Packers cut Anthony Hargrove


The Green Bay Packers are saying farewell to Anthony Hargrove.

Hargrove, the defensive lineman who previously played for the Saints and is suspended for the first eight games of this season for his role in the Saints’ bounty program, has been released by the Packers, according to Howard Balzer.

The NFL allows players to serve suspensions while they’re not on a team, so Hargrove can sit out the first eight weeks of the season, then sign with some team and start playing once the season is halfway over. It seems unlikely that any team would sign Hargrove until he has served the suspension.

Hargrove has insisted that he wasn’t involved in any type of “pay to injure” scheme with the Saints, and after Hargrove vehemently denied that he said “give me my money” after Brett Favre was injured in the 2010 NFC Championship Game, the NFL backed off that claim. But the NFL didn’t back off his suspension, and Hargrove will now serve it as a free agent, instead of as a member of the Packers.

UPDATE, 6:27 P.M. ET: The Packers have announced that they cut Hargrove, as well as WR Andrew Brewer, S Micah Pellerin, T Herb Taylor and CB Dion Turner.

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  1. His 1/2 a roster spot can be used better for someone available all 16. Wouldn’t be surprised if they brought him back later in the season depending on how everything shakes out

  2. that’ because he hasn’t done anything to show he deserves a roster spot. he’s probably not a bad dude but i’m glad they got rid of the excess baggage. keep the young up and coming players coming. no retreds

  3. Not one bit surprising. They don’t have time to wait 8 games to see individual productivity on the defensive side of the ball. They need it immediately.

  4. And now that he’s been through camp and knows their scheme, they can bring him back once the suspension is up if they don’t like what they get from their young guys in the meantime.

  5. After looking at the film I don’t think he was the one who said “pay me my money”, especially since he was the only player in that shot who had NOTHING to do with the previous play. I don’t even like the Saints, but that whole charge was sloppy. He’s the one guy in that whole Saints Bounty-gate thing that I feel sorry for.

  6. so another dirty bounty player finds out that its not career-enhancing to cross Mr Goodell……good luck finding another team, looser

  7. not surprising, considering the suspension.

    i believe Hargrove has played long enough, that his contract becomes fully guaranteed if he is on the roster week 1. so it makes sense to open up that roster spot and free up some cash.

    like RushBacker said… wouldnt be surprised if the Pack gives him a ring when his suspension is up.

  8. All of you people talking trash about him ought to be ashamed of yourselves and seek psychiatric help immediately.

    Guy overcame drug addiction and personal demons only to be run out of the NFL even after he proves himself to be innocent.

    This guy was screwed by Goodell and you are smugly rejoice. Wow. Just wow.

  9. This is what happens when an accused player meets with Goodell, as the gullible have been insisting that Vilma should have done. When Hargrove said there was no bounty system to injure players, Goodell accused him of lying and made his suspension worse. And also, to Goodell, the appeal process is suppose to be a player agreeing with him and begging for mercy. He’s simply a bully abusing his power and ruling by fear. He needs to go.

  10. marcinhouston says:
    Aug 24, 2012 7:05 PM
    He should file a defamation suit against Roger Goodell and Mary Jo White.
    I’m sure the fact that he sucks has nothing to do with it. But go ahead and sue and have no accountability. That is the saint way. Remember when he wrote a note saying Williams asked him to play dumb if asked by the nfl about a bounty program.

  11. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but the whole bounty thing stinks.
    I haven’t seen evidence that anything to extraordinary went in with the Saints.
    Or maybe I just can’t stand Goodell.

  12. Saw Anthony do a great backward somersault into a hand stand at the end of Packer practice a couple of weeks ago.

  13. AH is as guilty as the rest of the dirty players. shoulda thot about the consaqences when he decided to turn dirty and try to hurt othr players. Mr Goodell dont forgive that. Only loosers try to hurt othr players. Nice move AH ya looser

  14. spkstruth2power: I’m not exactly sure what your gibberish is supposed to mean (one “o” in loser, by the way), but nothing presented shows AH tried to hurt anybody. They had to withdraw the video and his statement says nothing about his participation.

  15. @silentcount: meeting with Goodell wasn’t the issue. Admittedly lying to league investigators is what landed him an eight game suspension.

  16. Hey spktruth, what’s a looser? Do u mean LOSER, LIKE YOU.
    bobnelsonjr, w
    U do have to b special to make the Packers LAST PLACE DEFENSE! Moron.

  17. cwwgk: The NFL needs to make up its mind. They said Hargrove’s statement “established not only the existence of the program with the Saints, but also that he knew about and participated in it”. It did neither. Then it was the video where they claimed “you could see his lips moving” while he asked for his money on the sideline. It showed nothing of the sort. So now it’s for lying? So what did he lie about? Vilma, Brees, and Vitt have signed sworn statements denying the bounty. Where is Brees’ suspension? And most of all…where is one shred of decent evidence of pay-to-injure?

  18. I knew it was just a matter of time before Greenbay turned there backs on Hargrove an Driver is NEXT. Greenbay has a habbit of turning on good football players.. Sharp.. Rison.. Chumer..Desmond Howard…but worse of all.. BRETT FARVER an this season that will hurt them

  19. countyk66ers says: Aug 24, 2012 8:46 PM
    Saw Anthony do a great backward somersault into a hand stand at the end of Packer practice a couple of weeks ago.

    So put him on “America’s Got Talent.”

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