A year from draft, Terrelle Pryor says: “I can be great”


Exactly a year ago, the Raiders used a third-round pick on quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

And though he wasn’t fond of some of his preseason work, the former Ohio State star doesn’t lack for confidence.

Pryor said the five-game suspension he served for violations committed in college set back his progress, and he thinks he’s going to be a great quarterback when it’s his turn.

“The suspension really screwed me,” Pryor said, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group. “The way I came out of college and my mistakes screwed me. But right now, I’m in a good place because I’m learning from the best and I’m only going to get better, a lot better.

“If I can just keep on figuring out this progression thing and having my internal clock running with my feet, I can be good. I can be great.”

The biggest thing Pryor has done is attach himself to veterans Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart, and he’s often on the field after practice working on his craft.

But until he becomes more skilled on the technical aspects of the game, attitude won’t matter.

“It’s a footwork thing and it’s a maturity thing,” quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said. “He hasn’t been in this league, so it’s kind of unfair to compare him to Matt and Carson because he hasn’t played as much football or seen as many looks. But the more consistent he gets with his footwork, no doubt the more accurate he’s going to be.”

It’s hard to know if Pryor will ever deliver on the promise he showed in college, largely because of the maturity issues he showed in college.

He’s also playing for a General Manager and a coach who had nothing to do with his acquisition, so any fascination the old Raiders had with him is gone, and his future will be based on what he does on the field.

21 responses to “A year from draft, Terrelle Pryor says: “I can be great”

  1. Just an athlete showing confidence without arrogance. Notice he didn’t say he was already great, just that he believes he can be.

    Nice to hear. Of course, it won’t stop the next 50 posters from taking shots at him, but still nice to hear.

  2. He’s certainly got all the physical tools to be great. If he can get his head/heart in the game, and find a team that will give him a serious chance, sure – he could be amazing. Those are big ifs, though.

  3. Good attitude terrelle, any fan like to see a pkayer with a lot of potential try and wanna improve his playing, keep working pryor your day will come to start and lead the team

  4. Pryor needs to be in a developmental league not the NFL. He needs time and reps. under strict supervision to progress and even then “greatness” will probably elude him.

  5. I don’t know if he’ll be great or not, but I’ve been amazed at how good his attitude is. Staying late, working on the real skills he’ll need instead of just being a runner. When you see him in the games he’s almost TOO hard on himself.

  6. Good to see there aren’t any haters here like there is on CBS and Silver and Black Pride. A bunch of ol geezers there that always hated on Pryor. If the coaches hone the offense to his strengths ala Cam Newton the guy can be a weapon.


  7. At least not as many, lol. We’ll check him out Sat. for he will probably come in after Carson due to Matt’s finger injury/headshot Friday.

  8. “I’m in a good place”

    Someone remind him he’s in Jokeland.

    “I’m learning from the best”

    Uhhmm, and who is that? Pick-Six Palmer or My Pinky Hurts Leinert?

    Good luck buddy.

  9. Either a player has it or he does not … until he prove he can play in the NFL it’s a non-story. Hey there are players who have played in the NFL that are unsigned or getting cut this week … seriously a 3rd string QB is getting headlines.

    Delete in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

  10. i know one this kid can run like a deer, unfortunately thats because the 3rd string o-line can’t block for him at all, so he needs to run.

  11. great attitude. had jamarcus had the same attitude drive and work ethic he very well may be a top 5 qb in the league now. i like that he has also contacted and sought out the help of rich gannon.
    keep up the hard work young man! hope to see you successful when you do start on sundays

  12. At least he took responsibility for what happened in college.

    What’s Pete Carroll waiting for?

  13. Since Pryor has been drafted, I’ve heard him talk more then he’s made completions. Maybe there is something in the water in the Raiders QB room. It’s causing their QB’s to be delusional.

  14. He would get on the field if he was willing to catch the ball, but it’s tough these days to bring a guy along slowly at quarterback. Especially a guy that doesn’t even wear a mouth guard. I wish him well, but am guessing McKenzie will move on sooner than later.

  15. I agree with the earlier comment about Mckenzie moving on.
    He’s not invested in this kid, and I don’t think he’s seen anything in the pre-season to grab him.
    He’s probably looking for a trade that replaces the third that they used on him.
    Probably not, though.
    Likely no better than a 4th or lower.
    He’s just eating a roster spot right now…

  16. i dont see Pryor traded, though, it would be great for his future if he was traded to a team like Carolina (back up Newton and learn from him) or Eagles (Reid and Vick), but i dont. the Raiders will likely use him as a project QB which wouldnt be a bad idea as it could work if he tries to improve and works hard and at least he’s saying and doing all the right things now.

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