Jets ready to trade for another tackle, if they can


If at first you trade for a fat guy with bad knees, try, try again.

Undeterred by a previous attempt to find a right tackle when the Jeff Otah deal fell through, the Jets are apparently trying to trade for another one.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets “have reached out to other teams” to try to acquire a replacement for Wayne Hunter.

Hunter was benched yesterday, and they’ll start Austin Howard in that spot Sunday against the Panthers.

But with cuts coming, they’ll be combing through the waiver wire for upgrades.

“We’re always looking for things,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said. “If we can improve this team, then certainly we’re not going to shut ourselves out of that possibility.

“Right now, I’m thinking that we’re going to be OK. I don’t know exactly what’s out there. We don’t know who’s going to be cut from other teams. . . . I don’t believe you’re going to find somebody right now that can be a starting right tackle ahead of who we have.”

Maybe at this point, the best bet is to get owner Woody Johnson on Twitter so he can hustle something up.

23 responses to “Jets ready to trade for another tackle, if they can

  1. Tebow is willing to play left tackle if it will help the team :p

    Hunter and a pick for D. Bell. They both could use a change of teams.

  2. If the Jets don’t find a decent RT for this year, I can’t see how Tanny keeps his job after not addressing the RT position in the draft or offseason. We all saw how much Hunter struggled last year, and it’s not like he was young and learning, he had been a backup for years. He wasn’t going to miraculously get any better.

  3. Get a new starting RT, let Howard & Hunter be backup Tackles, but give them some 1st team reps at LG and see if they can compete for Slauson’s job. They are definitely Tackles, but it is worth a look to see if their weaknesses won’t be exploited as much at Guard.

  4. Rex Ryan has no shame.

    What the ‘Jets have’ at RT right now is 600lbs of embarrassment.

    The should easily be able to find an upgrade in the upcoming cuts, simply because they have two of the worse OT’s in the league on their roster.

  5. Without a line, that offense has no hope. Sanchez has a hard enough time struggling when he has pass protection.

    The again, the defense will carry us to the Conference Title game like it’s done in the 2/3 years Rex has been here.

  6. As a Bills fan, this brings a smile to my face. Im sure it brings an even bigger smile to Mario Williams’ face. Dirty sanchez is to get SMUSHED!!! good thing you guys got Tebow

  7. “Trade the Lions a DB or picks for Gozder Cherilus.”

    I totally agree with this. It’s not like the Lions would demand God’s Second Son in trade – he could be had for 4th or 5th rounder.

  8. They may not have to, Austin Howard can play. He was with the Eagles the last couple of years as a training camp/practice squad guy and he impressed when he got the chance. Now Im not saying he’s some diamond in the rough thats going to emerge and be a top linemen just because he’s finally gotten the chance to escape Jason Peters’ shadow , who actually is the top linemen in the league by the way. No thats not going to happen. What he can do though is be a serviceable left tackle for the Jets. He wont win them any games, but he also won’t be a hindrance to them winning either.

    He’ll get by in pass protection but his real strength is in run blocking. And as long as the Jets stick to what they’ve been saying all off-season and go back to the ground and pound team they had so much success with, then they won’t have to look any further then there own depth chart when trying to find there starting left tackle.

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