Irsay tweets about “trade winds” involving “serious vet/starter”


After Peyton Manning was fired and Andrew Luck was hired, we didn’t think there would be much for Colts owner Jim Irsay to tweet about.

Wrong again.

Irsay says, with enough all caps to hurt the eyeballs and exclamation points to make Jake Jarmel hurl, that the trade winds are blowing.

He says that they’re “talking about giving up high pick for a SERIOUS Vet/Starter,” and that his “check book stands ready!”

The obvious targets are Steelers receiver Mike Wallace and Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

As to Wallace, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians served as the Steelers offensive coordinator for all three years of Wallace’s career.  As to Jones-Drew, former coach Tony Dungy has said multiple times that he wanted to draft Jones-Drew in 2006.

Wallace is the more likely target, even though the Steelers have said he won’t be traded.  Coach Chuck Pagano has said Donald Brown will be the “bell cow” tailback.  Besides, the Jags likely wouldn’t want to trade Jones-Drew within the division.

Regardless, Irsay’s reference to his “check book” means that, whoever the player is, he will be expecting a new contract.

Stay tuned to Irsay’s Twitter page.

UPDATE 7:50 p.m. ET:  Irsay, perhaps realizing that tweeting about a possible trade may not get it done, especially if it wakes up some other team that could be interested in acquiring Wallace or Jones-Drew, has now decided to “move behind the curtain!”  Unfortunately for Colts fans, the great and powerful Oz already has spoken.

80 responses to “Irsay tweets about “trade winds” involving “serious vet/starter”

  1. He’s talking about giving up a high pick for a serious vet/starter.

    Who is he talking to? Is he talking to another team? Is he talking to others in the Colts organization to get a feel for whether he should pursue this idea? Is he talking to Snap, Crackle, and Pop?

    If I were a Colts fan, I would absolutely try to get Mike Wallace. He’s proven to be an asset, which is a better addition to your team than rolling the dice in the draft. They will have a high draft pick, but you still can’t be a young FAST receiver with good hands and the Arians connection definitely makes sense for Wallace, should he be looking to move.

  2. Considering the Colts have a starting WR in Collie that might be brain dead soon, I think Luck could use the help. And it would be great to see the Steelers lose a pretty good WR

  3. Sweet…this must mean Irsay’s about to give us a number one for T.O.! (I mean who else would be dumb enough to do that? besides the Redskins…)

  4. They already tried once to get Mike Jenkings from the Cowboys. Dont be surprised if they sweetened
    the pot to get him. They need corner help “badly”
    to say the least.
    I dont think Mike Wallace is going anywhere, and the Jags need MJD badly to take pressure off their second year quarterback, Gablert.
    But I could be wrong… just my guess

  5. I would accuse him of trying to appear as if he competed for the services of a player on the trading block that he already knows he won’t land, but I honestly don’t think he’s smart enough to think that far in advance.

  6. Definitely not an inter-division trade, especially with Khan in charge – doesn’t add up.

    Wallace, however, definitely make sense.

  7. *ring ring ring ring*

    “Whoa whoa whoa!! Wallace is about to get dealt? Hold up I’m not ready, I have an offer, what’s it gonna take? This guy is mine please return my call immediately!!”

    -some other team

  8. I would see a Dwayne Bowe trade before a Mike Wallace trade. Scott Pioli is the master of the 2nd round trade and I see Dwayne for a high 2nd.

  9. Irsay is probably talking about trading a 7th rounder for some roster fodder and laughing at Florio and every other media member getting excited about this.

  10. Or maybe Irsay is just trying to sell a few more tickets via publicity? He’s not exactly shy, you know.

  11. Many of his tweets remind me of a middle school girl tweeting about Justin Beiber. Owners of billion dollar franchises should not be tweeting every thought that pops into their mind.

  12. He’s referencing trading the Broncos something for Manning after he proves he’s no longer a starter…

  13. TeamBalco says:
    Aug 23, 2012 7:50 PM
    Pump Fake Alert!!! Freeney is on his way out.


    Good thinking, but probably wrong. Irsay is talking about spending money, so unless Freeney is being swapped for someone who wants a big pay day – then I doubt it involves him.

  14. the only owner in any professional sports league who intentionally told his team to lose, and was happy watching them lose, as long as they got #1 pick….karma watch out

  15. How about tampering? Is the NFL going to fine this clown? His qualifications to be an owner is to have rich parents.

  16. tonyromoisterrible says: Aug 23, 2012 8:11 PM

    Must be deep into his daily bottle of scotch. This guy is a complete buffoon. Someone take his twitter handle away from him.
    A drunk billionaire buffoon can say whatever he wants to! Are you going to be able to counter his offer?

  17. I’m a Steelers fan and I hope they trade Mike Wallace. If we could get a high pick for him I would take it in a second and never look back.

    I like Wallace but he isn’t worth all the trouble he has been causing.

  18. It will be MJD.
    Kahn doesn’t care that it’s in the same division as he doesn’t care about Jax n it’s ppl.

    He’s saddling his team up and headn out west – gold rush.

  19. Ill go ahead and throw it out there… Ed Reed.

    He fits everything that Irsay said. Would cost a high pick (atleast), is a serious vet, talked about wanting a raise this offseason and he has ties to Chuck Pagano

  20. I wish this moron would just stop talking he cant stand going a few months with out seeing his name in the news. I think half the time he just bluffs so that he can see his name in the headlines again your the owner theres no reason for you to even talk right now

  21. Irsay then tweets the Colts playbook. Multiple tweets since there is a limit on a tweet.

    Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson then proceed to lock Irsay out of the complex, or even better, feed him false information that will be instantly tweeted to the inter-universe.

  22. i don’t believe you. the grammar in the tweets above is too satisfactory for this guy to have tweeted them.

    by the way, even if i cared enough about this nonsense to have a twitter account, i wouldn’t follow this clown. but thanks for making sure i know about it, as it is groundbreaking.

    isn’t there an angle in the vilma case that you haven’t reported about yet?

  23. This guy seems to be going through a midlife crisis or something and is trying excruciatingly hard to seem young.

  24. Bad idea. You’re rebuilding. Take your lumps with a crappy record, get a higher draft position, and keep all your picks.

    Honestly, if they trade anything good for MJD, Irsay is a meddling moron who is ruining the rebuild of the Colts.

  25. hatesycophants says: “So billionaires can do whatever they want?”

    Aaaaahhh, yes, pretty close to anything. that’s kind of how the world works – always has. It is not a new phenomenon in spite of the all the whining in the media lately.

  26. All Logic points to a Defensive player and everyone knows they are desperate for a corner I’m betting it’s the Dolphins Vontae Davis the phins have 3 solid corners in Sean Smith, Richard Marshall and Davis. Davis has been demoted in favor of Marshall but put up solid seasons the past 3 years. The Dolphins are rebuilding and might as well trade a guy who is slated to be their nickle corner for as much as they can get to help them retool.

  27. Don’t think when every team is 0-0 that someone will want to trade in division or even in conference so with that in mind

    Possible candidates

    Osi- He signed a one year contract, and Strahan said he was being taken advantage of… Might of regretted signing the deal.

    Michael Jenkins

    Felix Jones

    Michael Crabtree

    Only AFC player I see going is Dwayne Bowe

  28. Sounds like Irsay might just be dumb enough to pay Mike Wallace that Larry Fitzgerald money.

    It does sound somewhat plausible though given the Bruce Arians connection and how many times Austin Collie has had his bell rung.

  29. Hey I love our Rock n Roll owner who drinks scotch! And If I had that much money from dear old Dad, I would wouldn’t care about all you jamokes said either!

  30. Khan is stupid enough to trade MJD within the division.

    He still thinks Americans ride trains…

  31. If it is Bowe, KC would be smart to pick up a number one for him. Next year they can draft someone much cheaper with less of an ego. Baldwin has looked good in camp, so maybe he is ready.

  32. this must mean Irsay’s about to give us a number one for T.O.! (I mean who else would be dumb enough to do that? besides the Redskins…)
    hahaha, funny. No team is that stupid though. TO isnt worth even a 7th round pick if he’s complaining.

    As for who i think it is, some are saying linemen. if it’s an o-lineman, i cant guess who except Jake Long, but that would be like an 8 steps back deal for the Dolphins. the one with most sense is Wallace, but it seems the Steelers dont want to deal him, Bowe’s interesting, i wonder if the Chiefs trade him though. if the trade goes down, then it will be interesting at least because Irsay tweeted it and made it a mystery.

  33. I don’t see any issues trading MJD within the division. Think Andy Reid and Donovin McNabb. While MOJO still has a few years left in the tank, it’s not like he’s going to be the difference from the Colts being the AFC South bottom feeders to perennial champs (once again) for what might be the rest of his career. If this fool is crazy enough to offer a first rounder for him then bye-bye MOJO. I’m a Jags fan and I love having Pocket Hercules on my team, but you just can’t say no to a first rounder for an aging RB wanting mega money.

  34. therealgts says:Aug 23, 2012 9:52 PM

    Ed Reed? Yeah bro I’m sure any team would give up a first or second for a 45 year old. Get real.


    Still the best coverage safety in the NFL and I really dont give a damn who he is talking about as Im not a Colts fan. Just taking a guess

  35. Dwight Freeney goes to Baltimore to replace Suggs, and the Colts acquire Ray Rice so Bernard Pierce can be their featured back.

  36. 1nationraidernation says:Aug 23, 2012 8:17 PM

    the only owner in any professional sports league who intentionally told his team to lose, and was happy watching them lose, as long as they got #1 pick….karma watch out
    It’s funny, I’m a Colts fan, follow the team religiously, and have NO recollection of this happening. Can you provide me a link to that quotation? Thanks.

  37. As a Vikings fan, I could see Percy being on that list if all of this “I’m happy now” stuff was just a show. I certainly would be fine picking up the colts first rounder for him given that both teams will likely be drafting top 10 this coming draft.

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