Dez Bryant seeks out a potential mentor


Talented yet troubled at times, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant hasn’t had someone in his life who can provide him with advice that he’s willing or able to heed.  While it’s easy to find plenty of people who will give such advice, Bryant has to be receptive in order for the advice to take.

From Deion Sanders to David Wells to Eugene Parker to Drew Rosenhaus back to Eugene Parker to Jerry Jones to Jason Garrett, no one has been able to get Bryant’s full attention when it comes to getting and keeping his life in order.  Former Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson, who wore the same number Dez now owns, tried — and Pearson has said that Bryant “laughed in my face.”

Bryant has now found someone, apparently.  According to Mike Fisher and Richie Whitt of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Bryant’s potential mentor is former Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek.

We’ve talked, yes,’’ Novacek said.  “I’m certainly available to Dez if he needs me.’’

Bryant reportedly approached Novacek during training camp and asked for advice.  “How did you do what you did?” Bryant reportedly said.  “Can you show me how you did what you did?’’

As one unnamed source told Fisher and Whitt, “It seems like a weird choice.  But at the same time, it’s a wonderful choice.’’

The fact that Bryant is willing to seek out someone for help after years of behavior suggesting that he’d listen to no one is encouraging.  And the key is that Bryant can trust Novacek because Novacek gains nothing financially from the relationship.

It’s good news for the Cowboys.  More importantly, it’s good news for Bryant, who could finally be overcoming a challenging upbringing and a more recent lifestyle that creates a sense of entitlement and becoming a responsible adult.

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  1. Plenty of people call Dez a turd, stupid, and worse…….and they may be right….but considering the circumstances he grew up with I’m amazed he’s not far, far worse.

  2. I’ll be your mentor Dez.


    1- Wake up in the morning in enough time to get to work. The way you figgure that out is by calculating your drive time to the facility, adding in about 15 minutes for unforeseen occurences, whatever time it takes you to eat your breakfast, shower and whatever else you do.

    2- Don’t go to nightclubs. There is plenty of time in life to do those things. It’s better not to go when you have a target on your back.

    3- Dress like a grown up.

    4- Act like a grown up.

    5- When you are in situations that could lead to 9-11 calls from you mom, leave. Hitting her with things probably isn’t the way to go.

    6- Study the playbook. Watch film. Take care of your body and mind by eating the right things, avoiding/limiting alcohol intake, and studying your craft.

    7- Accept that the things you have been doing are slowly conspiring to rob you of your career.

    There’s much more. I accept paypal.

  3. A grown man who needs another grown man to tell him what he needs to do and how to do it .. Really ? Come on man stop acting like a child your a prima Donna. Start acting ur age..

  4. He goes to work each day with Miles Austin who says and does the right things and has been a productive WR in the NFL. If he needs a mentor, he should not need to go far…..but I am sure he is too good for that.

  5. Dez you can seek out any mentor in the world but, at the end of the day its on you too fix your problems!!!!

  6. Having Dieon Sanders as a mentor was probably WAAAAY more of a problem than a solution. At least since he beat his wife tho his self serving ### has been out of the spotlight.

    Dez has been troubled, yes. But for a kid who grew up in the environment he did, with a drug dealing mom, its incredible he didn’t turn to drugs himself.

    Now I know after their run in people want to portray her as an angel, but who knows how many times growing up he went hungry so she could have drugs or he was put in dangerous situations because of her addictions?

    I believe Novacec will be great for him

  7. For everyone suggesting grown men do not need a mentor, in 20 years of working, many with the US gov’t, the people I’ve seen experience the most success have all had one common element: every single one of them has had a mentor.

    A mentor isn’t someone who tells you what to do, isn’t a babysitter, isn’t a watchman. A mentor is someone who offers you guidance when needed, bot more importantly, is someone who has SUCCESSFULLY achieved something you are trying to .

    I’m not saying you can’t be successful without one, but I am saying that you are more likely to better yourself, to achieve your goals, and to earn greater success if you have a mentor than you are without one.

  8. His biggest mistake was letting Deion Sanders even talk to him. Can you imagine that conversation? “Dez! Money. Money, money money money. Scr3w the team. Money money, more money. Money money money.”

    Then he picks Rosenhaus: “Dez! Money. Money, money money money. Scr3w the team. Money money, more money. Money money money.”

    Novacek has a great work ethic, great football IQ, seems to have his feet on the ground as far as life goes. It will be quite a change for him, but greatly needed.

  9. I would think Michael Irvin would be a logical choice but maybe Deion(dra) has steered Mike clear of this guys mess.

    Novacek sounds like a good person to hit up for help. Dude probably does his own taxes.

  10. Grown men *do* need other grown men to help them with life problems, all the time. Perpetually semi-grown men don’t need grown men to help them, because they’ve already got everything figured out. Just ask them and they’ll tell you so, in a very loud voice. We call these semi-grown men alcoholics and habitual abusers…

    The fact that Dez Bryant reached out to a guy who has clearly ‘graduated’ to life after football, mature, stable, financially responsible and happily married, shows that Dez may be turning into a grown man — the kind who has the sense to ask for help *before* he becomes involved in a full-blown crisis…as opposed to writing a book about it from prison or a tearful HoF acceptance speech.

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