Vick says his ribs are at 80 percent


Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has no broken ribs nor cartilage damage.  But that doesn’t mean he’s 100 percent.

Vick tells USA Today (via that his ribs are at 80 percent.

I’m trying to do the best I can,” Vick said regarding his preparations for Week One at Cleveland.  “I can only do what I can do.  I’m feeling better.  Hanging in there.  Trying to make it to Sept. 9.”

Andy Reid has said that if Friday night’s preseason game against the Browns were a regular-season game, Vick would likely play.

When Vick does play, he says he won’t change his ways.

“I just let everything happen in that moment,” Vick said.  “I can’t go to the line dictating what I’m going to do.  I can’t go to the line trying to predict everything that I’m going to do.  That would hurt your game a little bit, because I might miss somebody getting open.  I have to go through my progressions to the best of my abilities.”

That’s fine, but a quarterback also has to know when to throw it away or, if need be, to hit the deck to avoid the hit.  With Vick lasting only 12 plays in the preseason, how long will he make it once the real games start?

Meanwhile, the photo attached to this story reveals something we hadn’t previously noticed.  Jermaine Cunningham is leading with his helmet while hitting a player who is defenseless, by rule.  He should have been flagged, and he possibly will be fined.

19 responses to “Vick says his ribs are at 80 percent

  1. Of course he led with his helmet. How else would he hit him square in the chest so hard to knock him out of the game? But noone mentions it bc Vick isn’t Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Happens every single game to Vick and no flags. Kudos to Florio to actually pointing that out instead of just ripping Vick for not protecting himself more. Although, he does still need to put more effort into avoiding big hits.

  2. Getting a little tired of this nonsense. “I can’t change, because I won’t be as good…”

    1) You’re useless to the team when you can’t stay on the field
    2) Throwing hail Mary’s off your back foot and exposing your ribs to a free shot from a defender, in a preseason game no less, is not playing good football

  3. “I can’t go to the line dictating what I’m going to do. I can’t go to the line trying to predict everything that I’m going to do.”
    Tom Brady is flabbergasted.

    Isn’t that exactly what “dynasty quarterbacks” are SUPPOSED to do?

  4. I’ll never understand how he can play a single down in the NFL with out wearing the best flack jacket available. He only wears them after he is already torn up inside. You can’t tell me in this age of Kevlar helmets that they can’t invent a flack jacket that is flexible enough to let Vick be Vick, but strong enough to let Vick take horrific body blows and pop right up.

    Something with rows of durable padding that are separated enough to let him move his torso and throw accurately but still be protected. It’s like they’re just hoping for the best, screw that! If you want a shot at a SB, get his guy in ironman armor out there.

  5. Vick is not a tough QB. If you want a tough QB just look north at Eli Manning and how he stood tall in this year’s NFC Championship Game against the 49er’s. If Vick played in that game against that defense they’d have carried him out in a body bag. Vick is a china doll who can’t take a hit. Give him two more years and he won’t be able to rely on those fabulous athletic skills to make plays with his legs. Next he’ll be suing the league

  6. “I have to go through my progressions to the best of my abilities.”

    You’ve NEVER went through your progressions, Mike. It’s the TE and then run, hence the injuries.

    Keep trying to fool everyone though, you’ve managed to make a career out of it.

  7. That still photo looks bad, but the game didn’t. Even in the photo, you can see the bulk of the guys helmet on Vicks left side. He caught him fully with his left shoulder – the helmet contact was incidental.

    Besides, it’s Vick. He’s doing the Eagles a favor.

  8. ugh, I know he’s looked horrible in Arizona, but I still wish the Eagles kept Kolb as a pocket passer, and traded Vick.

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