Irsay says trade is “still [in] play”


Colts owner Jim Irsay caused a major buzz Thursday night, with his tweets hinting about a possible trade.

He’s back again, tweeting that the trade could still happen.

Things r still n play,deal may just go down this weekend,time will tell,but then there’s the WaiverWire monitoring..improvement,opportunity!” Irsay said.

Irsay’s tweets sparked extensive speculation about the identity of the player for whom Irsay’s team would be giving up a high pick and to whom Irsay would be giving a pile of cash.  It isn’t known (and it never will be known) whether Irsay’s tweets may keep the deal from happening if it doesn’t, but the other team could ask for a little bit more if the other team thinks Irsay won’t want to disappoint the fans after raising their hopes.

That’s why Irsay probably shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag.  If he had said nothing, the fan base never would have known the difference.  Now, he has the fans wanting to see the deal get done — and he also has come off as being too anxious to do the deal.

Maybe it won’t hurt, but it definitely can’t help.

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45 responses to “Irsay says trade is “still [in] play”

  1. This guy would have been the textbook definition of bumbling, dopey owner (making every James Dolan type owner look like Wellington Mara) if he did not totally fall into the Manning and Luck draft slots.

  2. I don’t read his tweets, but from the samples I see, I would not be surprised to see
    and other gems in his “tweets”

  3. He isn’t the worst owner in football. Do you hear Irsay talking crap about the Titans or Texans like Jerry? No. Is he like Khan and forcing his best players to ask to be traded? No. The man is just trying to sell HIS product, the Colts are his franchise, lots of people would do these things.

  4. I love that Jim Irsay is eccentric. I am a fan of the way he is unlike any other professional sports owner and yet his team continues to win.

  5. Here is my take:
    Its Wes Welker. Austin Collie the Colts slot receiver is down and out with a concussion. This put the Colts in the market for a slot receiver. After a little bit of calling around the Colts were surprised to hear that the Pats were willing to deal Wes Welker. Wes Welker is tagged as a franchise player this year. They have already deceided it will be too expensive to keep him around next year. They are also happy with their deep receiving core. This has led them to want to get the most they can for Wes Welker now and in the meantime clear up some cap space.

  6. I thought Jimmy was off the pills and booze? He must have gotten a little tipsy and ended up tweeting something he shouldn’t have……

    Relapse is a drag.

  7. I’ve been saying it all day. BRENT GRIMES! Makes the most sense. He’s franchised and is unhappy with the tender and wants a new contract. Plus he is at a critical position of need on their defense.

  8. If he’s smart, he’s trading for a real QB.

    By the way, I would have a great record too if my HC was Dungy and my QB was Peyton Manning. This guy Irsay is just like his old man and I can’t wait for the Colts to revert back to there 80s/90s way under Jeff Georg…err Andrew Luck.

  9. It’s not Welker. For one thing, he signed the franchise tender so he’s not even eligible for an extension until after the season. Wouldn’t make much sense for Irsay to say his checkbook stands ready. Plus the Pats are about $11 million under the cap right now so they don’t exactly need to dump salary.

    If I’m the Colts I keep my draft picks and build around Luck. Why mortgage the future for one veteran? Unless Irsay is dumb enough to think the team can make the playoffs this year.

  10. Steve Ross is the worst owner in pro sports but thankfully he doesn’t tweet like this clown.

  11. His team continues to win? How many Super Bowl appearances & titles do they have and what was their record last year? His teams continue to choke when it matters most, unless you count laying down to secure Luck as a master stroke of management.

  12. Colts fans should be thrilled they have an Owner that acts like a fan. Many teams only get the owners who want to count the money.

  13. This tweet right here is a phenomenal tweet. You have the abbreviated two- and three-letter words coexisting with unnecessary longer phrases. You have random capitalization. You have commas not followed by spaces. You have a colloquial saying.

    What else could you ask for? Does Jim Irsay not entertain you with his mediocre economy of words made acceptable only by his father’s money?

  14. Jim irsay is a clown who was born on third base thinking he hit a triple. If he had to make it on his own he would be living in a double wide in one of the nicer trailer parks of IndyQ

  15. It’s Mike Jenkins, CB-Dallas Cowboys.
    The sticking point is reaching a multi-year deal with Jenkins’ agent prior to giving up Draft picks.

  16. Irsay – always jealous of Manning and the spotlight he commanded.
    Couldn’t handle playing second fiddle.
    Now he’s out trying to prove it was him that made the colts great.

  17. No sources? No reports? Something tells me Monday’s cuts are playing into this and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go down late Sunday.

  18. Irsay might be eccentric but he’s a lot more fun than Bill Polian and his crazy temper.

    Then again, I’m not a Colts fan.

  19. Geeze Jim…

    Go back to issuing a press release patting yourself on the back every time you give $1 to a homeless veteran

    It’ll cause less headaches for your GM

  20. jaytea24 says:
    Aug 24, 2012 6:16 PM
    I feel bad for Colts fans for having to have this clown be the owner of the team.

    As a Colts fan, I’m pretty happy he’s our owner. He may go crazy with Twitter, but he can sure run an NFL franchise. He had the courage to pull the plug on Polian and some players that were aging and losing their talent. I was also very impressed by his choice for GM, head coach, and I’m sure he had something to do with Bruce Arians coming here too. And this year’s draft was the best one the Colts have had in a long time. I have no doubt that the Colts will be good again soon.

  21. Dez Bryant comes to mind, in a pure speculation kind of way. He supposedly has franchise player skills, he’s young, and Jones has said that he’s about done with him.

    Also, thanks to beerbaron for dispelling the Wes Welker nonesense.

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