Melvin Ingram is still learning special teams


The early reviews have been positive on Chargers rookie linebacker Melvin Ingram.  As a member of the punt team, however, Ingram needs work.

With Vikings rookie receiver Jarius Wright waiting to field a punt inside the 10 and the ball sailing over his head and Wright feigning that he was about to catch the ball, Ingram wiped Wright out.

The penalty resulted in a 15-yard penalty for Ingram, the 18th overall pick in the draft.

The Chargers lead the Vikings in a game that has featured sputtering offenses for both teams, 6-0.

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  1. See Rule 10, Article 1, Section 1, Item 1: “It is interference if a player of the kicking team contacts the receiver . . . before or simultaneous to his touching the ball.”

  2. Fair catch? You don’t just hit someone who doesn’t field the ball at all.

    Bigger story than Ingram is the two horrible calls by replacement bums. On a fumble they called a non-fumbled. And a int they called a non-int. Man two major calls they blew both of them.

  3. “Turns out he didnt signal for a fair catch, your story is bogas. Melvin is legit!”

    Pretty impressive how little some “fans” know about the actual rules of football. THIRTY THREE people liked this comment.

  4. I thought Wright was brilliant in this play, if you haven’t watched it I encourage you to look it up. Jarius was fully aware of two things during this play:

    1. He knew he wasn’t going to return the punt and that it was going in the endzone for a touchback

    2. He knew that if he made Ingram believe he was going to field the punt, he was going to get hit and draw the 15 yard penalty.

    Ingram should be aware enough of the game to know he can’t touch a punt returner until they have the ball, in his situation though, I probably would have done the exact same thing Melvin did.

    Kudos to Wright for the heads up play and don’t worry chargers fans, Melvin will learn and he’ll continue to be a good football player.

    Skol Vikings.

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