Sidney Rice will play on Friday, Marshawn Lynch probably won’t

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The Seahawks get one key offensive player back in the lineup on Friday against the Chiefs, but they’ll likely be without running back Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch has a back issue that caused him to miss practice on both Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times to report that it is unlikely that he’ll be in the lineup against Kansas City. There’s no indication of serious worry about a long absence for Lynch, who has looked good in his preseason action this summer, so we’d expect him to be fine for the start of the season until those indications change.

So Russell Wilson won’t have Lynch to help him in his first start, but he will have Sidney Rice. Rice, who has been handled cautiously in his return from shoulder surgeries, will make his preseason debut against the Chiefs. Coach Pete Carroll said that seeing Rice take a hit from safety Earl Thomas in practice helped convince him that the time was right for Rice to get some game action.

“It was great,” Carroll said. “He needed to feel that and know that could happen.”

The fact that he’s getting on the field in preseason is a good sign for Rice. If he makes it through the game without any setbacks, it could be a bad sign for Braylon Edwards and/or Terrell Owens.

7 responses to “Sidney Rice will play on Friday, Marshawn Lynch probably won’t

  1. The hawks are simply going to have to carry a 6th wide out this year. 5 is risky. if edwards and T.O. are healthy after this game they will keep them both. edwards for sure , he looks solid and is healthy.T.O. wiuld be the od man out if they have to chose. the locks i see outside of these two are , rice, baldwin and tate IF THEY ARE HEALTHY BEFORE THE 53 cut down.

  2. If the Seahawks are a smart team they will keep both Braylon Edwards & Terrell Owens. Rice ALWAYS misses games and Baldwin has hamstring problems.

  3. Sidney Rice–the Michael Vick of wide receivers. He can have all the talent in the world but if he doesn’t play, he contributes nothing to this team. I love the Seahawks and I would like to see us cut our losses and move on from Rice. He just breaks your heart. He will be out for the season by the third game.

  4. I don’t get why some hawks fans get bent outta shape by all the hate for this team, you just gotta embrace it, cuz when we make people eat their words this year it will be that much more satisfying 11-5 takes back the west

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