Nick Foles looking good for Philly, mistakes plague the Browns


Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden got off to a solid start tonight against the Eagles, completing a great 28-yard pass to Josh Gordon on the first play of the game and completing his next three passes as he marched the Browns deep into Philadelphia territory. And then the wheels fell off.

Cleveland has made mistake after mistake after mistake in the early going, with their first string falling behind 17-0 against an Eagles team led by Nick Foles, who’s looking like the better rookie quarterback on the field today after getting the start in place of the injured Michael Vick.

The Browns’ mistakes have included two fumbles by Weeden and one by running back Montario Hardesty, plus a blocked punt and four penalties. Weeden is taking more than his fair share of hits behind an offensive line that isn’t doing a good job of protecting him, and Cleveland is looking like a team that’s going to beat itself a lot this year.

The Eagles have looked strong, and Foles is showing a lot of promise. He threw two touchdown passes in the first quarter, and just missed on another potential touchdown pass to Damaris Johnson in the second quarter, as Johnson couldn’t get his second foot down inbounds. Even when Foles threw an interception in the first quarter he showed off impressive arm strength on a ball that traveled about 60 yards in the air.

Foles looks like he has a very good chance of beating out Mike Kafka as the Eagles’ primary backup this season. The Browns look like they have a lot of work to do.

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  1. and ealges still cant get over the kolb trade. oh yea thats the only victory they can brag about.

  2. I don’t think Foles is going anywhere. I like Vick, but I have to admit I have doubts about his durability. This may be his last year to prove that he can take philly to the promised land. If not, him and Andy will be out and the Foles era will begin in philly

  3. As an Eagles fan, i gotta say i’ve seen more out of 3 preseason games from Foles than i EVER seen out of Kolb… forget trading Nick, Trade Vick

  4. scubasteve12 says:

    Aug 24, 2012 8:50 PM
    and ealges still cant get over the kolb trade. oh yea thats the only victory they can brag about.


    Dumb. Just dumb ^

  5. I would say the battle for number 2 between Kafka and Foles is more than over. Kafka will not even make the roster.

  6. akshun, kolb threw for 300 yards in his first two career starts, so you probably don’t want very many eagles games. Backup QBs look like fools golf ALL the time. See Feeley, Kolb, Flynn, Whitehurst, Cassel, etc. Foles looks great but your comment is ignorant of reality.

  7. scubasteve12 says:
    Aug 24, 2012 8:50 PM
    and ealges still cant get over the kolb trade. oh yea thats the only victory they can brag about.


    Sorry little man, not am Eagles fan, but am a fan of Reid’s ability to fleece other NFL “professionals”.

  8. Foles should be the #2 right now. Kafka’s not going to lose a game for you, but he hasn’t shown he’ll win one for you either (although the end of that Atlanta game last year was not his fault.) Foles looks like he can win one for you.

  9. Hey Browns fans, you still think Weeden’s going to throw 35 touchdown passes and pass for over 4,000 yards? LOL

  10. Well, there you go. Foles will be traded next season for a King’s ransom by some desperate team and will get another Andy Reid disappointment. Meanwhile, MR. Glass (aka Vick) will collect a check and disappoint Philly fans.

  11. As much as I like Vick, trading him to the cards would be a good fit. Foles looks very comfortable carding the offense and he’s showing promise for the future. Vick in Arizona, well with that o line he could use his mobility to his advantage and fitzgerald would have a QB who can get him the ball if he stays healthy. Only downside to the cardinals, they’ll probably have to give up a lot………again.

  12. Lets see Nick Foles has looked good against the Steelers third team defense. The Patriots didn’t start most of their first team and he looked good against the Browns the Browns really. Philly fans be happy with him as a rookie, but don’t be fooled by his success during the preseason. Don’t forget the ghosts of AJ Feely, or the guy from Rutgers or even Kevin Kolb. When Foles shreds a top 5 defense durning a regular season game then he will be proving something.

  13. As an eagles fan you just have to be happy with how your 3rd round rookie qb looks so far. This whole draft class might be Reid’s best.

  14. Nick Foles is doing exactly what he should be doing. Nobody is crowning him. He should have beat the steelers 3rd team, and he did. He should have beat the pats second/first team and he did and he should have beat the browns. He hasn’t beat a top 5 D, but he is beating who he should be and looks good doing it. I’m a fan and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do. But let’s all hate on the Eagles. That’s cool. I guess that’s what your supposed to be doing.

  15. Oh yeah maybe someone should trade for Foles and lock him up with a huge contract asap. considering where Flynn, Cassell, and Kolb stand right now. Good luck with that

  16. @dclogicatlast… First of all, check your spelling and grammer, you look like a fool. Second an objective statement was said that he looked better in preseason.. Third Kolb had 1 more touchdown than interception thrown in his career and lost more than he won before he was traded. Fourth don’t hate on peoples’ opinion… Especially an opinion based on truth… Wake up and smell the roses, get happy not bitter btw dc sucks.@randomcommenter romo has a playoff win

  17. In my earlier post I listed a few things about Foles. Most of you are correct, he passes the eye test with flying colors. He’s tall, actually is accurate unlike Vick/McNabb, seems to already see what defenses are doing better than Vick etc. But as it has been said before will he do what he’s expected to do against real first team defenses. Not a first team like the Browns. Will he have equal success against the Giants or Baltimore defense.
    My only concern is that the fans are liking what they see too much and will want to rush him to be the starter. He will get plenty of playing time this year since Vick will maybe play 10 games,and more than likely Vcik will be gone next season. Patience is always better.

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