Irsay hints that trade talks are “standing still”

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As reporters and fans scramble to guess at the player to whom Colts owner Jim Irsay was referring when he said (via Twitter, obviously):  (1) trade winds are blowing; (2) the team would be giving up a high draft pick for a “serious” veteran starter; and (3) the owner would be getting out the check book if/when the trade happens, Irsay has added an update (via Twitter, obviously) several hours after he went back behind the curtain.

Said Irsay:  “It’s standing still…at 1am…shut it down…as Paul Simon says.. ‘There’s only so much you can do..go on and get some rest…'”

This could mean that the talks have stalled.  Or, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen suggested during halftime of the Cardinals-Titans game, Irsay could simply be messing with everyone.

Assuming that Irsay wasn’t throwing a curve ball, perhaps in the hopes of stirring up a trade market for Maurice Jones-Drew in order to get him out of the division, there’s no further smoke to suggest that any one specific player has been targeted.

A source with knowledge of the situation in Indianapolis believes that Steelers receiver Mike Wallace would be the most likely player to justify the team sending a high pick and Irsay writing a big check, given that Wallace has been holding out in Pittsburgh.  With former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians bringing the offense with which Wallace is familiar to Indy and with starting receiver Austin Collie out once again due to his latest concussion, that move still makes the most sense.

The Steelers have said they won’t trade Wallace, but the reality is that, unless they’re willing to give money to two receivers for an offense that supposedly is tilting back toward the run, they’ll have Wallace for one more season.

The Colts also need defensive help, but there’s no veteran player looking for big money that should have triggered such a boisterous reaction from Irsay.  Ravens cornerback Cary Williams would make the most sense, given his ties to Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, but if it’s Williams the fans will wonder why Irsay got himself all worked up over it.  There’s no indication that the Cowboys have decided to suddenly reverse their position that cornerback Mike Jenkins won’t be traded.

We’ll continue to keep our eyes focused on Irsay’s Twitter page.  If nothing else, maybe we’ll learn some song lyrics we didn’t previously know.

28 responses to “Irsay hints that trade talks are “standing still”

  1. Could be Welker. He wants a long term deal, the team won’t give him one, and the Colts just lost Collie. Also, the Pats held Welker out of practice Thursday and are stocked at receiver. I’d hate to lose him but Belichick has brass ones and isn’t afraid to trade key guys.

  2. I’m so glad Robert Kraft isn’t on Twitter.

    Irsay, you’ve never accomplished anything in life except for having a rich daddy and drinking, smoking, and listening to more bad classic rock than most of us ever will. Just leave your GM alone to do the job he’s actually qualified to do.

  3. This would be the wrong move. Build yourself through the draft and don’t spend big money on a veteran right now. You have just drafted the franchise QB who by all accounts looks like he can be a top 10 QB in the NFL very soon. Don’t go wasting cap space on a guy with tread on his tires. Look to how Green Bay built their team and follow that blue print. Meddling owners are the worse. Good thing the Packer owners are only owners in their mind and Thompson runs the show.

  4. Why would the Steelers trade Wallace? They have him locked up for this year, can franchise him next year, and if he leaves the following year they get a 1st round compensatory pick anyway.

  5. Colts fans need to pray that this continues. Irsay is an idiot for wanting to trade picks when this team is rebuilding. Especially for an established veteran (ie declining veteran).

  6. The colts couldn’t give anyone a big deal unless it’s 2013, that’s when almost 40 million in dead cap money comes off the books. A sign and trade with Pitts makes the most sense. Wallace signs his one year tender, the colts prolly give up a 2nd round pick, and give the guy a new deal next year. Wallace is already up to speed on Arians playbook, doesn’t have to worry about Haley, and will be happy man next year. I am just giving a hypothesis, but sounds about right. I don’t see the jags trading mjd into a division rival, and Wes welker, let’s face it, he’s no threat like mike Wallace. Wallace could stretch the field, and draw doubles, which would make Reggie even more dangerous, oh, and then the young double tight ends…. Would be great!

  7. Welker? That would be a stupid move. Griff Whalen is ready to take Collie’s spot. No way the Colts chase an older slot receiver. Mike Wallace makes the most sense.

  8. please let it be Wallace….

    please let it be Wallace….

    please let it be Wallace….

    please let it be Wallace….

    please let it be Wallace….


  9. Hate to lose wallace. But i’m sure it’s him. But steelers won’t give him away cheap! Irsay got his twitter full…i mean hands full!

  10. im just going to go out on a limb and guess 2 people that no1 else has 1 is joe haden and my other guess is revis!!

  11. You guys are crazy if you think the pats are gonna get rid of Welker that offense runs through him and gronk. If you get rid of Welker then Gronk isn’t as effective.. With Bill and Tom’s clock running out they would never trade one of there best playmakers when the clock is ticking on there careers

  12. @cruzp23
    That’s actually very insightful, I would take anyone of those players. Joe Haden, and revis could definitely be traded, giving their recent situations with their teams. Irsay has never been one to lie, if he usually says they are working on a trade, he usually comes through. If this is a game of semantics, he is going to have pissed off a lot of very emotional fans. Haden, the browns would be crazy to let go, but for the right price, anyone is available. Revis, with him even suggesting a holdout I’m sure has soured the likes of the jets front office. I don’t care what anyone says, Revis is that good. I’m still hoping its Wallace, but all indicators are saying it won’t happen. Thinking about it though, the steelers aren’t going to invest 100 million in 2 receivers, with brown getting 45, and Wallace wanting 55. Steelers don’t play that game, they would get a new receiver for a fraction of the cost with the right draft pick…. Damn you Irsay, just shut up already

  13. jimr10 says:
    Aug 24, 2012 8:31 AM
    Jim Irsay gets my vote for the biggest bag of wind for the year..


    How can you say that when we still have Rex the Jet…..

  14. It’s funny that every time Jim Irsay tweets, everybody gets all over him about it. I honestly think these people are jealous that a team’s owner is passionate about that team and its fanbase. I’ve never heard of the Kraft family connecting with the fans on a regular basis.

    Sure Irsay is quirky, but to say he’s a drug user and a drunk is un-called for. He has his skeletons (just like anybody else), but the man has been sober for years. Also, you know that other Irsay you all talk and joke about? He ABUSED Jim Irsay. Let’s try to be a little more intelligent when we post things…. oh wait, this is the internet.

  15. It won’t be for a first round draft pick, if it’s Wallace. Indy could have had him as a RFA for a first, earlier – and no one bit.

    Would the Steelers part with him for less than a first rounder, now that the market has been established?

    It would also make a precedent I’m not sure the franchise wants. Especially after they came out and said there’d be no trade, publically – and he is supposed to get into camp this weekend.

    We’ll see….

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