PFT Live: Steelers talk with Ed Bouchette and Cowboys talk with Clarence Hill

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The Steelers and Cowboys have met three times in the Super Bowl and they’ll meet again as topics of conversation during Thursday’s edition of PFT Live.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will join Mike Florio to talk about everything going on in Steel City. Wide receiver Mike Wallace is expected to report this weekend, so we’ll find out how long it might take him to throw off the rust from his long absence and reclaim his place in the team’s offense. We’ll also touch on the injuries at running back and get an overall view of how things are looking for the Steelers with the start of the season right around the corner.

And then it is on to Dallas, where Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram will fill us in on the Cowboys. They’re dealing with their own set of offensive injuries down in Big D, so we’ll look to Hill for some insight about how they might impact the Cowboys in the early weeks of the season.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

5 responses to “PFT Live: Steelers talk with Ed Bouchette and Cowboys talk with Clarence Hill

  1. Steelers and Cowboys in a Super Bowl. Stupid headline as the last time the Cowgirls won even a playoff game, has been ??? 15 years or so. The mighty Arizona Cardinals even has been to a Super Bowl more recently then those Cowboy losers. Dallas are not relevant in the NFL and Jones is an imbecile.

  2. I’m not gonna argue the Steelers haven’t been great this last decade. They have. But they only went to the playoffs once in their first 39 years of existence. You can brag but you have to admit the Cowboys have a pretty good history too!

  3. oldtexan53 — FYI, Steelers fans do not acknowledge the existence of professional football prior to 1974-75, coincidentally, the year of their first Super Bowl victory.

  4. actually any sensible fan will agree that the MODERN NFL started in 1967 or 1970 take your pick.. super bowl era/merger.. so what happened before those dates really didnt happen at all

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