Irsay on trade talk: “the sh*t is HOT”


Maybe Colts owner Jim Irsay simply wants to upstage the preseason games.

Roughly 24 hours after Irsay drew plenty of attention by tweeting repeatedly about a mystery trade during Thursday night’s exhibition games, Irsay is at it again during Friday night’s phony contests.

Here’s the latest:  “I can bring u NFL Manos to the edge of the water,but I can’t throw you n,that’s called tampering..but FOE REEL…the sh*t is HOT,STAY TUNED!”

It’s accurate that Irsay can’t disclose the target of his team’s affections without running afoul of the league’s tampering rules, a rare exercise of discretion in a somewhat indiscreet Twitter account.

Irsay said Thursday that the Colts would be giving up a high draft pick for a “serious vet/starter” and that the owner had his check book ready, which implies that the vet/starter wants a new contract.

If we had to guess, we’d say that the Colts are talking to the Steelers about a trade for receiver Mike Wallace.

We otherwise will continue to stay tuned, especially since Irsay’s latest contest is based on whether or not a trade is finalized by Monday.  Abby’s dart board!