Brian Urlacher’s availability for Week One in doubt

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher got upset yesterday when reporters pressed him for details about experimental treatments on his surgically repaired knee. The latest talk about Urlacher’s knee is going to get Bears fans upset.

The Bears are pessimistic that Urlacher will be ready to go when they open the regular season against the Colts on September 9, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Urlacher has said all along that his focus is on getting ready for Week One, and his doctor said it was realistic that Urlacher might need only 2-3 weeks to recover from his latest knee surgery.

But Urlacher still isn’t practicing, and the start of the regular season is approaching. The Bears have to be getting concerned about that.

And then there’s the question of how well Urlacher will play when he does return. A 34-year-old with a bad knee can go from a great player to a liability quickly. The Bears have to hope that Urlacher can not only return to the field, but return to the form the Bears are accustomed to seeing. It’s looking less and less likely that that return will happen in Week One.

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  1. The defense can get by. They’ve got a decent back up who has been in the system since 2009.

    The offense looks light years better.

    My nagging thought is this: Couldn’t they have opted for surgery earlier? He had to have had an MRI or two during the off-season and that would have shown the damage. Are we to think he had no swelling at all until he got to practice?

  2. If Urlacher is done, he is laughing his nuts off…..have you seen what he has waiting for him at home lately??


    Actually, they just broke up and now they’re just friends. OUCH!

  3. He *should* have had the surgery immediately after incurring the injury. Some say his motives for *not* having surgery at that time were purely selfish, although I fail to make that connection.

    This is a tough one for me. I’m genetically programmed to hate everything about Chicago, but every now and then they have a player that I can’t help but respect. Oddly enough, mostly linebackers.

    I guess the best-case scenario, for me at least, would be for him to retire. He would then be “out of my hair” as an opponent without being completely busted up.

  4. thankheavenfornumberseven –

    Hahahaha what a joke. I like making statements that I know nothing about too!! (NOT) Even if Urlacher cant play the first few games – our defense will still be solid. Roach at the mike and Geno Hayes on the strong side. Both are experienced LB’s. Not Urlacher but definitely solid.

    Talk about a blanket statement with nothing to back it up – you going to eloborate on that???

    You must be a Lions fan – arent you? Possibly a Packers fan – but typically Packers fans have some sensibility.

    Defense will still generate turn overs and get after the QB (like we always have and will continue to do) and the offense will be putting solid drives together while the defense catches their breath.

    The only thing that is troublesome are the injuries at safety – however Conte will be back and Steltz is a ball hawk that likes to hit (and has been in the system for like 5 years) both of which will be paired with Major (who needs to have a solid season to keep his job). The rest of the defense is solid and definitely the best in the NFC north.

  5. @frankrizzo51 –

    My understanding was that he opted not to have surgery choosing to strictly and try and rehab the injury.

    He may have been OK during personal workouts but suffered a flare up once training camp started (or got nearer), and the intensity of the work picked up.

  6. Bears have Andrew Luck for the season opener. I’m not worried. I’m more worried about week 2 in Green Bay.

  7. I hope he’s healthy just so we don’t have to hear Bears fans blame missing the playoffs on injuries again all year!

  8. tlmoon2112, Jenny McCarthy left him earlier in the week.

    But, Urlacher has had a fabulous career. If it ends here…so be it. Canton, and a prosperous broadcasting career await him.

  9. You are prob referring to when we lost our starting QB and 1st team RB with a record of 7-3????

    Stop it. You are making yourself sound foolish.

  10. Ian Rapoport says in his article: “I’m told that the Bears are pessimistic that Urlacher will be ready on opening day.”

    Told by whom? His brother? A guy he met at a bar?

  11. Being a Bears fan for over 30 years let me tell you this, if Brian is gone for any amount of time we are screwed…Roach can barely play the SAM LB spot let alone the MIC, always over running the play, getting easily blocked out of the play and not knowing where to be half the time. Plus he’s WAY too small !

  12. You must be a Lions fan – arent you? Possibly a Packers fan – but typically Packers fans have some sensibility.


    Pretty sure he’s a Steeler fan. What’s that got to do with Urlacher being 34 with a bum knee and most likely unable to cover the deep middle in the cover 2?

    Nothing. Bears will miss the playoffs again and the fans will have a built in excuse.

  13. Hyzers:

    Oh, even better thankheavenfornumberseven ia a Steeler fan and he wants t talk about defenses?!?!? Any educated football fan knows that the Steeler’s defense is the oldest in the NFL and Im pretty sure…and im spit balling here, that they have a LB out with a knee issue as well. He ought to put some wood on his own fire before stepping onto our camp ground.

    As for you Hyzers, your obviously out of your realm also. Bears fans that know footbal know that the Bears play the Cover 2 for a handful of snaps in a typical game. My advice to you would be to take your closet team and your barbie dolls back home so you can all spend quality time togather imagining that your perception is reality. Stay in your own sick little world, dont talk to the neighbor kids, and have a nice day fruitcake.

  14. It makes perfect sense to keep him out of Week 1 match up against Indy. The Bears go to Green Bay the following Thursday. Why have him play against a scrub team in Week 1 only to go to a division rival on a short week? We Bears fans are perfectly happy to see Urlacher start Week 2.

  15. Watch out Bears fans, go ahead and take Luck and my Colts lightly, remember u guys arent SB contenders either!!!

  16. Chicago has changed… This is NOT Urlachers team anymore. This is Cutler’s team now. Im not saying the Bears dont need Urlacher… Im saying that Chicago is NOT depending on defense to win games anymore. Now the Bears will score points an make opponets try to keep up

  17. Every week it sounds more and more like both Chicago and Urlacher know in their guts that the time has come for him to call it a career but neither wants to be the first to say it aloud and make it ‘real’.

  18. peytonsneck18 says: Aug 23, 2012 5:31 PM

    Watch out Bears fans, go ahead and take Luck and my Colts lightly, remember u guys arent SB contenders either!!!

    We’re not?

    Actually, I believe the Colts will surprise folks with Luck, and I do not take any team (other than the Vikings, lol) liightly…As for my Bears, they are much improved over last year, with depth at key positions, and should make a strong playoff run…A healthy Urlacher will help this team immensely, but his absense will not derail them completely.

  19. contrasuxbalz says: Aug 23, 2012 8:42 PM

    Urlacher and the Bears are done. Closest they came was 2005. Seeya in 2025 maybe?

    Come on man. If you’re going to smack talk get it right.

    It was 2006. It would have taken you 10 seconds to google that.

    In 2005 they were 2nd seeded and lost at home to Carolina.

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