Locker’s strong start highlights Cards’ QB mess


It’s not even that Jake Locker is lighting the world on fire, though he’s playing pretty well (two touchdown passes and still playing).

But the Titans’ second-year quarterback is mostly highlighting the dysfunction on the other sideline.

The Cardinals started John Skelton Thursday night, but it wouldn’t matter if they started John Elway or Red Skelton. They can’t protect any quarterback as presently constructed, so arguing which quarterback is getting pummeled  is fairly pointless.

On his first possession, Skelton was hammered on first down, threw an interception on second. Then came a three-and-out. He’s 3-of-8 for 38 yards at the end  of the first quarter.

There are things they could do to make it easier for either quarterback, (such as get backs healthy and use them) but the injury to left tackle Levi Brown could make the Cards a hopeless case.

The Kevin Kolb deal was a desperation play for a franchise that looks increasingly like they were ill-prepared to deal with Kurt Warner’s retirement. Skelton is merely popular among a segment of Cards fans by being not Kolb. Anyone they bring in better be mobile, because he’ll be running for his life.

As Locker and other young passers are proving, the best bet now is to draft your quarterback (they don’t cost nearly as much as they used to), and either sit him a year or insulate him with playmakers and let him go.

And at their current rate, the Cardinals are going to be in good position to draft a very good one, soon.

26 responses to “Locker’s strong start highlights Cards’ QB mess

  1. Guy looks pretty poised out there. If that running back with the grillz could ever live up to that contract extension he held out for, they could make some noise, those Titans.

  2. Not to pile on but I don’t think that the Running Backs are going to fair much better if the offensive line is so defunct. Maybe instead of drafting skill positions you maybe, I don’t know, draft or bring in a offensive line that has some talent… You can’t build a winner without some sort of talent at the o-line.

  3. Based from the article, wouldn’t it make more sense to draft OL? The first point was that it didn’t matter who the QB was and even Elway wouldn’t make a difference.

  4. People like to say that you can’t overreact to things in the preseason. I think it can be difficult to tell how good a player or team is at this point in the year, but it’s much easier to tell how bad they are. And the Cardinals are just plain awful.

  5. I don’t see how anyone could blame either of these QB’s, that o-line really sucks. Brady couldn’t complete a pass in 2 secs neither

  6. wow…. Arizona might be worse team in Football!!! that Oline is.about as bad as can be!! sure looks like drafting Floyd was just about dumbest draft decision.. especially when they could have drafted Riley Reif!! Whiz got lucky when Warner signed other then that he is a TERRIBLE COACH!! no wonder Pittsburgh picked Tomlin!!

    ps…. cant wait til this mess of a team comes up to seattle!!! with that Oline and the hawks crowd and pass rush whoever the starter for Arizona is it could be LIGHTS OUT!!!

  7. There 6th round pick Lindley is clearly their most talented guy. If Wisenhunt wasn’t desperate to a)not lose his job b)afraid to admit he erred with Kolb he’d be the starter. I wanted the Steelers to take him. He is a gunslinger and mark this post, that kid will start and succeed some day

  8. Whoever the Cards play at QB is going to be lucky to last more than 3 games – I’ve never seen a left tackle get beat so bad on EVERY play. They better carry 4 QBs this year.

  9. It is hard to judge a QB when there is a jail-break occurring on every drop back from both edges. That being said, Kolb is definitely sub-par. Go get Garrard / Moore or McNabb.

  10. I went to that game interested in seeing how the Titans did, and was underwhelmed by Locker and the offense aside from a few highlight plays (the defense was the offense’s best friend tonight).

    The strongest impression I had from that game? I feel really sorry for Larry Fitzgerald. Dude’s a beast, and deserves better than the hand he’s been dealt.

  11. Wow you people think preseason matters!!

    check the last 10 years preseason stats. There is no correlation between preseason and regular season.

    As for Kolb being done. Check the stats of random hall of fame quarterbacks after same amount of passes as Kolb. Brees qb rating 70 after 2 years and 900 passes thrown.

    Kolb has thrown about half as many passes.

    This is the most annoying thing I hear. It takes 3-4 years to develop as a qb on average. . Cam newton and Dan marino are exceptions. Check the stats before u talk!

  12. I’ve been saying this for the past 2 seasons!!! Cardinals don’t have an offensive line that can protect the QB!!!
    Rod Graves needs to be fired!!! Whiz is a good coach. AZ isn’t looking any better than last year!!!

    Some smart moves need to happen!!

  13. It was like watching a video game….a defense rushes only 4 players…hike then Sack! Lolololol That poor practice squad offensive line is gonna get chewed the crap out daily & often!

  14. I liked the Floyd Pick but now, with Whisenhuts style of coaching, its looking more and more like a tackle should have been taken with the first pick.

    A total shame because I like Coach Whiz. His seat is about to be on fire…

  15. It actually got a little better for them when they took the guys they had starting at the Tackles out and put in the next guys.

    This is what happens, kids, when you leave it to free agency to replace aging (or untalented) linemen instead of drafting and developing youth.

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