Roddy White apologizes to Todd Haley


Falcons receiver Roddy White made some waves on Sunday night with a tweet about Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

“Todd Haley problem is he really thinks that coaches win games not players when he realizes he doesn’t win games than he will be fine,” White wrote.

It was an odd choice by White for a couple of reasons. One was that he’s never played for Haley, so couldn’t testify firsthand as to his coaching style and the other is that it is as circular an argument as you can find. Players do win games with their play, but they are on the field because of decisions made by the coaches who also call the plays that the players execute. You can’t win without strong performances in both areas so it is hard to make an iron-clad argument for which is most important.

White either realized that or he realized that it’s not the best professional etiquette to call out coaches who might be looking for wide receivers at some point because Thursday brought a change of tune. White was back on Twitter to offer an apology to Haley.

“I want to apologize to Todd Haley for my comments way out of line by me. He just wants the best for his players. From a good source he is really a good coach,” White wrote.

White’s never been shy about sharing his thoughts via Twitter, whether about concussions, Joe Paterno or coaches from other teams. If you’re going to be that way and find yourself in a position where you need to apologize, far better to do it like this instead of just deleting a tweet and pretending it never happened.