Colin Kaepernick named No.2 quarterback in San Francisco


The writing has been on the wall for a while now, but Jim Harbaugh made it official on Thursday.

Colin Kaepernick will be the 49ers’ backup quarterback when the regular season gets underway. Kaepernick was expected to battle newcomer Josh Johnson, who played for Harbaugh in college, for the backup job this summer, but no competition really emerged as Kaepernick started in the No. 2 role and will remain there after Harbaugh’s announcement, which comes via Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group.

Kaepernick, a second-round pick in 2011, has completed 9-of-17 passes for 59 yards in the first two preseason games, numbers that aren’t any more impressive than what Johnson or Scott Tolzien have done during their own playing time. He has run for 104 yards, including a 78-yard touchdown scamper on a read option play, and the 49ers may want to avail themselves of his running ability at some point this season.

Unless the 49ers decide to go with four quarterbacks this year, Johnson and Tolzien will now be fighting for one roster spot. If one of them does get cut, they would likely stand a good chance of catching on elsewhere as teams reshuffle their rosters in the wake of cutdown day.

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  1. Kaepernick is pretty solid. As a Niners fan I root for Alex but this is his last chance. I’d like to see what Kaepernick can do. Go Niners!!!

  2. niners816

    I thought Alex Smith did a good job for you guys last year, he hardly made mistakes. I know he’s not flashy or an all pro, but he’s a good game manager and Harbaugh knows how to use him correctly. A QB that can get you to the NFC Championship is worth holding on to.

  3. Johnson is probably going to get cut as Tolzien just has more upside and a number 3 QB should always been a high upside developmental kind of guy.

  4. Kaepernick will replace A Smith very soon believe that. I saw this kid play in person in Houston. He looked very good. Smith better pray he does not get hurt.

  5. Also in response to those who want to make fun of how Harbaugh overtly props up his players I say the following……

    I love the way Harbaugh has been coaching this team thusfar and his style has been working. There was an article posted recently that shows a possible reason why Harbaugh is having such a good effect on the team.

    below is a clip from the article….

    Lauer said it may be that young people today are more interested in positive feedback than previous generations.

    “And they’re more attuned to that,” said Lauer, who works with high school wrestling coaches. “We like the Harbaugh method at our level.”

    Rick McGuire, the head of the University of Missouri’s sports psychology program, said the positive coaching method is more meaningful than the alternative and ends up having a more enduring effect on athletes. And he said he was glad to see coaches like Harbaugh, Carroll and former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy be successful in the NFL.

    “It makes no sense to try to build someone up by cutting them down first,” McGuire said. “You can be demanding without being demeaning.”

  6. I think this is a bad move. I’m a 49er fan season ticket holder and have seen enough of Kaepernick to know that he’s not a good QB. He can’t read a defense at all. Does not react that well under pressure. He doesn’t understand touch on passes. He’s probably the best running QB in the NFL right now. He’s just not an NFL QB.

  7. Good article Josh Alper. The Niners are getting some positive things coming out of PFT. I bet you that any Harbaugh or Niners article get the most comments per article than any other team. Just saying, the haters gonna hate.
    You can’t hate on a Man that takes two down trodden College Teams and make them into PowerHouses in a two year Span and take a underachieving Niners squad and double the win total 6-10 to 14-4.
    Say what you want to about Harbuagh, he is the man. If he was to get fired today there would be 27 teams lined up to sign him minus NE,GB,BALT & PITTSBURGH………. Hate on that……

  8. @ rickthefactor — As a 49ers fan I’ll take Coach Harbaugh’s professional opinion of what constitutes an NFL quarterback. I crack up when I read when people throw out the oft used yet conveniently ambiguous “..and has trouble reading defenses.” You know who they said that about too? Steve Young and he fared pretty well I’d say. Kaepernick isn’t quite ready to take the reigns as he is about 1/2 second late on his throws BUT because he has such a canon he rifles the ball in there. Saying he’s the best running QB in football right now is absurd. The only thing you’ve seen from his is from PRE-season. It’s not real. Teams don’t game plan. I’m sure Mike Vick or Cam Newton might have just a “little” something to say about the “best running qb” tag. Give Kaepernick another season (this season) under the tutelage of Harbaugh and he could be something quite unique though.

  9. ” If one of them does get cut, they would likely stand a good chance of catching on elsewhere as teams reshuffle their rosters in the wake of cutdown day.”

    It’s not just QB’s… Niners are stacked!

  10. As a Lions or Saints fan I am very much dismayed that the “evaluation” of PM story, the 5 #1 QB’s and the whole diabolical thing are as played Lambo doors on a Hyundai. It really made me feel better about my self to log into PFT and read about those things. Life really sucks now.

  11. Watched the preseason Housn vs SF game…..anyone notice that our backups were giving problems to the Houston number an? Also the backups were opening running lanes with ease.

  12. surferbum01 – I’ll retract my statement for saying he’s the best running QB. Cam Newton is. Kaepernick is not going to be a good quarter back. He has a 80 yard td run and that makes him ready to be good? You’ve noticed he is a second late on ALL of his throws too? What’s his completion percentage? He has 59 yards in 2 games against backups and he’s suppose to be the future? The guy is flustered every time he’s in the back field. Oh and let’s never put Steve Young and Kaepernick in the same text again man. We’ll see what he can do against Denver.

  13. i find it hard to believe coach harbaugh would carry 2 back-up qbs with no nfl experience and cut jj. i don’t see what others here see in scott tolzien.

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