Seahawks “still evaluating” keeping both Owens and Edwards


The Seahawks raised plenty of eyebrows when they signed both Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens to battle for wide receiver spots this summer.

There was a question of whether or not there would be room for both of them on the final roster when neither one offered much help on special teams on top of questions about bringing two players with checkered histories onto the roster. During an appearance with Adam Schein of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday, Seahawks General Manager John Schneider was asked if the team was able to trust having Owens and Edwards on the same team.

“Adam, quite honestly, we are still evaluating that,” Schneider said.

It is a pretty honest answer. Schneider could have easily said that the Seahawks did believe that it could work with both men and then just say that their performance wound up dictating their release if things wind up going that way. Owens didn’t catch any of the five passes thrown in his direction, including a dropped touchdown pass, and Edwards didn’t have any catches against the Broncos either.

Schneider didn’t do that, though. His answer suggests that the team hasn’t been convinced that their roster is big enough for both men, assuming that there’s any spot at all for either one of them.

18 responses to “Seahawks “still evaluating” keeping both Owens and Edwards

  1. Given Sidney Rice’s inability to stay healthy and Baldwin with possible health issues there might be room for both. What could it hurt?

  2. Seattle was voted the 4th worst sports town in America by pro sports focus…….DYNASTY!

  3. If Russell Wilson is truly a charismatic leader, then he makes the people around him better. That’s what gifted leaders do. Let’s see if he can make Owens and Edwards play better on Friday. I think he can.

  4. Owens looked terrible and Edwards was invisible. I don’t know if it was a day they were dusting the cobwebs off or they just really have lost their skills. Either way, they both better pick it up or they could be finding themselves unemployed again. I’m not such a big fan of Edwards but, I am definitely rooting for Owens, he deserves one more shot and one more year of stats to add on to his already impressive career. S.F., Philadelphia, Dallas, Buffalo, Cincinnati and now Seattle, T.O. has definitely made his mark in the NFL. I just want to see a few more Terrell Owens highlights before he finally lets go and retires.

  5. norcalmafia

    The 49ners have had one winning season in the past decade……..DYNASTY!

    Pro Sports Focus, huh. Very reputable source.

  6. pro sports focus??? lol!!! Id be hanging to random articles from places no one has ever heard from if I were a niner too.. I.swear.everytime one of you posts a response like that on a seattle im so very pleased!!! You and that team down there are so very afraid of the squad that Pete and John have built here in such a short amount of time!! truth be told the Seahawks almost beat u twice last year with TJACK!! this is ther year of the hawk and I would love for the author of the article to catch a game at the clink!!!! his mind would change rapidly!!!!!

  7. The reason these guys are even with Seattle is because 31 other teams literally did not want them.

  8. @borophyll, 31 other teams “literally did not want them” as opposed to what, figuratively not wanting them?? It’s great you learned a bigger word than your usual, but try and be patient enough to wait for the correct opportunity to show your new skills.

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