Cedric Benson on Bengals: “Those guys miss me”

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Packers running back Cedric Benson looked good in his return to Cincinnati on Thursday night, and he said afterward that he knows his old teammates wish he were still with them.

Benson gained 38 yards on six carries and caught one pass for 10 yards, and after the game many Bengals players hugged him on the field.

It felt good,” Benson told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Just lets me know those guys miss me over there. I guess the run game hasn’t gotten up to par in Cincinnati yet. Those guys know the type of player I am. They know how I work. Developed a pretty good relationship with those guys.”

Benson had three straight 1,000-yard seasons in Cincinnati, but the Bengals decided not to bring him back this year. Benson’s comments suggest that some of his former teammates have told him they think letting him leave was a mistake.

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  1. Benson is going to remind Green Bay of mid-to-late 1990’s Dorsey Levens.

    Not often you find a RB on the street this late before the season that has run 1,000 yards in three straight seasons, under 30 years old and has no major injury issues.

  2. Please just don’t get hurt and stay out of trouble, and I think this arrangement just might work out nicely! Not a big Benson fan, but I am a fan of a consistent running game.

  3. Maybe you shouldn’t complain about touches ced. Good luck in your new pass happy offense. I predict more whining in the future. Oh dont get arrested again as well.

  4. Thats his problem right there.he doesnt know how to be a pro and shut up.or maybe its that packers locker room the arrogance must be rubbing off on him.cant wait to see someone knock that smirk off aaron rogers belt wearing face.

  5. He wanted starter money, and starter carries to resign with cincy, or he would have pouted about it. He’s a bum, and will turn on the packets the first chance he gets.

  6. Gonna be hard knocking the smirk off of the reigning MVPs face…Id have the smirk too if I were young, rich, & dominant at what I do for a living. Arrogance my ass…all pro athletes are arrogant for crying out loud. It would sure suck to hate the Packers…you are going to be hating a really good team for a really long time…And Benson didnt say anything too condescending…he probably misses them too…cripes, these guys dont just show up Sunday, trade minutes for millions…they become close. In Minnesota and Chicago they become reeeeeal close. Not that therez anything wrong with that…

  7. Good luck Ced, this could be your time in the sun. Why did Cincy let him go?

  8. Packer fans crack me up. “Nice addition” “We have a run game” there is a reason the Bengals let him go….he is a cancer and it couldn’t have been brought to a better team.

    He will be crying after 3 games when he isn’t getting the carries he thinks he deserves.

  9. Good luck with his 12 fumbles the past 2 seasons.. he’s a hard runner.. until he gets near the goal line..

  10. Wow if Ced was that motivated to run while he was in Cincy he still might be there. Packer fans will find out that Ced only gets up for about 6 games a season the rest of them you don’t even know he’s even there.

  11. For a guy who averages less than 4 per carry and has a career long run of 46 yards (not a TD), he talks an awful lot of smack.

  12. Yea he’s been a 1000 yard rusher over the last 3 three seasons, but struggled big time when it counted most . . . 3rd down and one or two . . . and inside the red zone.

  13. This was EXACTLY his problem in Cincy and exactly why he is gone. Toward the end of last year he felt like he wasn’t getting the ball enough. Then when he would get the ball he’d get up pounding his chest with the ball after a run looking at the sideline. Marvin Lewis got rid of Chad, T.O. and the rest of the clowns for this very reason. He wasn’t going to stand for Ced’s crap. Good luck in a pass happy offense Ced. Break a leg, and not in the lucky kind of way. The Bengals picked you off of the scrap heap, paid you handsomely and gave you a 2nd chance. And you want to talk stuff now. I’m glad you’re gone. I don’t care if you are better than our running game or not. I’d rather you not be here. Just wait Green Bay. Once Rodgers is slinging the ball everywhere not giving Ced his 25 carries a game he wants, he will start whining and running his mouth too. You’ll see.

  14. He had a little more room to run than what he was getting last year.
    He may have a great year and be the missing pice for the Packers to get another ring.

  15. i (as a Packer fan) hope Cedric can get short yardage situations and stay outta trouble, thats all i am asking for, if you can do that, i will buy one of your jerseys and say how wonderful you have been as a Packer, and celebrate as you make a run in the playoffs

  16. “Benson’s comments suggest that some of his former teammates have told him they think letting him leave was a mistake.”

    Just what exactly in his comments can make you come to that conclusion? why do you guys always insist on trying to stir up trouble. Geesh.

    And yes Packer fans, Ced will do some good for you for about half the year (at most) until he gets disgruntled because he’s only getting 10 touches a game then you will see him slow down significantly.

  17. Listen, everyone knows Benson is a nut job, but as someone that watches the Patriots every Sunday, I can tell you they are going to miss him. BJGE is nothing special as a runner (not that Benson was either), but Benny has no speed or quickness.

  18. Said the same thing when he was booted out of Chi town. Guy just does not get it. What an ego.

  19. Ced is a very talented back, but he really needs to let it go with Cincy. Yeah, they cut him, but he’s starting to sound like a jilted ex-girlfriend always obsessing with her ex and who he is dating.

  20. Everybody ripping the Benson: The packers won the Superbowl with (rookie) Starks, Brandon Jackson, and John Kuhn. He doesn’t need to be an amazing talent just productive.

  21. I think the smoke of a distant fire (SuperBowl ring) may keep this guy square. Very few players have a legitimate shot at getting there in their careers. He has that shot.

  22. Ced Benson will be fine. The lack of interest this offseason has humbled Benson, and I think he will work harder now than he ever has. It’s nearing the end of his career, he messes up in GB, he’s done and he knows it…

  23. asublimeday says:
    Aug 24, 2012 12:35 PM
    Urlacher is going to make him cry like he did in bears camp when he was an arrogant rookie. You’re not making it past week 2, punk.


    Urlacher probably won’t even be on the field in Week 2 – that old man is falling apart.

  24. You haters crack me up! Saying Ced can’t get it done on 3rd and short or at the goal line? We don’t need him to! We have John Kuhn to do both of those things! In the game against the Bengals Kuhn took every single 3rd down rep. Go read articles about your Bears, Lions, and Steelers and leave the Haterade at home…

  25. Ced is a good back just had some fumbling issues and was poor in short yardage. Also Gruden wanted to use multiple backs to even out the load. And Ced was average in the passing game. He is not a bum, loved him here but we got rid of the me first players. Like tj, chad, to, and ced.

  26. I know the Packers seem like they love to pass the ball on every play and they do but the reason they don’t run the ball as much there, is because of the lack of talent at RB. Its a lot easier to call running plays when the RB acually gains positive yards.

    If Ryan Grant can rush for 1200+ yards 2 seasons in a row in this offense, Benson if he stays healthy, can put up similar numbers too. He may not get 25 carries every game but I bet there will be more than a few games where he gets very close to that.

    His biggest contribution just might be his presence out there. Did you see how bad the defense bit on play action when Benson was in the game?

  27. Benson will be fine. GB has a unique way of keeping locker room discussions inside the locker room and winning tends to heal all gripes. Flash back 7 years ago when Charles Woodson came to town and we heard the exact same stuff. It is hard to argue that CW won’t be a first ballot HOF’er when he retires.

  28. Definitely a step up for Benson. Cincy will fail big time this year. Last year was a fluke. Defenses will have them all figured out and stop the few strong points they do have by week 3.

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