Shooting victim is Raiders fan

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When news emerged of a shooting outside the University of Phoenix stadium during the preseason game between the Raiders and Cardinals, many assumed that the shooter was a Raiders fan.

They assumed incorrectly.

According to Matthis Gafni of the Contra Costa Times, the shooter was a 57-year-old Cardinals fan.  The victim was a 30-year-old Raiders fan.

The Raiders fan was wearing silver face paint, and he was shot in the face.  The shooter, who has claimed that the incident was the result of an accident, has not been arrested.

“What we can tell you is that there was not enough compelling evidence gathered on scene, through statements or physical evidence, to make the investigators comfortable with an arrest on the 57-year-old male,” police said, via the Gafni.

A verbal altercation preceded the shooting.  The game itself resulted in 14 arrests, with police explaining that “a large number of fights occurred” inside the stadium.

56 responses to “Shooting victim is Raiders fan

  1. sounds like they have the same laws in Az, as they do in Florida. You can shoot people, and not get arrested…….Travon Martin

  2. color me naive, but what in the world does the shooters age and gender have to do with evidence?

    If he was 25 would he have been arrested? If the answer is yes, arrest him.

    As a gun owner, I have another solid question. Under what circumstances do you accidentally shoot someone you don’t know in the face?

    We aren’t talking about two guys sitting on a couch loading their weapons. These are 2 strangers, right? They were out in public?

    Seems to me the gun must have been pointed at his face in the first place.

  3. I guess it would be an accident to shoot someone once in the face, when the intention was to shoot them once in the face and twice in the groin.

  4. The game itself resulted in 14 arrests, with police explaining that “a large number of fights occurred” inside the stadium.


    The the league wonders why people stay home.

  5. Pre-season games are just attended by low-lifes who got their tickets cheap. Gang bangers at every game, fights everywhere, more drunks than European soccer. No reason to go to that.

  6. Hmmm…you know…no fan has ever been shot at an Eagles game. Add Phoenix, San Fran to the gunfreak list. If LA has a team again, I’m sure they will get on that list too.

  7. At least you never see the Faiders “fan base” involved in these news clippings about violence at stadiums…


    I got that backwards…

  8. “Officer, I was aiming for his heart and accidentally shot him in the face…Can I go now?”

  9. How exactly did the victims face ended up in front of the gun barrel? And the fact that he pulled the trigger was an accident. I have to raise the BS flag on this one.

  10. bottom line is that wherever the raiders go .. there is altercations like this.. whether is them shooting or getting shot.. that pattern has to mean something.

  11. bobseahawk says:
    Aug 22, 2012 4:26 PM
    Raider’s colors should Pink and Purple, so this stuff does not happen!
    Naw, those colors are reserved for that soft city and team in the north west.

  12. I agree with the first comment everyone is always so eager to bash us raider fans so suck it haters lol…. Oh and it’s very sad that we raider fans can’t go to a pre-season game without getting shot

  13. …how do you accidentally shoot someone and don’t get arrested?! Seriously. I want to know. I’m sure there are a bunch of people in jail who “accidentally” shot someone.

  14. Visit Phoenix, get shot by somebody who feels the need to bring a gun everywhere, including football games. Where do I buy the plane tickets?

  15. Arizona’s gun laws written by the NRA. This is the America the rightwing nuts wanted. Guns everywhere, what could possibly go wrong when you have guns,tailgating, alcohol free preseason tickets, and fanatical fans.

  16. You Raider fans crack me up. Keep calling everyone haters.The Raider fan didn’t pull the trigger but he still insigated the incident. The guy who shot him was walking back to his car with his wife and the Raider fan wouldn’t leave him alone. The shooter felt his life and/or his wifes live was in danger. He was simply protecting his family which is what a gun should be used for. After he shot the guy, he called the police and an ambulance and waited to make a statement saying it was self defense. The fact is: Raders=trouble. They should just get rid of that joke of a franchise all together.

  17. Raider fans just seem to bring out the best in people. Not that I’m condoning sports fans brandishing guns and shooting each other in the face….but I’d be willing to bet that this particular Raider fan isn’t exactly “pure as the driven snow”.

  18. Don’t expect anything to be done to this guy in that black hole called Arizona since the nuts who legislate in that state are possibly as wacked out as him, putting guns above everything.

    Those morons actually passed a law to allow people to carry guns freely into bars and restaurants, seriously.

  19. Raider fans can’t lose. First people assumed Raider fan did the shooting, now people say Raider fan deserved to be shot. My feelings would be hurt if your opinions mattered.

  20. This is why extremist gun owners are absolutely nuts. There’s no reason to bring a gun to a football game where passions and alcohol run high. The shooter’s life was not in danger. It says there was a VERBAL “altercation”, not physical. Responsible gun owners don’t need to bring a gun everywhere they go. Rationale people walk away from bad situations and everyone lives. Irresponsible NRA types carry their gun and look for fights.

  21. If the shooter was walking from the stadium to the parking lot when the incident occurred, it means that likely he carried the gun into the stadium.

    So much for NFL using metal detectors on people before entering the stadium. I smell a lawsuit: The NFL security failed to protect the shootee because obviously they missed the gun going into the stadium.

    As far as the shooter is concerned. I bet he is politically connected somehow, explaining how he got into the stadium without a search and explaining why no arrest afterwards.

  22. I find it very upsetting that Eagles fans may no longer be considered the most poorly behaved in the country. Philly may no longer be number one in anything.

  23. i wonder if they DA can prosecute this as a hate crime, since there are so many raider haters out there.

  24. jumboli says:
    Aug 22, 2012 6:44 PM
    The guy who shot him was walking back to his car with his wife and the Raider fan wouldn’t leave him alone. The shooter felt his life and/or his wifes live was in danger. He was simply protecting his family which is what a gun should be used for. After he shot the guy, he called the police and an ambulance and waited to make a statement saying it was self defense.


    get your boots on, this one is knee deep

  25. That’s what you get for talking s*** in a preseason game son. You done went and got shot by grandpa. I know bad joke.

  26. This incident did not happen in the stadium so chances are good this person did not bring a gun into the game. More than likely it was in his car. It sounds like the Raiderfan followed him back to his car. Maybe next time they’ll both just walk away. FTR I do carry a gun in my car legally but I doubt I would have pulled it in that situation. Who knows? Wasn’t there and neither were any of you. The guy did call paramedics and waited for both police and paramedics to arrive. He didn’t get charged so there you go. Maybe Raiderfan thinks twice before he feels the need to run his mouth again.

  27. natelan69 says:
    Aug 22, 2012 8:11 PM
    A million dollars says the Raiders fan got what he deserved/asked for.

    I never heard anything so asinine in my life. He “deserved” to be shot in the face? Slow your role James Eagan Holmes.

  28. @sixjax
    So you insinuate it was the Raider fan that was talking smack? Just the Raider fan? Another asinine comment. How about this scenario, the Cardinals fan was jealous of the Raiders fan because the Raiders have 3 SB rings and the Cardinals have none. Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it.

  29. @jumboli
    Don’t be jealous because there are more Raider fans in AZ than Cardinal fans in the entire world. Get over it. The Raiders are forever. What a moron.

  30. New info from local radio (Xtra 910 in PHX):

    The shooter was a cop. The Raider fan confronted him in the parking lot. The cop walked to his car. Raider fan followed him. Cop flashed gun and badge and told him to back off. Raider fan didn’t and got shot.

  31. Arizona is the wild wild west, put a fence around it…nobody gets in and nobody get’s out! Then change the name to New Australia.

  32. I used to go to Cardinals pre-season games. But I do not like to go. Here is why: the Cardinals are the only team in the USA where there is a high percentage of fans of the visiting team in the stands. This, combined with the free flow of beer, leads to arguments and fights. I attended a 49ers Monday night game (the one where Aeneas Williams hit Steve Young, ending his career), and saw several fights. I had my son with me, and I was literally in fear as we walked out of the game, that we would get hit by beer bottles (which were flying over us).
    The environment at an NFL stadium (fancy name for large sports bar) is bad enough with all the alcohol that is sold and consumed. But combine that with a crowd consisting of opposing drunk fans SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER, as opposed to a high school game, where at least the opposition fans sit on the other side of the field, and you have a very unpleasant experience.

  33. RAIDER haters are hilarious. They have to be the most simpleminded folks in the history of sports. What a bunch of kooks.

    I love the RAIDERS- always will.

  34. I think all football stadium should have (check up ) in each vehicle before entering into parking lot it will save someone life or getting sue by victim family .

    I’m a Niners Fan since 1973 never had any problem with other fans I had been to all football stadium not even one fight or get angry at other fan .

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