Squabbling between NFL, NFLPA shelves rules changes


In May, the league approved pushing the trade deadline back two weeks, and creating a new category of injured reserve that would allow one player per team to come back midseason.

But those proposals won’t go into effect this season, and the reason is familiar — disagreements between the NFL and the NFLPA.

According to Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com, a source said “the NFLPA unsuccessfully tried to get concessions from the NFL related to other negotiations in exchange for accepting the new trade and IR rules.”

“There was no agreement on it with the union,” league spokesman Greg Aiello told Marvez. “The old rules apply.”

The league had sent out a memo two weeks ago telling teams the plan had yet to be approved by the NFLPA.

A separate source told Marvez the league tied the changes to an effort to amend in-season practice rules, which the NFLPA balked at.

“The changes would have meant one step forward and one step back,” NFL executive George Atallah told Marvez.

It’s good to know with last year’s CBA that there are nine more years of labor peace. Because it hasn’t seemed very peaceful yet.

19 responses to “Squabbling between NFL, NFLPA shelves rules changes

  1. All the games will be played this year and that is all the ‘peace’ I personally care about at the moment.

  2. A separate source told Marvez the league tied the changes to an effort to amend in-season practice rules, which the NFLPA balked at.


    I know Marvez is extremely pro-league office, but wouldn’t that be the NFL trying to get concessions?

  3. The fact that there is no HGH testing in the NFL makes the NFLPA seem like a bunch of crooks. Don’t they realise that?

  4. This is the price the NFL will pay for the ripping off the players. The NFLPA will not cooperate on anything either out of fear or spite.

  5. More and more, this insanity of replacement refs while the NFL approaches Apple in value, thus continuing to seriously effect the integrity of the game on multiple levels…is, well…INSANE.

  6. Moving back the trade deadline is a no brainer. Right now it’s after the 6th week of the season. Most teams wouldn’t even know if they’re buyers or sellers at that point. Who wants to give up on their season after 6 weeks?? Why not push it back so that there might actually be trades for once??

  7. The NFLPA is trying any desperate move to save face from the constant blasting of the CBA they agreed to. Its reached the point of being truly pathetic.

  8. The Union looks like is being ran by a bunch of idiots,

    They 1st allow the NFL to pull the sheets over their eyes with the new CBA salary cap. In exchange for a rookie pay scale and less padded practices.

    Now the Union wants to fight over padded pants, synthetic laces, a new category for IR players, new and trade deadline . All of this would benefit the players. But the Union wants pound its chest to look more manly.

    The players need to replace these fools that are running the Union.

  9. ‘Cos everything is beautiful when you’re lookin through

    Rose colored glasses.

    Everything seems amazin when you see the view in

    Rose colored glasses.

    Take ’em off.

  10. Both sides need to let NFL football be NFL football because they are taking all the fun out of football. Both sides wants to make money but don’t want to spend none players want to play ball not set at home. Pay the players for they injuries they do have insurance right who what’re the big deal I’m sure they are paying in on they own insurance so why the NFL trying to limit how many players can play coming off of injury list not fair.

  11. I don’t see how the players lose from this? If they are healthy midseason, I.e. Phil Taylor, they can come back and make more cash as well as play! Plus, they can Go to a better situation if they can get traded later, because we all know that the trade deadline is WAYYYYYY too early

  12. Nine more years of labor peace? The first year of the CBA has been the most divisive yet. Kraft’s dream of expanding to Europe doesn’t have a chance because the NFL is in complete turmoil. The concussion issue has brought it to it’s knees. Most people just don’t see it yet.

  13. As much as I hate the union, I might be able to see where they’re coming from here.

    For the IR-exemption, the CBA would have to be amended to atleast allow some players on IR to practice- which (even though I doubt it is their actual reason) could be a kinda-sorta way of protecting players from themselves.

    As for the trade deadline, the reason trades aren’t as widespread in the NFL is because players are hardwired into their team’s system- and being traded midseason would put a player behind the curve with their new team. I doubt either side is taking this into account, but to make these trades more viable, you would have to authorize more practices for traded players to get up to speed

    Trying to adjust the practice system- which is really the only thing the current union administration got in the new CBA- would probably put De Smith on track to not have a job in a year.

  14. The biggest mistake the players made was getting in bed with a lawyer (De Smith) who didn’t have their best interests at heart. More than likely the NFLPA was looking for Goodell to give up some of his discipline powers and the league balked at the union.

    It’s going to be a fight until the next CBA because neither side trusts each other and the players got a bad deal. And we the fans lose.

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