Braylon’s athletic grab could widen gap with T.O.


Braylon Edwards could be nailing down that Water Pik tonight in Kansas City.

Edwards, the third overall pick in the 2005 draft, made an impressive, jumping, lunging catch for a 32-yard gain on what turned out to be Seattle’s second field-goal drive.

It’s Braylon’s only catch, but it will be very difficult for T.O. to top him.

Some believe that, between Edwards and Owens, only one will make the 53-man roster.  It’s also believed that Edwards is ahead of T.O.

Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has completed five of eight passes so far, one each to five different receivers.

11 responses to “Braylon’s athletic grab could widen gap with T.O.

  1. 4512dawg4512 says: Aug 24, 2012 8:52 PM

    I’d take T.O over Edwards ANY DAY!

    …which explains why you’re posting comments about an NFL team rather than coaching for one.

  2. I have been trying to back the replacement officials for some time but watching this Chiefs Seahawks game it’s ridiculous. Not just the penalties they call that are BS but the holding penalties they don’t call. They seem flag happy on kick and punt returns but they don’t throw holding on either offensive line when it is clear as ever. The first roughing the passer on Hali was questionable at best, the second was outright ridiculous.

    And T.O. has dropped at least 3 catchable balls in this game and Braylon (much to my suprise) actually had good looking hands on his catch. He will win the job by default the way T.O. is playing…

  3. The ball is in the air and we see it’s going to T.O. How do you feel?
    The ball is in the air and it’s going to B.E. How do you feel?

    Personally, when it’s going to T.O. I’m praying he’ll catch it. When it’s going to B.E. on the other hand, I feel like something exciting is about to happen. Braylon has been the QB’s best friend making those tough catches. He actually goes after the ball. While T.O. has dropped too many passes and has his whole career. We Seahawks fans have seen enough receivers drop balls especially during the Hasslebeck era. The QB’s have to be more confident in B.E at this point.

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