Currently out of NFL options, Dennis Dixon may be headed for UFL

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During Thursday’s PFT Live, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was discussing the quarterback situation in Pittsburgh.  And the name “Dennis Dixon” came up.

And I wondered, as some of you may have, “Whatever happened to Dennis Dixon?”

A Heisman candidate at Oregon before tearing an ACL (and then amazingly trying to play with the ligament torn), Dixon slid to the fifth round in 2008.  He started the first two games of the 2010 season during Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension before suffering another knee injury and missing the rest of the year.  Dixon’s starts in 2010 resulted in wins over the Falcons and Titans.

Last year, Dixon returned to the Steelers on a one-year restricted free agency tender, but didn’t play.

Since becoming an unrestricted free agent in March, Dixon has had three workouts, drawing interest from the likes of the Broncos and Ravens.  The fact, however, that neither the Steelers nor the Colts and former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians showed interest apparently has hurt Dixon’s chances elsewhere.

As a result, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Dixon is contemplating an offer to join the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL.  His decision hinges in part on whether the UFL will finalize a plan to allow players to leave for the NFL at any time, without any type of fee.

With Dixon not on an NFL roster at a time when NFL teams may have up to 90 players and with anywhere from 32 to 64 quarterbacks hitting the market soon, it makes sense for Dixon to go where the opportunity is.  If he plays well in the UFL, there may be a fresh opportunity in the NFL.

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25 responses to “Currently out of NFL options, Dennis Dixon may be headed for UFL

  1. What happened is that he let a couple of subpar performances inflate his self-perception. This guy’s agent was talking about Dixon wanting a chance to go to a team where he could START.

  2. Strange. He played well when he had the chances to. Maybe he just gets injured too much.

  3. If I am Arizona I seriously consider release Kolb and picking Dixon up. The offense should be at least similar. this move would save them some $ and would give them someone when is probably a better fit in this offense. Lastly, at least he is mobile, Kolb will get killed behind that line

  4. Dennis Dixon did the impossible… at least to the Pittsburgh sports media, he did the impossible.
    Convinced the Steelers would never win a game without Roethlisberger for the start of the 2010 season, the local media shuddered at the thoughts of the team opening the season with Dixon. The Steelers defeated the Falcons, who went on to have a 13-3 record.
    The Steelers managed to compile a 3-1 record without the media’s darling, Roethlisberger. Strange how a great defense can do that.
    The Steelers only setback during that infamous four-game stretch was in overtime to the Ravens… Dixon was also the Steelers’ starting quarterback for that game.
    Dennis Dixon is a far better quarterback than the Pittsburgh sports media are at their professions.

  5. He is better than Tebow. Better than Gabbert.
    Can’t believe Chalie Whitehurst has a job and this guy doesn’t.

    My bet is he lands on the Eagles roster

  6. It is incredible that CURTIS PAINTER still has a job in the NFL and not DIXON. Seriously, what is wrong with the NFL? Dixon wasnt great or evenvery good, but he was OK as a backup.

  7. This guy is a good player. I hope he catches on somewhere like Jacksonville or Cleveland where he can help if the young guys struggle.

    He’s too talented to have to go to the UFL.

    Watch, he’ll get cut and Baltimore will scoop him up.

  8. I hope the kid gets another opportunity somewhere in the league. Im not convinced he was given a fair shot with Pittsburgh because they dont trust anyone other than Charlie Batch or Leftwich who are as old as I am.

  9. Bobzilla,

    You sir are on crack. The ONLY loss of the 2010 season without Ben was to the Ravens in regulation, and Charlie Batch was the QB because Dennis Dixon was hurt in game 2.

    Dixon’s loss to the Ravens occurred in 2009, that would be the season before.

    If you are going to discuss the Steelers? Do some research, especially when you are writing to complain about the media.

    It’s called being accurate.

  10. I always thought Dixon looked good in his limited action. These teams must know something we don’t. I always thought the same thing about Nate Davis, and he couldn’t get a shot in San Francisco.

  11. Just because some of you dummies pretend you don’t know what the UFL is, doesn’t make the UFL any less of a league. It just means you’re idiots.

  12. @ vikingsnorth
    Lol, nobody watches this “UFL” or even knows they exist. Don’t they have like only 3 teams or something?

    Dennis, go to the AFL if you need exposure, nobody watches that UFL stuff.

  13. It’s scary that a top 50 qb isn’t in the nfl…
    He could join the cfl and have a 15 year career in canada with his skills set.

  14. The UFL is a good alternative pro league. Im not claiming that it is as good as the NFL as far as player execution, but its still pro quality football, And with many names that life long NFL’ers would recognize. Coaches like Jim Fassel and Marty Schottenheimer, and players like daunte culpepper, ahman green, jeff garcia, dominic rhodes. And many NFL teams have signed former UFL players to their rosters. If you love football, you wont hate on another league just because it isnt the NFL.

  15. He could have been the #2 QB behind Roethlisberger for years to come. However, he wanted to start and was never going to be content as a backup. That’s why the Steelers moved on. Still seems odd he’s not in camp with the Cardinals since Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm would have seen Dixon first hand during their Steeler days.

  16. siggyoo: Thanks for the correction. You are absolutely correct.
    Too bad the Pittsburgh sports media don’t admit when they are wrong, which is about 99.9 percent of the time when the topic is Roethlisberger.
    Anytime you’d like to debate cold-hard facts vs. media fiction regarding Roethlisberger, let me know.

  17. Arizona keeps getting mentioned, but there’s no connection with Whisenhunt and Dixon. Dixon was drafted in 2008, after Whiz was already gone.

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