visible as this is nothing more than a tax write off. Lastly if you numbskulls check the black colleges in America they offer minority scholarships as well if you smell what the rock is cooking

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