Marc Mariani has surgery after breaking tibia and fibula


Titans receiver and returner Marc Mariani broke both his tibia and the fibula, the two bones of the lower leg, in Thursday night’s game against the Cardinals and was rushed to the hospital, where he had surgery.

Those on the field who saw the gruesome way that Mariani’s left leg bent under him were visibly shaken, and Titans coach Mike Munchak said afterward that it was difficult to endure.

“That’s something in football you don’t want to see, and it’s hard to see that and continue on with the game,” Munchak said.

Munchak praised Mariani as a player who had worked hard in the offseason to develop himself into an important player on the offense as well as special teams, where he has been a Pro Bowl return man.

“We saw him being a great role for that along with the return game,” Munchak said. “That’s a big loss for us.”

Mariani was a little-known player coming out of Montana in 2010, when former Titans coach Jeff Fisher decided to spend a seventh-round draft pick on him in part because Fisher’s son played at Montana and raved about Mariani as a teammate. But he has become the Titans’ primary returner on both punts and kickoffs over the last two seasons. He is now not expected to play at all this season.

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  1. When the Titans drafted Mariani, Fisher got blasted by the local media for “wasting” a pick on a Montana kid just because he was Fisher’s son’s teammate. I wondered if any of those critics had seen the FCS playoff game before that draft where Montana was down by like 35 points in the second half and came back to win.

    I only watched because I was curious about Fisher’s kid. But Mariani just went off. Huge kick return for TD, almost 200 yds and a couple of TDs receiving — he was all over the place. Exactly the kind of guy any team should’ve used a 7th rounder on. Glad the Titans had the inside track.

    Much better than you expect returner, seemed to be coming on as a depth player at WR this year, and just a really, really good kid. He’ll be missed this season, and wish him the best.

  2. This is actually a bigger loss for the Titans than most realize. He may be the best kick returner in the NFL other than a guy named Devin Hester. Consistently sets them up with good field position, even after they pushed the kickoffs up 5 yards. I hope he’s able to come back eventually but that’s a bad, bad injury.

  3. Good luck to Marc in his recovery.

    A big thumbs down to the announcers. They showed the replay where you can see his foot and lower leg sorta hanging there. You can tell the announcers didn’t see it. You heard them say a few minutes later something to the effect of “Marc was taken to the lockerroom….. we hope it isn’t too serious.”

    It was pretty damn serious.

  4. The ones that go all out to make the team, and minimum salaries, seem get the injuries. Divas like Haynesworthless, Chad Ochonoshow, and T.No. just skate by and whine like babies. Get well, Marc!!

  5. After seeing the headline on here, I had to watch the clip on Youtube. I cringed. Best of luck in your recovery, sir.

  6. Certainly wishing the best for Marc, but I have to bring up how horrid a job Chris Berman and ESPN did with this play. Coming back from commercial, on a play most broadcasts would warn the audience about the gruesome nature of the play, ESPN goes slow mo rewind on a leg bent in completely the wrong direction! Then Berman says we’ll wait to get a report from the sideline?!?!? What? Did you not notice the broken leg on the replay? I’ve been tired of Berman’s shtick for awhile, but I think this is further proof it’s time to hang it up!

  7. yea I have to agree, the was pretty bad on ESPN’s part. It was disturbing to watch in slow motion.

    Get well soon MM. I remember watching that playoff game against App State in a blizzard a few years ago…Best football game I’ve ever seen.

  8. The first words that came to mind when I first saw the foot hanging there was “You cannot be serious” That image will probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

    I wish the guy the best of luck in recovery, hopefully he can get back to 100%.

    As for the Titans, their lucky as hell that they signed Darius Reynaud this offseason, he isn’t Marc but hes the next best option. I have been impressed with him this preseason.

  9. I’m a diehard Titans fan and Oilers fan since 1978, Marc Mariani has been the best returner the organization has had since Mel Gray and Billy “White shoes” Johnson… I hope and pray for a full recovery of Mr. Mariani # 83 …as a double leg fracture takes a long time to heal and get full strength back …and probably metal rods to keep it placed properly and rehabilitation…

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