Report: T.O. is a complainer, has uphill battle to make the Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks may be seeing the same Terrell Owens who has worn out his welcome in several other stops around the NFL.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, Owens still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way, and that’s something Seahawks coach Pete Carroll will not tolerate.

No specific examples of Owens complaining are cited in the Tacoma News Tribune report, but even if Owens were a model citizen he wouldn’t necessarily have a great chance of making the Seahawks’ 53-man roster. Owens failed to catch a pass in the preseason game against the Broncos, but he did drop one.

Braylon Edwards, meanwhile, has looked very good, both in practice and in preseason action. It appears that Edwards has just about locked up one of the roster spots for a wide receiver. Which means there’s one fewer spot available for Owens, who may be in jeopardy of seeing his last chance at a return to the NFL disappear.

85 responses to “Report: T.O. is a complainer, has uphill battle to make the Seahawks

  1. Guess the popcorn has finally gone full blown stale. It’s a shame because the league is more entertaining with him

  2. WOW!! What a shocker!

    The league just needs to get rid of this sideshow. He is a selfish, whining complainer and Pete Carrol needs his head read just for having him at camp.

    Maybe he should just donate his time to teaching under privledged kids how to do proper, shirtless sit-ups.

  3. HELLO T.O. – this is your last stop. You better get it together or pack your bags. Wanna learn something right now?
    SHUT UP. Keep your mouth shut. People look at you like a Drama Queen Diva because of what comes out of your mouth.
    Are your too stupid to know why teams break you off?
    The difference between a young fool and and old fool is a young fool makes mistakes because he doesn’t know any better but an old fool keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.
    Your an old fool T.O.
    Shut up and start being the best stripper on the pole and you’ll get the attention you deserve.

  4. Great thing about the 90 man is that you can take a flyer and it doesn’t cost you much of anything, and Pete and JS have shown they have no problem cutting loose a player regardless of status or $$ involved. ie Houshmandazadeh

  5. You knew the Seahawks couldn’t keep two divas at the receiver spot, so why not go with the younger one? You would think T.O. would learn to fit in better considering that this might be his last go round. Even at (38?) his immaturity never fails to surface.

  6. im picturing not the same ol T.O. but something like what we saw out of chad johnson on hard knocks.

    they both know they are out of chances and they almost try TOO hard. every mistake leads to more because they are micro managing too much.

    it seems like they both have enough physical talent to play in the league still, they just need to keep their mouths shut and maybe see a sports psychologist.

  7. Well well well what do ya know! In other news, water is wet and the national debt is quickly approaching our GDP….

  8. Why Would this guy complain about anything. You would think having another opportunity to play would shut him up. Guess not. Oh well, it would have been a matter of when, not if, he would have made a complete ass of himself on the sidelines anyways. Way to screw up your only shot…..

  9. This guy is a rotten apple and you can’t fix that. Given a golden opportunity to have comeback in the greatest league int he world, this F’up has found a way to blow that opportunity.

  10. Note to TO. When even the Redskins won’t try you out, you know you are toast.

    Party on, Fool!

    Goodbye, Turd O, you are the weakest link. Buh bye!

  11. TO blows his chance and Moss gets praised. Moss screwed up
    At times but was never on the same level of destruction as TO, but they are looked at the same

  12. There must be a class (receiver 101?) that these big mouths take. The only class they got A+ in.

  13. Seahawks should cut their (minimal) losses, dump this clown and move on IMMEDIATELY. It’s too close to the regular season to spend an extra minute spinning your wheels with this idiot. Just as Edwards’ stock has risen, to’s is dropping just as quickly (apparently). The guy still whines and he still drops easy passes. What made anyone think he’d ever get a clue? He’s done absolutely nothing to prove anybody wrong and everything to prove everyone right…again. If getting cut from a team you’re part-owner of doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

  14. If he can’t make the Seahawks, who are desperate for wideouts, then that’s it.

    I hope this means we can see an end to all the “but he works so hard and he was so good, why can’t people just give him a chance?” posts.

  15. Somehow this seems fitting for TO and Chad Johnson:

    “Although we’ve come
    To the end of the road
    Still I can’t let go
    It’s unnatural
    You belong to me
    I belong to you
    Although we’ve come
    To the end of the road
    Still I can’t let go
    It’s unnatural
    You belong to me
    I belong to you”

    Brought to you by…wait for it…Boys II Men!

  16. Dumb and dumber.

    Owens for blowing what’s was obviously his last chance, and Pete Carroll for bringing this idiot in.

    Carroll’s ego strikes again.

  17. He could have been one of the greatest ever if he could just check his attitude….Crazy how he could go through all these teams and still doesnt get it.

  18. TO, meet Ocho. Ocho, meet TO! Could be the start of a great rap song. TOCHO OCHOTO, Beat! Tocho OchoTO, Beat! Grab Lil Wayne and go for it boys. They both are going to have a lot of time on their hands to fill.

  19. “No specific examples of Owens complaining are cited in the Tacoma News Tribune report”.

    That’s true.

    So why this article? The usual stir the pot crap.

  20. Terrell Owens a hall of famer? If he ever gets in before Randy Moss it would be a travesty. Anyone that has ever watched football, and knows football, understands that Randy Moss in his prime was absolutely a guy that defensive coordinators had to plan around. Heck even in his good year in NE. Did coordinators even plan around Owens? Rice? Sorry guys maybe people don’t like Moss but if you know anything about the game Moss was the single biggest threat among any wide receivers that ever played the game. He got derailed a few times for personal issues, but does anyone think Jerry Rice or Terrell Owens even was close? BS.

  21. Really? Who on the planet didn’t see this coming?
    He had stone hands when he was young….

  22. adenaguy says: Aug 23, 2012 7:26 PM

    Randy Moss was quite simply the best receiver to ever play the game. Not even close


    LOL LOL LOL not even Moss believes that. Most physically gifted perhaps but they don’t call Jerry the GOAT for nothing.

  23. Wow,all the jealousy on here from all the former and current NFL WRs masquerading as commentators.
    We tried to tell EACH and every one of you back in 1998 what this guy was about. He dropped several catches in a playoff game but managed the winning catch that same game. He’s been on a roll ever since but had the dropsies. Why do you think the Squared Sevens didn’t put up much of a fight to keep him? This was BEFORE the star incident in Dallas.
    But nooooo you East Coast people figured all he had to do was get out of SF. How wrong you humanoids were.

  24. Did anyone really buy into “im a changed man” t.o is done in the nfl might as well pack his bags obviously no one likes his drama remember how well his reality show did? Cuz I don’t never watched it

  25. Make that paper T.O. let your talent speak for you don’t worry about what the next man doing just do your thang everybody watching you. You has another change in the NFL to prove yourself forget about self move self out of the way and do you be that receiver.

  26. Wow, people trying to make T.O. look bad as usual.

    “He still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way.”

    That was the line in the article. No examples or any specific situation. The writer is just throwing things out there. If TO has been seen “complaining” we would have definitely seen and heard about it by now. The guy probably saw him make a facial expression towards his QB and went to write about him “complaining.” Please.

  27. C-MON guys did yall read the hold article there was no specific example of Terrell Owens complaining its not true the writer was just talking about his past complaining all the man has done is drop a touch down pass in a preseason game stop being so quick to kick the man out of Seattle because if he get a couple of touch down Friday the same writer will be saying T.O is the best thing Seahawks have..

  28. Everyone commenting has to be kidding me. These idiotic journalists talk about him complaining and say there was NO EVIDENCE of it.

    Yeah, T.O. dropped a pass. So what? The more important thing is that he got 2-step separation on a deep route… meaning he is still a deep threat.

    T.O. has dropped plenty of balls but has also caught 153 TDs in the process.

    Calm down.

  29. TO has lost his mind. He reportedly spent the day in the GM’s office lobbying to change the mascot name to the Seattle Chickenhawks. This after some phone call he had with Sandusky. Good lord.

  30. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are…It’s a Duck!! If he ever makes Canton, his bust needs a pull string with his best whines!!

  31. T.O. can’t help being T.O. He flew high and has fallen far. Like a slow motion car wreck. His desperate need for attention will end up in something bad before long. Next stop: Celebrity Tractor Pulls?

  32. I am not trying to be rude here, I am not into slamming other people hiding behind a keyboard, but if this is true then T.O. simply is one of those people who unfortunately never learns from their mistakes. At his age and after having been out of the league for a year, you would think he would be thrilled to even be given a chance. Pete Carroll seems like a nice enough guy and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  33. Jerry Rice is the greatest wide receiver ever. He was not the most physically gifted of them but he worked his butt off, he was a good teammate, and – he was a grownup.

    It didn’t hurt to have Joe Montana and then Steve Young throwing him passes either.

  34. in the latest Raider News Flash also known by Raider fans by @RaiderNewsFlash on twitter
    RNF said he was in Seattle for a meeting (some Seattle paper wants to hire him to cover seahawks)
    RNF went to a training camp for 1 day and said TO looked pretty good and was burning SeaHawks 1st string DBs, RNF said T.O can still play at the NFL level but he also states that he witnessed T.O complaining about several throws that were not where he wanted them.
    Im pretty sure thats where that seattle paper got that story from. Very common for sites like this and other media outlets to steal @RAIDERNEWSFLASH stuff

  35. Hearsay evidence, but read he was seen on camera in Carroll’s face on the sideline of KC game, because he didn’t want to play with the 2nd string. TO just can’t resist being TO. Methinks nobody’s going to listen long enough to find out if he’s got any game left, and I don’t care.

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