Britt situation still under review


It’s a good thing Titans receiver Kenny Britt isn’t worried about the possibility of being disciplined by the league after his eighth arrest in three years, a DUI charge.  Because it could still happen.

Per Terry McCormick of, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says that the situation is still “under review.”

Given that Britt has appeal rights, a suspension imposed in the immediate future likely wouldn’t keep Britt from playing in Week One.  First, he’d get a letter from Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Second, Britt would have a period of three business days to appeal any suspension imposed under the personal-conduct policy, or five days (total, not business) to appeal any suspension imposed under the substance-abuse policy.  Third, an appeal hearing would have to be scheduled and conducted.  Fourth, a decision would have to be made.

Complicating the present case is the fact that Britt, despite eight total arrests (and counting), has been arrested for DUI only once.  Since DUIs fall under the substance-abuse policy and since the substance-abuse policy says that the usual penalty for a first-offense DUI, Britt may not be subject to suspension.

Further complicating the present case is the fact that Britt’s DUI case hasn’t been resolved yet.  While discipline under the personal-conduct policy may be imposed before conclusion of the prosecution, DUIs fall within the four corners of the substance-abuse policy.

In the end, the league can do pretty much whatever it wants, since the league has final say via the appeal process.  But if the NFL violates the plain terms of the substance-abuse policy in suspending Britt, he could be able to make a very viable claim in court that the suspension should be overturned.

At least if Britt has to go to court to overturn the suspension he’ll be comfortable with the surroundings.

9 responses to “Britt situation still under review

  1. How can you have 8 arrests in 3 yrs, and still has
    not been disciplined. What else does he have to do. Maybe 10 arrests might get there attention.

  2. he doesn’t get it because he hasn’t been taxed yet. well, that and he’s usually sidelined with a knee injury. i like kenny britt. i think he’s immensely talented and has all the tools and opportunity to be elite. but he just seems to be more interested in his potential rather than reaching a higher level. maybe a suspension is what he needs, i dunno. when you miss so much time to injury and you’re still out getting arrested, it’s a bad look. i doubt he has the maturity to ever be anything more than talented.

  3. If this guy can get his head on straight and Locker plays like he did last night that Titans offense has the potential to be pretty good this year

  4. Not to nitpick — because Britt is a knucklehead and Goodell should suspend him to try and get him to grow up once and for all — but I’m constantly confused about whether he’s actually been *arrested* that many times. A lot of the stories just say he’s had “run-ins with law enforcement”.

    Maybe technically those are “arrests,” but it feels nothing like the Pacman years, when there were physical assaults and gunplay on a semi-regular basis. With Britt, it’s silly little juvenile stuff most of the time, like not taking care of traffic citations or driving without a valid license and whatnot (although the DUI is a serious big boy mistake from Britt, if he’s guilty).

    Just wish Britt would finally grow up and leave the childish stuff behind. Would be a waste of a great talent if he can’t.

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