Al Everest out as Steelers’ special teams coordinator

In a curious move coming just two weeks before the start of the regular season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have made a change to their coaching staff.

The Steelers have parted ways with special teams coordinator Al Everest, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

There’s no word yet on what transpired to result in Everest being sent packing, but suffice to say that this is highly unusual: NFL coaching staff personnel changes hardly ever happen in the middle of the preseason.

Everest was hired in January of 2010, just days after he was fired by the 49ers, and was heading into his third season as the special teams coordinator for the Steelers. This would have been his 16th season as a special teams coordinator in the NFL.

18 responses to “Al Everest out as Steelers’ special teams coordinator

  1. lil Nate. I mean Ravenator. don’t forget you promised mommy you would empty the garbage before bed time tonight.

  2. I feel bad for the guy, almost three weeks into training camp and they are letting him go? Either he did something real bad to warrant the firing or the GM for the Steelers is a moron. Letting a key part of your coaching staff go this soon before the start of the regular season is crazy, for the sake of the Steelers Organization I hope he has a plan.

  3. I do not know much about coach Haley, however I can’t remember many remarks of support or positive examples regarding his popularity while at KC and/or during his short tenure with The Steelers. The tones/patterns seem to be similar, regardless the poster. What gives with this guy? How can anyone play for this coach, and how can he motivate grown men on a daily basis? Sounds as though having him around would precipitate mutinies on a regardless his assignment or geographical location team-wise.

  4. Agreed – this is highly unusual. Something out of the ordinary must have gone down for this to happen. The timing is just way too odd.

  5. This sounds very un-Steeler-like.

    That being said, paging RON ZOOK, paging RON ZOOK! He’s available and I think he’s done the job before.

  6. Im surprised to say the least but for the other reason, which is the Steelers special teams play the last 5 yrs has been subpar IMO. so here is my take on the whole thing. Tomlin has decided to help save some money to resign Mike Wallace to a longterm deal, he has decided to stop being so much of a delegator and take ove the special teams duties himself, which is how he started in coaching and from what I understand was very good so maybe this is a good thing. stay tuned..

  7. I guess it was too much work to add that he was replaced by Amos Jones.

    As a 49er fan I can tell you that the Steelers are doing themselves a favor. This guy is the worst. The Steelers were in the bottom half of the league for every major special teams statistic so I’m more surprised it took them this long.

  8. Steelers are a close-the-vest team, but eventually the real story will come out….hopefully just a difference of opinion and not something health-related or otherwise…..

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