Josh Freeman’s preseason struggles continue against Pats


Quarterback Josh Freeman got off to a slow start in the Bucs’ first two preseason games, and he wasn’t any better Friday night against the Patriots.

Continuing to look uncomfortable in new coordinator Mike Sullivan’s offense, Freeman completed 10-of-19 passes for 102 yards. He has leaned heavily on $55 million wideout Vincent Jackson throughout August, but otherwise relied mostly on checkdowns for his completions and failed to deliver the football accurately to receivers. Freeman is averaging under five yards per pass attempt this preseason, which is a pretty pathetic clip.

After a promising first season as a starter in 2010, Freeman took a big step back in 2011. He’s now adjusting to a new system and clearly experiencing growing pains.

Through three preseason games, Freeman is 18-of-34 passing for 164 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions. Along with the rest of Tampa Bay’s first-teamers, Freeman doesn’t figure to play much in the exhibition finale.

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  1. Slightly concerned about Josh….way more concerned about Davin. Freeman’s success will depend on the running game. No Joseph damages the running game severely.

  2. Freeman may not be a top tier quarterback but he is definitely serviceable. I don’t think he will be the Bucs main problem.

  3. Tom Brady struggled the entire first half, but I don’t see a story being made out of that. As much as I hate the Bucs because of them being a division rival, Freeman doesn’t have much to work with outside of Jackson and Doug Martin out of the backfield so I can see why he’d rely on checkdowns. Preston Parker and Strougther would probably be nothing more than 5th WR’s for another team or no team at all. Mike Williams has regressed tremendously since his rookie year. Why would Freeman take more chances downfield when there’s no one else getting open to do so and then get criticized even more if the passes result in int’s. He’s in a lose/lose situation. They need to draft a WR in the first round next year or go after Bowe, Wallace, or Welker in FA.

  4. I don’t think your watching the game.. They barely put the ball in his hands this entire preseason.

  5. He is another one of the guys that “lost a lot of weight, is in better shape than ever, and is ready to take it to the next level”. His new svelter body isn’t going to help him read defenses or hit a receiver on a 20 yard out.
    On the positive side, Josh, AKA Captain Checkdown, has a new adorable haircut.

  6. Keep defending Josh Freeman, Bucs fans…it reminds me of when I used to defend Gus Frerotte, Patrick Ramsey & Jason Campbell.

    “Serviceable” will win a few games, but will not win championships.

  7. Peyton Manning throws 3 picks and 0 TDs in the preseason and his performance is called ‘up and down’ or ‘decent’.

    Josh Freeman throws 0 picks and a TD and the word used to describe him is ‘struggles’.


  8. Brady has a backup! Does Freeman? I wonder if Bucs GM Mark Dominik will be with the team next year.

  9. Freeman checks down for completions, and he’s labeled as ‘struggling.’ I’m sorry. Do checkdowns that gain yards still not count as passes and help the offense get the ball down the field?

  10. I see Freeman’s career taking the same path as Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, Brady Quinn, Vince Young and any other Qb that started and had some success or at least was highly believed to be NFL quality starters and now have been passed around the league from 1 season to the next….

    The greatest issue the Bucs have is what QB, in the NFL or college, will be available in the very near future and can they do what it takes to land that guy on the Bucs roster…. The Bucs have never really been known for being great at evaluating or at least acquiring quality QBs…. Hopefully Coach Schiano has come to change all that and bring in a guy that can at least match the caliber of Brees, Ryan and Newton….

  11. Listen.. Actually watch the game and see that the real headline should be Tom Brady struggles as pats fall to bucs. Dude it’s the preseason , not week 5. On a side note, the bucs D wasn’t looking that bad. Just sayin.

  12. Okay normally I don’t leave comments but this article is ridiculous and as a bucs fan I feel compelled to… so much that I just signed up for an account that I will never use again to do this… My biggest reason was because you state in your article that Josh Freeman has relied heavily on Vincent Jackson this August… in case you didn’t do the research, which judging by this article you probably didn’t, Jackson didn’t have a reception in game one, had one in game two, and in game three had tree. Schiano has clarified that the Bucs will begin to be more of a run oriented offense which is probably why he hasn’t had such an eye popping preseason, the organization wants to get a look at both running backs to see who will carry the load… The biggest positive I see from Freeman is that there is zero interceptions all preseason, which is more than I can say for Brady last night. Also isn’t checking down is what quarterbacks are supposed to do, you know, to get first downs and avoid interceptions. People who are saying that Freeman is struggling and isn’t that great somehow forget how on 2010 he was behind only Brady All season in having a 25TD to 6INT stat sheet, last year was a wash and that was partly radio Raheems fault and probably a lot of discipline issues, if you’re allowed to do what you want and not get in trouble AND get paid millions a lot of people probably would give up too, especially if half the team already has… I’m not saying Freeman is a top tier quarterback but he is far better that Cassel, Kolb, or Ponder (no offense) and has been given more weapons to work with in free agency, in total time he has barely played a full game in a brand new system… I don’t mean to offend anyone with this comment but I just felt like this article could maybe have explained a few things better and the writer do better research

  13. yo im watching the pats game right now and wow he looks so horrible!! somepasses arent even close!!! like no WRs even around the ball or even defenders!! the ball is gliding thru the air untill it falls to the field. yikes.

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