Cardinals could be looking for a veteran quarterback


To the extent that Cardinals fans hope the coaching staff will resolve the quarterback controversy between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton by choosing none of the above, Cardinals fans may be in luck.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cardinals are still open to the possibility of adding a veteran quarterback.

Plenty of quarterbacks will indeed be available as the rosters cut from 90 to 53 players.  Other teams may be inclined to try to trade a quarterback in lieu of letting him walk away for nothing.

In this regard, keep a close eye on Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  Clearly on the trade market but not getting a single snap in the preseason, Jackson probably will be cut if he’s not traded (barring injury to Matt Flynn or Russell Wilson on Friday night).  But if Jackson is cut the Cardinals could be interested.

In 2008, the Jackson torched the Cardinals on their home turf in a season that culminated in a Super Bowl appearance, completing 11 of 17 throws for four touchdowns.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt may want to compare the tape of that game to the tape generated by Kolb and Skelton recently.

Of course, that’s all the more reason for the Seahawks to trade T-Jack to another team and not cut him.  Even if all they can get is a conditional seventh-round pick in 2025, they should do it if it means keeping Jackson from carrying his knowledge of the Seahawks’ playbook and personnel to Arizona.

Meanwhile, if the Cardinals add a veteran, it will make for a crowded depth chart — unless the Cardinals are willing to cut Kolb after everything they gave up to get him and to keep him.

95 responses to “Cardinals could be looking for a veteran quarterback

  1. My God that trade and the contract they gave to Kolb has to go down as one of the all time disasters.

  2. If the Jackson is cut then by all means the Cardinals should definitely get the Jackson.

  3. It shows you how done McNabb is that he can’t even get a workout for a squad possibly lusting after Tavaris Jackson…

  4. T-Jack?

    Howabout calling Jeff George? Or Randall Cunningham? Or see if Tim Couch has anything left in the tank?

    When is Tarvaris going to realize he’s not an NFL QB? Hang up the cleats, dude.

  5. People keep saying ‘McNabb!’ – has anyone even SEEN McNabb lately? Has he even been working out? With his work habit history, I’m guessing he’s over 300 pounds by now.

  6. Crappy position to be in if you’re running a team.
    But, entirely self inflicted….
    When T Jackson might be the answer, you’ve got a serious problem.

  7. Eagles have Trent Edwards for ya Cardinals.. all we want.. well, we’ll take Fitz, and.. um.. lets see… um, how about, do ya have any good linebackers?

  8. This Eagles fan is telling you…give Kolb a least half a season. It’s amazing how everyone is on the dump Kolb bandwagon after part of a season after the lockout and a lousy team behind him. You may be making a very large mistake by not giving him a little time in the system to develop.

    But whatever, I have no horse in the race. I will, however, enjoy laughing hysterically when and if Kolb goes somewhere and becomes successful.

  9. I would love to see this site around In 15-20 years and when someone says Favre it will still be funny! Hahhaa

  10. Jackson is just terrible and Kolb should only be in a WCO. trade Kolb to GB. Pass on Jackson. Stick with Skelton (for this year anyway). Don’t be afraid to bring in Moore as a backup but if (when?) he gets injured the job stay with Moore if Skelton can’t get it done.

  11. ****ourturn2shine says:
    Aug 23, 2012 8:12 PM
    I’m surprised I’ve only seen one other person say this but, Colt McCoy?****

    It’s because Cleveland is probably going to cut Seneca Wallace, and keep McCoy! Wallace is due $2.4 Million, and cutting him will save the Browns that much! None of it is guaranteed! McCoy is only due $540,000!

  12. Well, if they had drafted Kirk Cousins like I thought they might, they wouldn’t be freaking out, and we would also be treated to 6 starting rookie QB’s in the NFL instead of 5.

  13. Tarvaris? I mean, he’s fine. But all that does is give you three guys who aren’t quite good enough, which is worse than having two.

  14. I think sjeaglesfan has a point, it doesnt matter who is back there they will get killed because of the O-line.

  15. Most redskins fans me not one of them are thinking that the cards we be wanting to try another trade for a back up . most think the cards after this year will come calling for a 1st or second rd pick plus a player and or later rd picks but i think the cards will be bad enough to have a shot at matt barkley or tyler wilson in nexts years draft

  16. I know the preseason doesn’t matter but .. Arizona may be in line for the first pick overall. It’s not all the QBs .. That offensive line is terrible !

  17. I believe Skelton is a mediocre qb at best. Kolb plays timid most of the time and is suspect when the pocket collapses on him. That being said, their left tackle is getting them KILLED! You can’t even take a three step drop without being met by a d-end due to a blown assignment from the tackle. I feel bad for the team, especially a class act like Larry Fitzgerald, who, despite my allegiance to the Detroit Lions is the best Wide Receiver in the NFL!

    Good luck this season and geaux lions!

  18. Yeah,,I would be looking elsewhere..Qb is a big need there..They have the weapons..ooops! Their protection has issues..thats something they have to fix too..Thank god Im not a Cardinal fan

  19. Matt Hasselback, Matt Moore, Dennis Dixon, Jeff Garcia, Tavaris Jackson, Donavan McNabb, Brian Hoyer, Troy Smith, Tyler Thigpen, Colt McCoy, Bruce Gradkowski, Byron Leftwich and Josh Johnson. Look into these guys you never know. I suggest Moore. Actually I kind would like them to stick with Skelton. And what they SHOULD have done was just trade a 3rd pick to the Broncos for Kyle Orton instead of going for Kolb. They would be so much better off now right now football wise and financially. Orton > Kolb

  20. i think jeff garcia is available. also heard dan marino and boomer esiason are interested in trying out for the arizona qb spot.

  21. @mintberrycrunch1 If the Cards want to give my ‘Skins a few picks, they can have Cousins. We’re a bit short on draft picks at the moment. But he’s not a veteran… hey, what about Grossman? There’s no way he’s beating out Kirk and he’s only terrible for 1-3 throws per game. The rest of the time he’s quite respectable. Maybe having a ball Hoover like Fitz will help cut down on his picks? And yes, I said “ball Hoover.” Don’t get all Beavis and Butt-head on me.

  22. I can see them going after Josh Johnson if he gets cut. A vet QB that knows the niners playbook.. 2 birds w one stone.

  23. I agree with a few of the other comments above. Trade for Hasselback being Locker was named starter I’m sure he is looking for another gig even though he won’t say it. He was better last season than Kolb/Skelton for their careers. He’s an experienced vet and not washed up like McNabb.

  24. I feel bad for Larry F. This team is bad. Period. Aaron Rodgers would not have 11 TDs if he played on this team unless than line gets better. Kolb will end up a greasy spot on the ground. A skid mark on a crappy team.

  25. It couldn’t be more obvious.. Irsay is trading Luck for Larry Fitzgerald..

    Seriously, the West Coast offense has made too many quarterbacks look way better than they rightfully are. IE Aaron Rodgers, Kolb, Matt Flynn, Mike Kafka, Michael Vick 2.0, Nick Foles, Jeff Garcia, Elvis Grbac, Rich Gannon…… I like any of these guys in the west coast offense but the system makes guys look like first ballot hall of famers. Arizona traded the house for Kolb knowing he played in a QB friendly system.. Bad personnel moves over and over again..

    That said, I thought Kolb would play well as a starter but then again, I don’t get paid to know better..

  26. Don’t understand why the cards have a hard time finding a QB when there are plenty of guys to choose from. I feel sorry for LFG if he has to go another year without a legitimate QB to throw him the ball. The cardinals organization is not dealing their cards right, if T-Jacks is the best you can come up with, that’s a shame

  27. Daunte Culpepper is busy playing rec softball in the Miami area. I’m not kidding, and he is good.

  28. Maybe the Cards should just fold and give up entirely…when you’re reduced to being excited over the possible pickup of T-Jackson that’s when you know things are really bad.

  29. On a serious note … Of all the backup QBs coming out of training camp, The best so far in preseason games have been in Seattle, Philly, NY (Giants of coarse) Chicago, and Buffalo, Of those Backups the one that Arizona really has a shot with is the Buffalo bills backup Vince young. He has the best arm of the bunch and can run for his life… A prerequsite for playing behind that awefull line… The Bills dont really want to cut their third back up and they dont want to keep Vince because he has outplayed their starter so far and to avoid any QB contraversy when Ryan struggles it would behoove them to unload Vince now for a future draft pick. The Seahawks have really screwed over Travaris Jackson by not playing him in the preseason… for someone who was your starter the least you could do is give him some third string garbage tome for teams looking in the trash heap…

  30. Ryan Mallett might be available for a first or two.

    He made backup OL and WRs look ok against the Eagles first team defense!

    (that’s more than Kolb has done in a Cardinals uniform!)

  31. Why is EVERYONE naming QB’s left and right? I would be hollering out LT’s before QB’s. Did anyone watch the game? Or just going off of headlines? I dont know which Offensive line is worse, them or the Jets. It doesnt matter who is throwing the ball, when that person has no protection what so ever.

    If your gonna throw QB’s out there as to who AZ should pick up, why not mention a left handed QB? At least then he could see his LT get beat 80% of the snaps and either step way up or take off to the left.

  32. why not pick up Joe Montana. at his age , he’s still better then half the starters in the nfl.

  33. No way the Seahawks trade Jackson to Arizona. Also no way they outright cut him and allow Arizona to just go get him freely. I’m no cap expert but last I heard the Hawks still have cap room and doesn’t seem likely they really need to dump his salary. Though also understood that no team wants to pay that money to a 2nd stringer let alone a 3rd string trade-bait QB. My bet is Philly or Jacksonville or some team like that will trade for TJack to be a 2 string QB in a deal where he has to restructure the contract.

  34. Like some have suggested, Arizona’s issue is the Offensive Line I think more than the QB. I saw it last year and they haven’t done enough to invest in quality lineman. Kolb and Skelton would be better with a decent line and decent running game. No amount of TJack, Hasselbeck or Matt Moore will suddenly make the Cards a contending team.

  35. It dosent matter who you get as qb , because the cardinals have no one to protect the blideside ….

  36. richndc says: Aug 24, 2012 12:01 AM

    I feel bad for Larry F. This team is bad. Period. Aaron Rodgers would not have 11 TDs if he played on this team unless than line gets better. Kolb will end up a greasy spot on the ground. A skid mark on a crappy team.
    How so u feel bad for Fitz he has pretty much been the GM the past two years. He lobbied for Kolb & Floyd and he got his wish. Kolb & Floyd, while neglecting to revamp the o-line

  37. Don’t even think about getting a new quarterback til you fix that offensive line. If you do this then Kolb and Skelton will get you to the playoffs on the coattails of the rest of the team. The real question is can any quarterback survive the season without injury with the current offensive line?

  38. Rumors are that the Eagles have offered Mike Kafka to the Cardinals for a 2nd round draft pick. The Cardinals have not ruled out accepting the offer.

  39. While it wouldn’t be football season without making a joke of the Cards, they aren’t as bad as all that! This is a team with tons of raw talent but bad personnel management. The O-line is terrible and if that were fixed Skelton has the leadership and physical athleticism to get the job done with the help of a good defense,Larry Fitz, good TEs and special teams. The blame always gets directed at the QB but in this instance even Drew Brees wouldn’t help. It’s too bad that the Cards weren’t able to get Todd Haley back as an Offense Coordinator. This team has good depth and isn’t really any worse than the Jets, Phins, Jags, Lions, and a few others. Preseason doesn’t really tell anything and once the roster is set, the Cards will come alive. If all fails, I vote for Brett Favre…Travaris Jackson got snapped up in a nano second, if anybody was paying attention!

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