Cowboys don’t expect Mike Jenkins to play Week One


Earlier this month, Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins said he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to play in the season opener against the Giants.

There’s still no certainty on that front, but the chances of Jenkins being on the field aren’t looking good. During an interview on KRLD, via, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he could “conjure” up scenarios where Jenkins is able to play on Sept. 5, but his expectation is that Jenkins won’t be able to play that week.

“I don’t think so,” Jones said. “He’s going to have his situation evaluated by his surgeon and it may be a little late in the preseason for him, but that’d be real interesting. If we had an evaluation on him by this weekend, I’d like to have that problem to mull over. I really would.”

As Jones mentioned, Jenkins still needs to get his shoulder cleared by Dr. James Andrews. He’s expected to make that visit sometime in the next week, which could leave him less than a week to practice and prepare for opening night.

While Jones says that Jenkins is in shape, it wouldn’t be wise to send him into a game without the proper amount of preparation. With 11 days between the Cowboys’ first two games, Jenkins would be able to get that and be ready to play in Week Two without cutting any corners on his way back to the field.

11 responses to “Cowboys don’t expect Mike Jenkins to play Week One

  1. Jenkins isn’t seeing Dr Andrews until Sept 2nd, one month from his last visit. He should get clearance for contact, but, playing a game after only having one walkthru is a bit much to ask of any player.

  2. Wow, Garcon? The same Garcon that gets dropped and picked up more often that a drunk person’s phone in fantasy leagues? I think Art Monk is still more intimidating even at his age.

  3. Dallas can throw a dart in the stands and hit a fan that can defend a NYG WR better than Jenkins can. No loss. In fact, as a Giants’ fan, I’m upset he’s out.

  4. So exactly how many Cowboy starters ARE going to start week 1? Now you’re getting an idea of how the Giants’ fans felt last year.

  5. I wonder if this is the guy Irsay’s getting all worked up about.

    Colts desperately need CB help, and they liked Jenkins alot back when he was coming out of college.

    And from what it looks like Jenkins and the ‘Boys are getting sick of each other. Wonder what it’d take to get the Cowboys to trade him?

  6. this dude is not gonna play, he want out of “D” and i don’t blame him.they’ll be lucky to finish ahead os the skins

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